Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Busy Little Bee

It has been Mega busy around here lately. A good busy though. I'm in badges up to my eyeballs. I designed and finished 6 new badges today for a dear friend of mine. They are soooo cute!! I'll post pics later this week.

Tonight I plan on having a little me time with my journal. I want to try and catch up on Janel's Journal class. I have gotten sooo behind. So my goal is 3-4 pages tonight!!! I hope every one's week is going great so far.

I have some exciting news to share soon too. EEEK!!!

Now it's time for some pictures that make my heart super happy


[All images via We♥It]

Love yous!!!



  1. You are a busy little bee aren't you! Good for you, I really need to start dipping back into my creative side...what I had of it! Thank you for your sweet comment, I love you dearly Linds!


  2. oo super cute pictures!! Hope your having a wonderful week!!

  3. Wowww I would have loved to have that tree house as a kid! Well, who am I kidding! I would love to have it now!! Such adventures :) Thanks for sharing the inspiring pics!

  4. What's the exciting news? I can't hardly stand it. lol
    Love ya!

  5. Wait you can't catch up without me! Your dad is home when he goes to bed early I will get on skype. I have to run to the store for baby wipes and milk. Linds promise you won't do any without me!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. how fun!! can't wait to hear your news!

  7. Pretty Pretty pictures... and I too can't wait to hear your exciting news. :)

  8. love those shoes! too bad heels make me feel like a GIANT!

  9. I think that treehouse needs to be added to the list of "Things Required on Our Future Farm". :)

    - Nicole

  10. love those photos and cant wait to hear the good news!!
    im behind on janels journaling too :( im hoping to catch up after vacation.

  11. Such pretty pictures - I would love to live in a tree house! :)
    can't wait to hear your news! :)

  12. I need to catch up on my journal too! I've just been soo busy. I'm soo happy that your little badges are such a hit -- that was such a great idea. I love them all! :)

  13. Oh yay!! News!! :) Plus, those pictures are so pretty. Love the Alice in Wonderland one!! Cute. Have a lovely day, pretty girl!

  14. These pictures remind me of pretty treasures at the end of rainbows.


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