Friday, August 20, 2010

My Craft Studio

Time for my most favorite room of the house!! This is where I let all my creativity and imagination go wild! I have posted about my craft studio before, so this room may be familiar to some of you :) I am in the process of still hanging some paintings and finding room for others. I like the spacey feel so I'll be moving a lot of this stuff upstairs into other rooms :) I apologize in advance for the weird lighting on these pictures...

Ok so this is what you see as you walk down stairs

Close up of my inspiration wall that I look at everyday.

My stationary section

My instax inspiration, I'll be adding TONS more as I take them. I'm hoping to have it wrap around the room eventually!

This is behind my desk :) Gorgeous painting right??

This table is for all my shop stuff :)

Shop binders and goodies

This is the other side of my craft room, mainly supplies

I have way too much stuff, I'll be having a HUGE craft room de-stash GIVEAWAY very SOON!!! (yay!)

Yes, I fold my tissue paper and organize it...

MMMM felt!!! I have so much I don't even know what to do with it all!!

Hope you enjoyed my craft studio tour!!

Wanna come over and make things??


  1. Love it!!! I'll be over later! ;)
    I got my painting from Amy the other day and need to hang it up. Twin Paintings!!!! hehe
    Hope you have a great weekend!!! Love you!!!!

  2. I love it! I love paintings and it's always so inspiring to see all those crafty things!

  3. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE ýour craft room. It is amazing. Im a teensy bit jealous I must admit ;) So many ´wonderful colors and stuff!

  4. *faints*

    I am so desperately in love with your craft room I think I might die.


  5. Oh so jealous! A craft room to dream of!

  6. ohh I loved your room so much; adorable!!

  7. Oh my gosh it is soooo beautiful! I am working on fixing up my craft room now - thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I am so jealous of you craft room.. Your dad has limited me to a craft closet (kids room their clothes are in the spare room-smaller closet there) and a craft cabinet (kitchen). Now your dad wants to move my stuff into the small spare room closet..

    I think I am taking our huge walkin closet as my craft closet & putting his clothes in the spare room while he is visiting his mom & dad's if he gets in the Doghouse again mentioning moving my stuff just one more time!...;)

    I wish I had a basement (at sea level

    everything is so neat & kudos to your dad teaching you that...;)


  9. Love it Linds! It is so roomy, I did mine today and it is soooooo tiny! Love you!

  10. OMG I love that wall color! That's the color I want to paint my kitchen walls!
    You are so organized! I'm totally jealous...I try to be but it never stays that way...also love that large painting with the clouds. Yum!

  11. SWOON! I want to come over!

    Like, right now right now!

  12. Following back from Trendy Treehouse. I LOVE this room, there were so many supplies I just wanted to dive right into!!! It's fabulous, I'm jealous!!!!

  13. like ur inspiration wall uh huh :)

  14. Yes, from the whole house I like this room the best too.
    New followers from the hop. Have a great Friday!

  15. love love love want to marry it!!!! and have crafty babies :) LOL!!

  16. I love your craft room! so beautiful! I love your inspiration wall too! :)

  17. Hello. Found you on Friendly Friday, following from EcoModern Mom. Have a great weekend.

    Stacey @

  18. your room are so color full!!
    love them all...
    have a great weekend
    xo, Lorine

  19. Lindsay, your craft room is incredible! <3
    I love it!
    Such an inspiring space!

  20. Lindsay...Can I please hire you to come to KC and organize my room?? Seriously!! I need some major help in that department. Your room is beautiful.

    I must confess that I keep all my tissue paper and fold them up all nice and neat too. I spend probably over an hour on Christmas day going around a folding up all the tissue paper. I hate to see it tossed out:)
    Thanks for sharing. I am definitely inspired.

  21. I like all the paintings you have..especially the cloud one by Elsie I think? I have the sae sewing machine although I've never used it :(

  22. I am so envious. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a craft room like that. Maye some day?

    Just stopping by from the blog hop on Thanks, Mail Carrier! - to follow you and say hello. Please come see me at when you can. Thanks!

  23. I wish I was where you were..
    I'd definitely come over and make several things..Amazing house!

  24. It's very cute. I love the color of the walls too.

  25. awww i love this placeeeeeee *_*

  26. I want to move in! I can fit nicely in one corner, I promise! This room is ridiculously cute.

  27. Dearest Lindsay,
    please come to my house and organize my craft room. It has such potential but I'm so ADD that things are in piles.

    Heidi Pumpkin Pie.

  28. Wish I had a room like this! So totally cute!

  29. I am in love with this room. It is so great!

  30. i'm not sure what i love more... the entire room in general (esp color of the walls) or the fact that i'm on every wall. obsessed beyond obsessed.

  31. i'm sorry but i was just browsing for inspiration and i noticed your basket of orgnized tissue paper. and i just want to say i love you.

  32. I love seeing other people's craft spaces. Mine is nowhere near that neat and organised (or big!).

    Stopping by from New Friend Friday.

  33. Hi there, I just started following you from the girl creative party blog hop. Love how colourful your blog is, and your craft room looks great!


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