Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun Stats and WINNERS!!!!

SO I picked the winner(s) of my giveaway and because I didn't want to print out 160 names (there was 6 retweets) I cheated and used random generator!

I also thought it would be super fun to post some stats on what everyone's favorite form of communication is, and well.. let's face it, stats make me look smart :) (ok, confession the hubby did all the stat work....) I rounded by the way.. the .decimals were a little too much...

So after reading 154 comments (2 times) there were 158 of your favorite ways to communicate...

23% (36 people)(most preferred) would rather do it the old fashioned way, through cards and letters... SNAIL MAIL!!!

22% (34 people) would rather text (that's my favorite!!!)

18% (28 people) would rather keep in touch /communicate face-to-face :)

11% (17 people) of you would rather communicate through phone calls

10% (16 people) of you would rather blog/facebook/twitter/IM to keep in touch

10% (15 people) of you like e-mail as your favorite way to communicate

3% (5 people) of you like skype as your favorite way to communicate

I found this interesting:
7 of you guys HATE talking on the phone (I included myself in this one)

Oh and yes I counted all of your favorite ways, not just 1 per comment, so that's why the numbers seem off.....


NOW FOR THE WINNERS!!!!!! Drumroll please......

First Place......

The winner is... Laura from Sunshine and Starlight!!! Congrats Laura!!!


Second Place......

The winner is Seletha!!! Congrats Seletha!!!


Third Place.....

The winner is SaL from Love Quirky!! Congrats SaL!!!

Congrats to all the winners, E-mail me your addresses to:

I'll be shipping off all your goodies on Tuesday!!!



  1. A huge congrats to all of the winnners!! Lucky ladies!

    Love ya Linds!

  2. congrats to all the winners!

  3. Congrats guys!
    I just wanted to throw it out there that I HATE talking on the phone too! I get super awkward-I can only talk to my boyfriend on the phone because he is just as awkward as I am!

  4. congrats to the winners--i am a little jealous--:D

  5. I love your plushie envelopes! Too cute! I like that you added the stats in as well, its a nice touch. I would rather text, mainly because I talk on the phone all day and would rather not do that any other time lol. congrats to the winners!


  6. congrats to all 3 winners...maybe next time i will win....haven't won anything yet.. but one


  7. funny stats :D ha ha

    CONGRATULATIONS TILLYKKE to the lucky winners :D

  8. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Seriously!???? Omigod omigod omigod omigod! i didn't think i was gonna win. I was checking my sitemeter and wondered why lots of people were going to my site from yours....


    I'm gonna email you RIGHT now! (I screamed when I saw my name.)

  9. Hola!!!
    I'm you newest follower=0) I would love it if you stopped by and followed me too! I'm have a fun giveaway on my jewelry.

    Have a sparkly day=0)

  10. Looks like some fun stuff on here. Over from Friday Follow. Come visit me at Thanks!

  11. Interesting statistics! Glad I'm not the only one who hates talking on the phone! Congrats to the winners xx

  12. Happy Memorial Day!

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