Friday, May 21, 2010

TYS Journal Pages Pt. 4

Yay more journal pages from the Tell Your Story class. I'm actually pretty proud of myself for doing one everyday and not falling behind!! I am running out of pages quickly in my journal though, I may have to start a new one. I decided last night after writing in my other journal that I was going to make a rant/things that annoy me journal. I felt this one is more artsy and the one I write in at bedtime (I call it my bedtime journal) is more of a happy journal. So I'm going to the store and going to get a nice BIG, (because there are so many things to rant about these days) black one for all the ranty stuff I want to get off my chest :) I was also thinking of getting a small one for all my secrets, one I would hide under the mattress!! LOL :D

When my garden was pretty, I took this pic last summer, then they died like 2 weeks later, I'm horrible with plants.. HORRIBLE!!

This pic I also took last summer, can you spot the spider???

I'm actually surprised this is the first time anything panda is in my journal!! I had to add the cuteness!!

This one was supposed to be 2 separate pages, a happy page and a sad one. But, I decided since I was running low on pages I was going to put them together. Top is happy, bottom... sad

I love the heart I embroidered on the pic, sooo cute!

I like the mix of yellow and white paint on this one. First time trying it out.

I love the layered look of a bunch of different patterned papers. I think it looks soooo pretty!!! I didn't follow the prompt look in class, I kinda went with my own thing on this one. Love how it turned out!!

How many journals do YOU have? Do you have them separated, Happy/Sad/Secrets, or is it a mix of all emotions?

Have a great weekend!!!


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  1. beautiful!! I am surprised that is the first panda thing in your journal! But it is soo cute! Love the embroidered heart too!

  2. I LOVE your pages! The embroidered heart is amazing! You are soooo good at this! How fun!

  3. I love your pages so much! I've gotten behind but hope to catch up this weekend! That first flower pic is so gorgeous!!!! Love it! Love you too!!! Hope you have a wonderful, amazingly happy, beautiful weekend! =D

  4. Your pages are beautiful. I did read the part about second guessing yourself and I am exactly the same...!!! we need more self confidence!! Your stuff is great and you should be proud!

    Debbie :) xxoo

  5. they're so bright and cheery. it's indeed
    a happy journal (:

  6. I love your pages! You always amaze me with how you can put that together like that! You should be getting your HM package soon, I sent it out on Wednesday, Priority(because it was)! I hope that you love everything!!! Love ya!

  7. I love those pictures of you and your Mom! My Mom has always been my best friend! Your pages look amazing!

  8. I love your pandas! Where did you get them?
    I love all your journal ideas.

  9. shockingly enought Im still totally in love with your style. Those are so many cool pages. I like how many colors you have used, that is so great :)
    Have a nice weekend
    Love Maria

  10. wow, in love with your journal. And photos. dandelion one is my fav.

    found you from the blog hop

  11. I love your art journal! beautiful pages!

  12. You're taking the journal class!! How awesome! I really want to take the summer camp class. Te he. That embroidered heart pic is my fave! So darn cute. I have about one billion journals that I just keep going through. I finish one and start up another - mostly filled with words, prayers, dreams, heartbreak, whatever.

    Have a good weekend!!!!

  13. i adore the flowers/dandelion & pinky fingers touching photos! i'm horrible w/ plants 2. i call myself the black thumb. i found ur blog on the flicker site cuz i'm also takin the red velvet class.

  14. Cuteness ----:D oh my gosh I love seeing all the cute pics you found or took yourself. I also love the doodles you made. The little happy mail and mailbox makes me happy.

    thanks for sharing your cuteness !

    have a super duper weekend
    love ya-gina

  15. luv your new pages~ yea you know my favorite~ I am so excited I made an entry page in your now I am a part of your history, past, present and future writings..

    I love the heart embroidery you did adds such a personal touch.

    Your flower photos are amazing. wished I had a camera as awesome as yours..

    have a fantastic weekend w/Joseph & my cutezie kiddos...

    luv momma~

  16. I love how your journal looks!! The only time when i really keep my journal is while holidays..

  17. lindsay, you are so creative! you shouldn't doubt yourself and you are right confidence IS the key (look who's talkin' here ha!) your pages inspire me so much. I understand how you feel about not having friends and family close by, it's hard but hey you're such a strong woman I am sure you will get by great for the next 6 months. Wish I was in the states so I could visit you - wouldn't that be fun! xoxo

  18. Your pages are wonderfully amazing! I wish I had the dedication to keep a journal like you have! I have tried in the past, but I always forget about them in the end... xx

  19. i really love your journal! it's so darn creative. i've never been great at keeping a journal but yours gives me inspiratiom!

    am a friday follower - hope to see you at dropped stitches!

    xo Erin

  20. your journal is beautiful. I have one I started writing while I was preggo. Its written to my son and I write something almost everyday keeping up with the new things he learns and does, and my thoughts dreams and feelings as a mommy.

  21. *sigh* your pages are sooo pretty!
    and ick- jury duty huh? sorry!! :(

  22. Ooo yeah, I really love the look of that layered one. You're so creative! :)

  23. Ohh these are so so cute!! :D I love the yellow/mail pages especially!!!

    I hope you're doing super well!



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