Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SUPER Happy Mail!!

So I didn't post Happy Mail last week because of the giveaway, so I am posting a day early!!! I was spoiled the past 2 weeks and honestly it couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you girls for all the amazingness, you really brightened my days. Joseph is leaving in 6 days, and I am so happy to have friends who are thinking about me and I know will be there for me when it gets tough!! Love you girls!!!!

First up, Meg.. My happy Mail partner for the month of May!!! She sent me stationary, notecards, panda ring, panda shirt, notepads, Starbucks gift card, bath fizzles, stickers, scrapbook embellishments, bows Japanese Washi tape, lots of panda prints, alpha stickers, Happy Mail painting made by this cutie, wood grain tags, and bows she made :)

WOW!! Thank you so much Meg, you really outdid yourself, and spoiled me rotten!!! Love you!!!!!!!

Jenny sent me this amazingness, since meeting in Springfield we have gotten quite close and love sending each other goodies. She is awesome and I can't wait to see her again!!!!! I love our Skype dates, her seriously cute handwriting, and the way she makes me laugh hysterically... "Thanks for talking Sh!t with me" ROFL :P

I got a new Blackberry a few weeks ago and lookie what she got for me, a panda gel skin, OH EM GEE SO FLIPPIN CUTE!!! It's so me and so perfect :) We are Blackberry twinsies now!!!

She also got me some adorable stationary, cute panda bobble head, wood grain tape, panda pens (AHHHH so cute), panda colored pencils, panda notepad and Nutella because I have never tried it before.. I'll let you know how that goes when I try it later tonight!!!

Maria sent me this sweet package, we did a swap, I made her the elephant you can find here and she sent me this super cuteness. Cute Panda painting, panda card, panda made out of beads, chocolate all the way from Denmark and some sweet deco tape!!!

Jamie surprised me with a scholastic full of panda goodness and some super cute panda stickers, isn't she a sweetie???? Thank you Jamie, so sweet, I put your card on my sill, I love it sooooo much!!!!

Mariana sent me sweetness of button napkins, panda key chain, a cute homemade panda key chain and lots of adorable buttons!!!! Thanks for the sweet surprise Mariana!!!

Last but not least, pen pal cards, I think I now have 27 (?) ish pen pals and love each and every one of them. Some as far as Singapore to California to Illinois to Texas and back to Florida!!! I will have to write down where each of them live and post it soon, I find it so interesting and awesome!! I have "pen pal days" where I sit and write about 10 pen pal cards. I love getting to know each and everyone of you awesome girls!!!!

Oh and before anyone asks.....

No, I don't get tired of panda stuff, it just makes me more obsessed with them!!

Hope everyone has a great week, I'll be back on Thursday with the winner of my GIVEAWAY!!!!!!



  1. holy swag! that's amazing!!! :) mail is....the best thing ever.

  2. hooly smokes!! That first swap was LOADS!! I love happy mail! I need to do more swaps i think! xo

  3. Holy Panda Lovin!!! Jenny sent me some Nutella too!!! hehehe! I haven't tried it yet tho! We'll have to compare notes on what we think of it. ;)
    I'll have to ask her where she found that woodgrain tape! Awesome!!!

    You got some awesome goodies!!! Look at all those pen pal letters!!! I've only heard from a couple so far but hopefully soon! I need to get to writing! =)

    Happy mail is so happy!!!! =)
    Love you! xoxo

  4. I'm sorry but that Blackberry skin is the BEST! Holy cow that's amazing! I need to hit Jenny up for where she got that!!! Wow!
    You got the BEST happy mail!

  5. I think the perler bead pandas are sooo cute!!

  6. When you try Nutella you need to try it on graham crackers!!! YUMMO!!! I also use that instead of hershey chocolate for smores--:D try that you wont regret it!! what is there not to love chocolate, hazelnut, marshmellows and graham crackers---okay i need to stop i am making myself hungry.

    you are sure spoiled!! i love seeing all your goodies though. I never get tired of being nosey --heehee

    i need that wood grain tape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love ya
    btw--i thought maybe my texts were alittle stalkerish--:D but i send them to my friends to say good morning

  7. I am so happy that you love your Happy Mail goodies *smiles*! And look at all of your other pandalicous goodies!! Love you and I loved being your Happy Mail partner this month! I can't wait to see who wins your giveaway!!! FIngers crossed!

