Friday, August 13, 2010

Samantha- DIY Packaging

Everyone loves a cute package, but let's be honest it isn't the easiest to find. Lately I've had some side projects that have me sending out about 4-5 packages a week and I was tired of how bland they were. So I grabbed my small box of craft supplies out here (internship this summer = 2,000 miles from my craft supplies) and got to work. I tried to pick items you all should have around the house. Enjoy.

Basic Supplies:
adhesive paper
- This is the simplest idea, no clue why I hadn't thought of it before. I just stapled the ribbon onto the envelope as close to the edge as possible. then I added adhesive paper for my labels. you could use this concept to add anything: lace, paper, fabric scraps, etc
- If you have scraps of paper laying around, this is for you. I just took paper strips and taped them down with packaging tape. I didn't add the address label yet, so you all could see the concept. You could also use fabric scraps :)
- This idea is what I came up with for my little Etsy shop. I was so tired of the boring looking envelopes, but I didn't want to buy custom labels. I got the stamps at a craft store fairly cheap and I used bright colored inks. I stamped the designs onto adhesive paper. They look so cute when addressed and stuffed with goodies.
So there you have it, three very easy ideas you can use next time you are sending out a package. I love how they can easily be tweaked to whatever supplies you have around, as well as how quick and easy they are.


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  1. very cool ideas!! I will definitely be using these to spruce up my packages!!xo

  2. Nice! This is perfect for pen pals :)

  3. Thank you! This is truly amazing!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love putting washi tape to accent envelopes I sent to Lindsay. I also stamp them and I remember her postman by saying "HI Mr Postman Hope you have a great day" somewhere on the envelope.. Linds gets alot of packages and he was so adorable when he sd "I love looking at all the writings and stuff on your envelopes & packages!

    I hope his day is brighter when he reads my little quips to him!...

  5. This is super cute. Love getting/sending adorable packages. :]

  6. very good ideas! i'll have to try them out :)

  7. Love the idea to turn cool a boring package!

  8. Oh how cute! Way to add some flair :)

    Saw this on Just Something I Whipped up Monday :)

  9. I love this idea, it really only takes an extra minute to jazz up an envelope or package-nice!


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