Sunday, August 8, 2010

Care Package AND Blog Party!

I took a little *me time* for a few days to just relax and unwind. I loved it!!! I think I've had my fill of trash t.v., Chinese food and couch time now :) I have been working like crazy the past few months and it was finally nice to take a few days and do absolutely nothing! But I'm back in full swing and there are so many awesome things coming!! One, I'll be announcing this Thursday Wednesday!!! Also, if you read to the end of my post, I have something else YOU may be interested in!!! :)

First, I want to share this super sweet care package I received from my hubby, all the way from Guam. I miss him terribly and even though I see him daily via Skype (what would I do without technology???) he still took the time to send me some of my favorite things!

Here are some shells he picked from the beach

Yummy Guam chocolate, coconut cookies, chapstick (the coconut flavor is my fav)

and my most favorite of all, a PANDA!!! :)

and his name?? Tubbie Wubbie!! How cute is that??


In other news!!! I'm super excited about all of the amazing support I've received from my new Etsy shop. So, as a thank you to my readers, I want to celebrate with all of you.. with a HUGE Blog party!!! It will be my first EVER! :)

(Original picture found here)

I would LOVE to feature YOU on my blog, during the party. I am looking for cute DIY posts, fun giveaways, inspirational posts and blog features!! If you are interested please email me A.S.A.P!! (Mezmerized814 (at) aol (dot) com) I have 11 0 spots open!! :) *EDIT* Thanks so much ladies for the amazing support!!!!! So excited for FRIDAY!!!! *which also happens to be the day before my Birthday!!*

Hope everyone had a great weekend :)


  1. What a sweet care package from your hubby! Izzy loved her Toots the fawn, I have pics...I will try to post's been a long week! Love ya!

  2. I love coconut and coconut chapstick sounds divine. I love reading about the care packages you get from the hubs. I am facing a deployment for my hubby in the next year or so... He will be gone for a year :( NOT THINKING ABOUT THAT THOUGH! and your care packages make me smile.

  3. aw what a lovely package to receive! and skype is awesome. it's how i speak to my family on the other side of the US :)

  4. aawww goodness! How cute of your husband to send a care package! The panda is adorable! :)

  5. awesome packages :) I love the idea of a blog party. I wish I could be in it somehow...hmm..what to do??

  6. Glad you got to take a few days to do absolutly nothing but hang out with your kiddo's. Down time is always needed after being super busy.

    Joesph sent you a sweet little care package..Can he be my next Happy Mail partner? I would love something from

    Blog party --what is that and how does it work?

  7. Yay!! I am soooo in on the party!! Im emailing you! that package looks amazing!!! i want some chapstick.

  8. i'll give away a print! i love blog parties & giveaways :)

  9. Im glad you enjoyed your package. Ill keep em coming! Love you


  10. Such a lovely care package!! Those chocolates sound amazing!! :)
    Can't wait for your blog party! (need to get my craft on so I can contribute to the next one!)

  11. Cutest care package! Love Tubbie Wubbie!!!

  12. Love the shells. What a sweet hubby!!
    I am going to email you about your blog party.

  13. aww! what a neat little care package! : )
    it must be super hard to deal with your husband having to go at times.
    i think women like you are so brave!
    : )


  14. Your hubby's so sweet! I love blog parties! & of course, you too! :D

  15. weee! i absolutely can't wait for the blog party! it will be sooo much fun! :)

  16. I am popping over from New Friend Friday/Thursday night. hehe. You have a really adorable blog and I love that it has a true purpose to share with people. Keep it up :)



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