Friday, August 27, 2010

It's a Dangerous job....

but someones gotta do it right? I played the tooth fairy last night for my son. He lost his front tooth and little did I know I would be going on adventure of my own. I would post pictures of the destruction I was about to face, but I refuse to claim this kinda mess was even in my house...

ok scene.

I was laying in bed last night watching Mad Men (still on season 2, no spoilers please) relaxing and winding down from my busy day. I get a text from my mom that says "Don't forget to play toothfairy tonight for Hayden, do it before your Ambien kicks in" (Yes folks, I am an insomniac and take meds to fall asleep. GASP!!!!) My response is something to the affect of "Crap!!!!!" (or maybe something similar I won't write here.)

I run downstairs to get some $$ and a baggie to put it in (I don't want it falling behind the bed or anything). and continue my quest to his room. Keep in mind, I have alllll the lights out and wooden floors so I'm trying to find that *sweet spot* where it doesn't creak. So as I'm hopping from foot to foot (I'm wearing my thick socks so I can be sneaky) and making my way to his room I'm thinking this will be quick and easy.

I make it to his door.... and my eyes are starting to adjust to the darkness but just enough to see the floor is completely black and there are *lumps* (toys hidden in the darkness waiting for my demise) everywhere.

Note: My son has about 200+ hot wheels cars.... Can you see where this is going???

So I start my way to his bed that's across the room (at this point I feel as if I'm about to cross a pond where the crocodiles are waiting at your heels for you to slip off those slippery rocks).

First step goes ok

Second Step I nudged some books with my toes and made a little noise so I freeze for about 5 seconds.. *Hayden stirs but doesn't wake* At this point my heart is pounding. (WTF it's a tooth, I'm not burglarizing a house!!)

Third Step... *whew*

Fourth step... ohhhh pretty good, this is easier than I thought

NOTE: this is where my overconfidence got the best of me

Fifth Step.. The middle of my foot came straight down on a hot wheel car. !&@&% I kept thinking in my head The tooth-fairy does NOT curse!!!

sixth step... I went down... I caught myself right before I hit the floor at the edge of his bed. At this point I felt pretty defeated and wanted to just give up but knew I had a duty and I was going to DO IT!!!

Luckily the toothfairy caught a break and Hayden had the great mind to have the little baggie that contained his tooth sticking out of his pillow and at easy reach. I switched out the tooth and headed back.

Long story short I started to fall again on my way back but caught myself on the wall... then I ran out...

What is Hayden doing today??? CLEANING HIS ROOM!!! This morning he ran up to me with a fistful of quarters exclaiming "Look what the toothfairy left me!!!!" He was so happy and I knew right then and there it was worth the bruises I ensued.

He then says "I heard the toothfairy last night but didn't look, I didn't want her to disappear. I thought you said she flew? I heard her walking around in my room"


First day of 1st grade and missing a front tooth :)

That's my story for Friday :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


P.S. Posting a Craft Room De-Stash GIVEAWAY in a few days!!!! It's going to be my biggest ever!!!!!

P.S.S Shop update coming next week :)


  1. LOL, I looooove his comment...I thought you said she flew? hahahaha! Love that you documented this! :)

  2. I loved this story. Smart kid. :-)

  3. How fun/sad! I'm happy you didn't hit the floor slash he didn't take a peek at the tooth fairy! I'm imagining a "Mom, what are you doing? The tooth fairy won't come if you're in my room!" moment ;)

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  5. haha! I love this! Too cute! I can imagine the whole scene! So funny!

  6. HAHA! That's awesome! And he's such a cutie! :)

  7. awww, hahaha that is too cute!!!

  8. You are the best toothfairy ever! haha. Great story. It made me laugh!

  9. How much fun is that to be the Toothfairy! Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!

  10. LOL aw that's so funny. Bless him for not peeking! :)

  11. you left off the part that Hay lost his tooth a few days ago and you told him the Tooth Fairy was on love it!!!!

    What a momma opps I mean Tooth Fairy has to go thru .LOL

    adorable memory.. This would make a great journal page!

    If the tooth fairy forgot to come when you were little I would say...oh Linds you forgot to leave a window a little open so she could get in..she must have been exhaused trying to find an open window!! ;)

    Luv his first day of school pic! Our little man is growing up so fast.

  12. HAHAHA!!! The imagery is making me giggle like crazy!

    You're a trooper for enduring the pain for such a sweet response from Hayden this morning! SO CUTE !!!

  13. That is too funny! It's tough being a mommy isn't it!!! Love ya!

  14. Visiting from the Blog Hops! I love your site. I can't wait to get to know you better. Stop by when you get the chance. I have a Meet Me Monday blog hop and I would love if you could join in. Hope to see you then!

  15. Oh boy, the things mothers will do!! I was laughing so hard, I almost fell off my chair. And his comment the next day was hilarious!!

  16. Ha! You are so funny- I can just totally picture that going on.

  17. Smooth moove pulling it off! I doubt I could have done it, Im not too ninja-esque. I laughed when he said "I kept my eyes closed so she didnt leave" lol! The things we will do for the kids. Love you babe!


  18. Tee hee, glad I joined the Fabulous Friday Finds Blog Hop this week and discovered your blog. What an entertaining and cute post! I still don't know how my mom switched my teeth with money without me waking up. 0.o

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  20. Hi! Visting from New Friend Fridays at The Trendy Treehouse! This is a great story! When I was a kid we had to put our tooth in a paper cup full of water and leave on the kitchen counter. My mom said this was because the tooth fairy liked a clean tooth and going swimming. :)

  21. Omg what an adorable story!! It made me giggle!! Your son is soo cute!! It's so sweet that you made his tooth-fairy experience fun. Some parents don't do that for their kids, but I think it's important. I have insomnia too! We are so much alike!

  22. i remembered where i was going last night when i asked you how much you gave per tooth... my aunt's little guy just lost a tooth... when she asked her son how much kids at school got he said $5..... FIVE BUCKS?! Yes, this is how much she pays her kid per tooth ... and it was a smallish one!!

  23. thanks for sharing this! It totally made my day! Love how far you would go for your kids. I hope the bruises are treating you well.*hugs*

  24. That's cute. It's so hard to be sneaky & quiet at times like that. I'm clumbsy, so I'd totally trip over something.

  25. Heyy! I'm here from Hop Along Friday!! That was such a cute storyy!!

  26. hahahaha oh I loved reading this!!! Too funny!!! Your son is too cute on how he purposely didn't open his eyes!!

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  28. are you telling me that there is NO such thing as the tooth fairy????
    you are cute!

  29. Oh my gosh that is the best --thanks for making me smile.

    love and miss you like crazy!!!!! gina

  30. Hahahahaha! I may not be a Mom, but I really enjoyed reading your story! I loved the little "Step-By-Step" thing you had going on. =)

  31. funniest thing ever! i love it!

    your son is a cutie-patootie

  32. OMG! That toothfairy story is hilarious!! And the fact that he said he kept his eyes closed was even greater! What really had me rollin was the fact that he said I though she flew!! lol, too cute!


  33. What a cutie! Maybe I'll use one of those Tooth Fairy pillows you put on the door! LOL!

  34. This sounds like what happened when my son lost his first tooth! I hope it's ok that I used the tooth fairy image and linked to this post!


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