  8. oh my word what a bunch of cute stuff!!!!


  9. Meg is the absolute best! She always goes above and beyond for her happy mail partners! I have really been enjoying the pen pal group! I just wrote 10 letters this weekend and they all went out yesterday, so I have written everyone within the pen pal group now. I can't wait to get to know everyone better. Love you!
    P.S. I am praying for you and hope that you know you can lean on me if you need anything while Joseph is away.

  10. wow, this is fantastic!!! i can't believe that pink panda keychain!!! :)

  11. happy panda panda !!!
    envy you n your pandas...


  12. man o man, that blackberry skin looks FANTASTIC on your phone!!! i'm so glad you love it!!!! i love you SOOOOOOOO much! so glad we met. for real! :)


  13. I bet your mailman loves you even more w/all the stuff he has to deliver...lol he probably needs to get him a van to drive! ;)

    oh my gosh the Panda Blackberry skin is so adorable..I would love to know where she found those kind of skins..I would love to get one for the scratched up Blackberry we have..of course I want something besides Panda, even though it is so adorable...

    enjoy your goodies...luv momma~

  14. out of curiosity, where do you gather
    for the happy mail exchange?

  15. Wow what cute and adorable happy mail!! I love all the cute panda stuff!! Your Panda blackberry skin is sooooo cute!!

  16. hihi! wow, you've got a lot of wonderful things this time! congrats! hope you're enjoying them now! nutella's really yummy! :D

    P.S. so glad you've finally received my mail! I was starting to wonder if it got lost..

  17. Whoa! that's ALOT of goodies! I can't believe you've never tried nutella before? where have you been girl? it's the greatest thing ever! (after yan yan of course) haha

    I wanna get more mail and letters too! xoxo

  18. You got so spoiled!! I'm really thinking of getting involved with this! Or even pen pals... I'd love to write to people :) xx

  19. i spy my letter to you :)
    ohh and im SO jealous- in your first photo- you got the ner panda print/cards (?) that ive been eyeing on etsy!! lol i put it on my i love monday post too, thats soo funny. :)
    glad youve been spoiled the past couple weeks! and boo and the hubby leaving so soon. :(

  20. wow! you've gotten SO many amazing thing - espacially from me :P ha ha. just kidding. I love the blackberrycover.
    Its so cool you have that many pen pals - I cant wait to get to know these amazaing womans from happy mail. Btw Im so glad we've become friends - just wanted to tell you again.
    Im really excited to get Horty. I was in the city today and looked for more cute pandastuff for you, but time ran away from me and I had to catch the bus, so didnt find anything :) I want to find some particular stickers with pandas and the stamp Ive used. Hope they're not out production.
    Hope you have a great day! Wish me luck on my english written exam tomorrow :D
    Lots of love

  21. aaawww how wonderful :) I'm happy for u and a lil jealous .. I just have a simple white skin for my Blackberry, have never seen a more "special" one over here in Austria :/ .. but I'm glad we have Nutella haha enjoy :)

    xx Martina

  22. Haha, you're like me with frogs - anything froggy is a fail-safe present for me!
    Love the blackberry skin - its so cute! xx

  23. Love the panda theme! So cute (:


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  25. sorry something went wrong the first time ha ha

    Oh my i can't believe all the cute mail that you've got xD
    Nutella is really yummie!

    I received two cards this week!! I'm always so happy with real mail falling through my mailbox. XO.

  26. Yay, I'm so glad you got my letter! Wow, it looks like you got a ton of cute stuff! I'm jealous, lol. j/k

    xoxo, katie

  27. What a mega cute blog and I love ALL those things in this post! I wish I had that blackberry case - it is beautiful!
    Would love you to visit my blog - I am having a giveaway!
    Love from

  28. oh heyyyyyy i featured you on my blog today!!! check it out! :)

  29. Your blog is so cute and amazing! I was just scrolling through it and I was like :O :D ^o^

  30. oh gosh! that's awesome!

  31. how in the world did you get so many pen pals?! That seems like so much fun!


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