Monday, May 17, 2010


So I was outside a few weeks ago and the hubby comes outside and says "I have a really great idea" and usually this brings the response "oh no, not again" or "the answer is NO" but this time I did the long drawn out *SIGHHHHHHH*.

Him: "You know your blog?, I think you should interview me, you know for your feature post."

(Me) *stares in disbelief*

Me: "Uhhhhhhh, why, and you were thinking about my blog posts?"

Him: "Yea, and I'm pretty much awesome and people should know".....

Me: "Really?? But you don't have a blog!!" and he says...

Him: "But I have a Facebook"..

Touche. :)

So I thought it over and even though he doesn't have a blog, or a shop, just a fantasy baseball team (LOL) and a Facebook, that he was pretty awesome and should be interviewed, (especially if it was his idea). So I did my first video interview and I think it turned out cute.

I sure am going to miss him when he deploys in a few weeks. :( He makes me laugh like no one else can lol :)

If you watched the whole thing, thank you. I'm sure he would LOVE if you left him some comment love :)

I'll be back on Wednesday with the GIVEAWAY!!! YAY!!! :D



  1. awe that was cute! I loved it!


  2. Joseph is adorable!! and I luv it that he wants to be included in your blog world...esp being a "featured person"...

    He is going to have to send you videos while he is will keep you guys not feeling so far away.

    Luv you Joe glad Linds added you to our family...

    Luv momma sue~

    Oh yea THE SAINTS Won!!! lol

  3. So... to make sure it's straight. He likes sports?

  4. How adorable! Loved this interview and it made me laugh a few times.

    He did awesome and you did too!!!

    btw--Syd says she is awesome all the time. So there might be a fight over that one--:D

    love ya---gina

  5. Hahaha love it. He reminds me a lot of R and things he would have said (boys, right?) - in fact, the hat, sunglasses, and the way he stood is exactly like him. lol

    Anyways, awesome feature!

  6. That totally ROCKS!! He is such a good sport! I am so glad you did that! It is nice to meet him too!! :)
    Love ya cute girl!
    Joe Rocks! :)

  7. haha awww that is so cute! :]
    it was really cool to "meet" him!

  8. Haha, that was cute! I laughed when you asked what he does for fun and he said "besides you?".
    Great feature :)


  9. awww love this it was funny and cute.

    and yay saints!!!!

  10. omg this was adorable!! I laughed out loud when he said his pickup line about the 10,000 lb polar bear! Awesome feature post! Oh, you guys have really cute accents! Where are you from originally?

  11. ha ha he is really cool :) I loved the interview it was funny and different.
    Plus - I looooooove your american accents :D

  12. Awesome!!! And likes sports! And airforce! Awesome and totally cute :)))


  13. This is adorable! :)

  14. Awww haha this made me giggle. Super cute :)

  15. LOL, love it!!! Very cute! I love that he was thinking about your blog! ;)
    And I love your little giggles after you asked him what else he likes to "do" and he said "besides you?" hahahaha!! You two are the cutest. Great feature! Great job, Joseph!!!
    Love you, Linds!!!

  16. Ha! That was awesome! & ...what Jamie said! Haha! These video features could get, do interviews via skype of all your favorite bloggers or whoever. =) Love it!

  17. haha! You two are so cute! I love that he asked you to interview him for your blog! Sounds like something my husband would do! haha! Love it!

  18. Joe, you are awesome! Enough said.


    PS, Linds, hearing your voice makes me miss you SOOOOO much! my heart hurts thinking about it!

  19. I would love to watch it, but it's not showing up at all. I thought it was just taking awhile to download but still nothing. I'm sure it's totally cute because hello...y'all are all about cuteness. Love you!

  20. OMG! I am dying laughing. I finally got the video to work. I'm just sitting in here watching the video and my husband comes hauling ass in here and says who are you talking to? Who is that? And why are you talking to him? I almost peed my pants. You and I have identical voices. I mean the exact same. Alan thought I was talking to another guy. Hilarious!

  21. How precious is that, really! Go check out my bliggiiiity blog. If you purchase a headband, I will put you in a drawing for a free headband. ;)

  22. so cute! the part where he replied he's got facebook is too funny! love it xo

  23. That was the cutest thing ever. I love that your hubby is supportive of your blog. I love his pickup line. that's classic! He should start a blog!

  24. That was really cute...should do that with my fiance' David. David and Joe would be great friends, especially with the sports.


  25. Shucks - I'm at work so can't watch video, but will hopefully remember to check this out when I get home!

  26. That so made me laugh!!! :DDD
    Thanks for sharing!!


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