Friday, May 7, 2010

TYS Journal Pages

FIRST!!! I want to welcome my new followers!!! Helllloooo!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi!

I am so in love with this class!! I am journaling everyday since the class started and the creative juices are flowing! I want to apologize in advance though for the horrible picture quality. My original plan was to have a photo shoot outside but we woke up this morning to snow (ummm hello it's MAY!, I guess North Dakota didn't get that memo..:( no fun!) so I took pics in my basement which has hardly any light to use.

This is the only journal page I blacked out some things. I felt it was too personal to share. I wanted to show how I did the border and my layout so that's why it's being posted.

Lots of Japanese tape was used on this page and I love it!!

For this page, fabric was used for the letters and the mini-bunting :)

I absolutely loved making this page, it's so pretty and simple!

I know I'm so mushy, I love these 2 pics and I'm going to miss him terribly when he deploys in a few weeks. The apples and pears background is fabric I got from a thrift store in Springfield.

I dedicated this one to my kids, I hope one day when they read this, they will smile :)

This one is kinda hard to read because of the silver pen I used. I can read it easily in person, but the camera didn't pick it up well... I wrote what it says under the pic.

"Thoughts on being a military wife"
Being a military wife is one of the biggest struggles for me right now. I'm about to face my first deployment. I know I should be counting my lucky stars, being a military wife for 7 years and not going through a deployment yet. I still can't help feeling scared anxious, overwhelmed, and sad. There are perks though, a steady paycheck, free health care, housing and a sense of pride knowing my husband is fighting for our country, for our freedom. I love you Joseph and wouldn't trade our lives for anything. It can be hard, but we will make it through the tough times together.

This one I cut out heart shapes from various magazines for different colors and textures.

I saw this when I looked out my window this morning...

Will someone please send me some sun?!?

I hope everyone has a great weekend, I'm off to work on today's journal page!!

What are your plans?



  1. I love all the pages wow great job! I love that you used fabric on the pages!

    I hope you get sunshine soon!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day!


  2. your journal pages are so lovely! have a great weekend ;)

  3. your pages are beautiful! i <3 them!

    ... and your hair too :)

  4. super cute pages!
    and sorry about the snow.

  5. Your pages are so wonderful!!! I love how you have used so many different items to create a cohesive, beautiful look. You really are talented :)

    P.S. You can come steal some of this AZ sunshine any time! It is downright hot here right now :(

  6. I love the page with the hearts! too cute!

    snow? in may? thats crazy, I down to the pool today & went for a swim, it was lovely. ;)

    xoxo, Katie

  7. Gah! It snowed here too! I think snow is like cats. It always goes to the people who it the most.

  8. just wanna tell you that you're already amazing the way you are! :)

  9. Awe, I would so send you some sunshine if I could!
    Love your journaling! Keep up the awesome work!
    Oh by the way...Have a Great Mother's Day!!!!

  10. those look awesome. i like the one with the magazine hearts! have a good weekend, i'll be working...

  11. Sending sun from Costa Rica****

    :) It's good beach-like sun! :) your pages are so pretty! Ill post some in a bit!


  12. Sending sun from NYC!

    Question: how did you cut the hearts and letters so perfectly? Do you use a die cut machine?


  13. Holy cow...snow?! Come over! It's almost 90 here!! haha
    Love your pages, girl! :)

  14. luv all your journal pages! I have to say my fav is Hayden reading to Kaylee...I just want to snuggle them both from here~

    You need to come home for a couple of months while Joesph is away protecting our freedom. And as you know there is plendy of sunshine to share~

    luv luv you.....momma

  15. awww snow?? that is crazy! It better not come here! I'm almost in summer mode! hehe! Your pages are amazing Lindsay! You are so talented!!

  16. hi! I just send you an email ;)

    I LOVE your pages, they are soooo cool. You have written some important things that im sure you will be happy for them later. I love the page with the fabric letters and the one with the hearts. It is such a pretty journal.

    have a nice weekend
    love Maria <3

  17. love love your journal pages! :)

  18. Your journal is SO cute! I love all your pages...I'm kinda sad I didn't take this class. It looks SO fun! Those fabric letters are to die for! Have a great weekend girly!

  19. Great pages.

    Now following from Friday Follow.

  20. that's a great journal! I don't have the patience (or time) to be that crafty :)

    Happy Follow Friday!

  21. WOW, THIS is super cute!
    Good job!!!
    Happy Follow me Friday!

  22. wow, i love your pages! i need to re-photograph mine because the colors look all off.

  23. Ur pages looks so great! Thanks for sharing, love the lil cut out hearts. I am behind in this class myself...just finished my "closer look" entry last night.

  24. Your pages look great! I'm your newest follower from Follow me Friday! :)

  25. Great stuff. I mailed you a letter a few days ago. Is there a way I can subscribe to you blog by e mail?

  26. Heya, new follower here!!

    I just had to say, I <3 LOVE your scrapbooking. It is so amazing. I have an assignment coming up for college where we have to present something in a creative way and I have chosen to do a scrapbook, inspired by your beautiful work I have seen on here :]

    As for my weekend - not much planned apart from mothers day when I shall call my mommy!

    -Noelle xO

  27. I totally shed a tear when I read about Joseph's deployment. I know you are so scared, but we are here for you. Your pages look amazing! Love you!

  28. Your journal pages are so inspiring! I wasn't able to take Elsie's class, but I really want to art journal now. :]
    loveee you!!

  29. those pages look awesome! I'm jealous!

  30. Very cool!!! You are Mz Creative! Saying HI from the Book Blog Hop! Newest fan!!!

    Stop in and say HI at Susieqtpies Scraps of Life

  31. WOWIE! I love all of these pages so much! I especially love the page with the hearts cut out of magazines! SO pretty!! Thanks for sharing this with us!! It was so lovely to see your pages!!

  32. AWESOME journaling! and I am in spring mode, I think I would be grumpy with snow, but I don't know, I might be so caught up in the weirdness of it, that I would be like COOOOOOOOL. :)

  33. what beautiful pages! I love the pretty fabrics you used on your Dream List page!

  34. Loooove your pages so much! I love how you did the hanging hearts page!!! Great idea! SNOW?!?!?! WTH!?!? That's so crazy! Hopefully it warms up this weekend for you to guys to enjoy it! Love you!!!

  35. Snow! Where are you?! I'm sitting in my bfs garden sunning myself about to do some doodling! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog =) the craft punch was a martha Stewart one I had to buy on eBay cuz we don't get her products here in the uk =)
    i really love the Borders on your pages x

  36. Oh my gosh how totally cute! You did such a great job!

    We supposedly got snow last night but by the time I woke up in was all gone, yay!

  37. I love your pages!! Thank you for sharing!
    Today I went on the Breast Cancer walk and was overwhelmed with emotion, what an incredible experience!
    Have a very Happy Happy Mothers Day!
    Love you~

  38. ah! you're a professional scrapper! i was there when you bought that apple fabric!! hehe!

  39. Those are amazing! I really love that silver pen; it looks fantastic.

  40. your pages are so different and lovely! (:


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