Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hello Mint,!!

This weekend has been extra busy, but the good kind of busy. The kind of busy that leaves you feeling incredibly accomplished!

Friday we went to Hobby Lobby, grocery shopping and out to dinner and then I worked on my journal page (which took me about 4 hours), while skyping with my mom. I will be posting (so you can see the decoration) the page on next Fridays journal post, but I'll be blurring out the words.

Saturday was paint day. I love decor change, maybe more than I should. I am constantly moving stuff around and changing it up a bit. I think its good for the soul!! I woke up extra early and taped off my entire craft room, moved all the stuff to the center (it was a mess) and then went to the salon. hehe

After getting more black low-lights put in (that I still can't see) I decided to dye the entire bottom part of my hair black and put layers in (next month). I'm going for the chocolate dipped look.

So after my salon trip I came home and started painting. I got it all finished and even 90% back together!!! I am so pleased with myself for finishing it in one day (and all by myself I must say), this room is HUGE!!! If you put your mind to it you can get it done!!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE mint and had to match it perfectly to my nail polish. So that's exactly what I did. I trekked to Walmart and matched paint samples to my polish. It matches perfectly!!!! I compared it to my toes since my nails are pink right now. and yes, that's a random freckle on my toe! I love it!

I was going for the fresh and clean look and did it!! I absolutely love how it makes all my wall decor pop!!! Mint has my heart right now!!

I still have a few pictures I want to move around so I haven't hung a few up. I'm thinking of adding something to that wall, some sort of border at the top, maybe a small bunting? If anyone has any ideas, feel free to share them with me!!! plz plz plz!

Oh and a tidbit, the bottom half of the wall is made out of concrete and not easy to paint, so I just left it white. I think it looks nice :)

After finishing my studio me and the hubs watched Chocolat and I loved it.. Can't say as much for the hubby since he passed out about halfway through it. :P

This morning Joseph surprised me with heart-shaped blueberry pancakes, they were delicious!!!

Also, I wanted to share these super cute pics Janel sent me with the whale I made her. Aren't they so cute???

Janel and her new BFF Boris

I'm off to go work on today's journal prompt, and make a few things for some special people in my life!!

What did you do this weekend?



  1. Oh gosh loveee your new crafty room! That paint color is absolutely perfect.
    And I so have a crush on your sewing machine, haha. :]

  2. Soooo pretty! I love it with the white! Looks very clean and fresh. Now come over and paint mine! haha!

  3. I think bunting with some gorgeous vintage fabric would be fun on that wall. I envy, envy, envy you for having soooo much room! My stuff just spills out all over the living room and dining room.

  4. this post was so fun to read!
    Love the mint and your organization skills!
    I'm in the process of doing my craft room right now, too since we moved in it's been random piles of things!

  5. That color is so pretty!! I love it! I wish my craft room were that awesome, lol. :P

    oh, and I love the movie chocolat.
    xoxo, Katie

  6. The new color looks AMAZING! Congrats on doing it all yourself - you did a great job! :)

  7. I'm seeing mint everywhere these days! Such a fun color :)

  8. Love it! It looks so good!! I hate to paint and we still have this whole upstairs to paint...come on over! Love you(Happy Mail partner)!

  9. I luv the mint color !!! so fresh and inspiring.. wonder if your dad will let me paint my "craft closet" that he is so proud of me having.. since he has one entire bedroom for his NASCAR collection!!

    the pic of your toenais against the paint is halarious!! you are so funny...

    I am so proud of you doing everything by yourself.. you deserved those heart blueberry pancakes...!!!

    now back to skyping w/you!...momma~

  10. I love love the mint!! I just bought a new comforter set (LoL) at Target and it would go. Could you come over to paint my bedroom?

    I also love the pic of Janel and her Boris. I love how she is making the fishy face. CUTENESS!!

    Thanks for sharing your room. Love ya gina
    back to scrapping panda layouts until the chat--:D

  11. Yummy pancakes!! I have a freckle on my toe too, except mine is on my big toe :]

    -Noelle xO

  12. such a pretttyyy color! oh i'm so jealous! gorgeous!

    i just watched all three resident evil movies and baked cupcakes. nothing like blood & gore while snacking on sugar!

  13. I love the color its beautiful! How sweet are those pancakes!


  14. GREAT color for the walls! I love it! Very Tiffany's-a-la-chocolate-mint-ice-cream-esque

  15. Love the new paint color! It looks so bright and inspiring!
    Cute pics of Janel with the whale! :)
    Love the heart shaped pancakes! What a great hubby!

  16. The new color looks amazing!!! : )

  17. I'm totally digging the paint color. Looks great!

  18. Such a pretty color!! Good job :)

  19. AHHHH! The paint color is so rad! It makes me wish I had a space all my own so that I could decorate it any way I wanted.
    You did a great job matching the color!

  20. it looks great!! so summery! i'm always amazed how much difference a coat of paint can do!

  21. aww the craft room looks great! love the new changes. and yum...blueberry pancakes!! :)

  22. Love the new color so much! So refreshing!
    What a huge crafting space you have :O you can even do a happy dance in there ha!
    :) Your posts make me happy!

  23. Oh my goodness. I am so jealous of that room! Mint is my absolute favorite color! :) It looks so inspiring. I'm sure you're going to make amazing things :)

  24. Just stopping by from the Monday Blog Hop. I am in the middle of putting my craft room back together after moving it from one room to another and can so appreciate all the work you have done on yours. Very inspiring.

  25. I love it all!!!! Love the color! SO many pandas lolol

  26. I love the new look! The mint and white really make everything pop. Isn't it amazing how much you can accomplish when you set your mind to it?? We painted our bedroom walls and ceiling in an evening. Crazy!! Oh love the random freckle!! Too cute!

  27. I love your mint paint!!! I just painted my room today. I still need to do a second coat though. Your space looks awesome :-)

  28. Most excellent! I love the way the mint makes all your decor pop. And I have craft room envy, yours is SO BIG! Mine is dinky and just stuffed to the rafters. Even if I painted you couldn't see it since I have shelves full of supplies to the roof. You did a great job!


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