Friday, May 14, 2010

TYS Journal Pages Pt 3

Here are some more of my art journal pages from the Tell Your Story class. I realize looking at my pages that I have a teensy weensy obsession with Japanese Washi Tape. I love it!! Have to work on today's page still, being running errands all day. Yay for outdoor photo shoot because of nice weather!! *cheers*

I couldn't find a cute grocery bag to use for the "floral effect" so I used Kaylee's bag from the diapers she uses, I think it was pretty clever :)

In great news, it is actually 70 degrees here in Minot (it was in the 40s earlier this week), so me and Kaylee decided to celebrate with the perfect Spring clip for her hair!! Isn't she a cutie? All ready for some nice weather!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, Sunday I'll be sharing the elephant plushie that I finished, along with the theme of my giveaway, and early next week I'll be posting the HUGE giveaway!!! YAY!!!!

What are your plans for the weekend?
And if your taking the journal class, are you enjoying it as much as I am?


P.S. Hobby Lobby has so many cute new things, go go go!!!


  1. Love your pages! Kaylee is too cute with her little flower in her hair!! My weekend will consist of cleaning, doing laundry and making a DVD slide show for my nephew's graduation next weekend!! Love ya!! By the way, I am your first Etsy heart!! Because I heart you!

  2. :O How do you cut those letters so perfectly? Like the NOTED and PRETTY SOON, they are soooooo pretty! I love all of your pages!and the pamper bag flowers great idea! :) very clever indeed!


    ps: Kaylee is the cutest! I want her hair <3333

  3. Im in love with your style, seriously! It is so cool and still beautiful. I can understand why youre obsessed with the tape - I want some too!
    How do you make the letters that you have used for the headline Pretty soon? I have seen you use them before? are they bought or homemade? They are so pretty :)
    Kaylee is a cutie - really adorable.
    Cannot wait for the plushie and your give-away :D so exciting!
    Hope you have a great weekend, hope youll reply on my email soon - I get so happy everytime I receive one from you :D
    Love love love and lots of hugs !
    Maria :D

  4. oooo, i love the color combo you used in "my thoughts are full of.." page! very swoon-worthy!

    hope you enjoy the beautiful weather! have a great weekend! xo

  5. Awesome pages! I'm in love with those wood grain letters! & all the tape! So fun! Yay for great weather! Have an amazing weekend! ♥

  6. I love all of your pages! Which name did you go with for your etsy shop? I'm so curious!

  7. I love your pages! I just bought some washi tape and now I'm going to go back and add to some pages so I can finish them, lol. I like how light and airy your pages are.. mine seem to all come out so dark and contrasting in color, even when I don't intend them to.

  8. I love your pages so much! that clip is so cute! Enjoy the warm weather!

    hugs and miss you


  9. I know why you love Washi tape it is so fun and makes your journal pages so interesting. thanks again for sharing and inspiring all of us.

    my Kaykay is so adorable sporting her flower! wishes her cuz Ava loved wearing bows that much. she is always trying to take them out...

    luv luv you..


  10. Very pretty!Following from Friday Follow. Have a great weekend!

  11. Glad you finally got some nice weather!!! It's really nice here today too. Love your pages, as always. I'm hoping to catch up this weekend!!!! Hope you have a great weekend! What all did you find at hobby lobby? email me! hehe I must live vicariously thru you!!!! haha! Love you! xoxo

  12. i love your pages. you are great at making them! they are very inspiring.

  13. It seems like everyone taking this class is soo talented! Your journal looks just amazing! I can tell you enjoy every single moment making it, right? :)

  14. Your pages are amazing! You are amazing!
    Love the flower in her hair!!
    So cute!

  15. i thought I had left a comment. Man I must be losing it.

    I am sitting here as i type working hard--:D lol

    I really love seeing your pages they inspired me so so much. I love love the Marilyn and the one with all the colors of paper and tape. I love them all but those two are calling me!!!

    guess what i picked up at the store? mint acrylic paint for scrapping and art journal-:D

    love ya--have a great friday night.

  16. Your pages are beautiful!
    I love all of the colours and textures you've used - very inspiring!
    Cheray x

  17. This is super cute!!!
    Happy Friday follow, Following you, come follow me back!

  18. I love the colours you've used for your pages (:

  19. This is honestly so nice :) I can really relate to your 'small steps' especially. Lovely lovely! xx

  20. WOW that is just amazing!! They look like little pieces of artwork.

  21. What type of book do you buy for the journal? The 1s that they sell in the store? I saw a really cool book about Journeling & ideas. I was going to get it & then figured I wouldn't have the time to do it, but you've inspired me. I also love to handwrite. So I could handwrite a lot & then add some pics & decorations to the pages. Where are you taking the class?

  22. They are little pieces of artwork! I really love your structured linear journalling style! N ur pages are lovely and colourful =) I love them to bits. Is this ur daughter!!? I didn't think u were old enough to have a weein that size! Pronunced wee-in in an irish accent lol xo

  23. I am in loveee with your journal! It is the cutest.
    We have been having absolutely crazy weather here. It's been nonstop storms and rain, with the occasional tornado thrown in :P I love it though, it's very pretty here in the rain.
    LOVEyou!! I hope you are having a great weekend!

  24. i am in love with your handwriting! and your journal pages are so pretty.

    hope you had a great weekend :) xo

  25. wellll i think you and your crafts are adorable!!!


  26. I love your pages! How do you cut the letters so perfectly? I'm having *SUCH* a hard time with that!



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