Friday, April 9, 2010

Quiet Nights Journal

I am finally getting around to posting the Quiet Nights journal from Viv's class, I started it last Saturday and finished it on Sunday. I was a little late in starting it, but I devoted the day to getting it done. I haven't written in it yet (hence the blank spots), I find that a completed journal is easier to write in. So I will start this weekend :) I wanted to share all the pages I made though first since I won't be sharing my actual writings.

I'll post the rest of the projects I worked on last weekend on Sunday's post, I wanted to devote this post to just my journal. I'm skipping confessions and panda obsession this week, sry!

It's pretty obvious what prompt is being used for each page :)
Escape is actually the first page I did, I used a postcard from a friend of mine who recently sent it to me from Hawaii :)


I love all the colors in these 2 pages, they make my heart super happy :)

The Dream page I used stationary and the envelope it came in from a letter a friend wrote me, I love love it!

I can't wait to fill in the Secret page, the Really page is all the things that bother me or that I don't like. That will be an interesting one to fill out as well.

Spring Cleaning is things I want to clean out of my life, not necessarily negative. The Goals page looks so vintage, love it!

I am and I wonder page, the only pages I actually used pics of myself!

Super Hero page is going to be fun too, I know there are some powers I could use! I wrote you a letter page was fun to make, the page I used is a couple decades old so when I was folding it, it was crumbling, I had to tape all the corners.

The last 2 pages of my journal

This last page is my favorite, it was my first time embroidering on paper. I love love all the washi tape! so pretty!

Hope everyone enjoyed the sneak peek (I say sneak peek bc there is no writing in it yet) of my very FIRST art journal to be mostly completed.

Have a great weekend!

What are YOUR plans??



  1. these are delightful! great job mixing media and textures and colors, they are beautiful! :D

  2. I love it!! Love love all the colors and the awesome tape you used. I need to pick me up some but I want to find a great deal. LOL

    I can't get over how long and pretty your eyelashes are --so jealous!!
    love ya--gina

  3. Your pages are so lovely!!!! I wish I had fun japanese tape! I need to invest in some! My fave page is GOALS. Def looks vintage! Hope you have a great weekend!!! <333 Michelle

  4. I love your journal! I really struggle with mixing elements/materials in my journals but you're a pro. :) Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Looooove it! All the pictures you used are perfect! Love these so much, Linds! You did an awesome job! Xoxo

  6. I am so jealous of your lashes!! I wish mine were that long and pretty! :)

    Love all the pages and am so inspired!

    Have a great weekend Lindsay!

  7. ahh- love them all lindsay!!!!
    hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

  8. I am already a follower but just wanted to stop by and say hi. Happy FF. I love the journal you created. Come by my blog and say hi sometime and enter my brand new giveaway.

  9. This is SO awesome!!! I'm only 1/2 through mine...I'm journaling & doing the pages together...I totally should have done like you & made all the pages & THEN journaled... & THAT is why you're genius!!! Love them Linds! So much!

  10. So I added pics to my blog post... just for you!!! Lol. I love how your journal came out, its awesome! You'll have lots of fun writing in it and enjoying your hard work! Oh and I totally said no tattoos and piercings to make you think harder lol, you have many wonderful features!!! Yes for tomorrow and the craft fair!!! Do you want to drive or do you want me to drive? Let me know! My phone is dead right now, Ray moved my charger and I can't find it anywhere so just let me know on my blog or FB! Love you, love your journal!

  11. This a absolutely FABulous!! I love all of the pages. Looks like you put a lot of work into it, but that work made it loom GREAT! Have fun journaling, Lindsay. :)

  12. I love it girl!!! It is awesome! You have done such wonderful work. You are doing a great job! Have a fab Friday.

  13. Great job I love all of your pages very well done! I hope you have great and productive weekend!



  14. You are so creative! Excellent job on the page..I have a project idea for you when you get a chance...


  15. Wow! I love all the pages!! very creative Lindsay!!

  16. luv your Journal pages! haven't done my first one.. ;( see you used my blue & red plaid tape...oh I mean your tape.. (there is a story that just needs to be told on this tape!!)

    I would luv to get started on my pages this weekend.. I will have to see how my days go.

    Your lashes are my gift to you..glad everyone luvs them!!!

    huggs & suggs from afar~~~~


  17. These are beautiful! I like the pages on the last two pictures the best!

  18. Your album turned out so good. I love all the images you use! I so need to do an art journal class. I keep debating the one Rachel and Elsie are teaching. Are you taking it?
    Have a great weekend.

  19. Love it! I will have to take a weekend to finish mine up, I am so glad that Viv keeps the class blog up for slackers like me! lol
    Have a great weekend and I am sending luck your way *sends luck*
    Love ya!

  20. Very nicely the colors...Oh following you now..via Friday Follow! God bless!

  21. Oh I love the design! I'm beginning to find that I love your style! That's a great idea to, the whole journal thing. Love it. :D

  22. Wow girl, you did a great job! You are so gifted and crafty. I wish I had time to do all of these fun crafts that you do all the time. I simply don't have enough time. Boo!

  23. I'm your newest follower from FF. Can't wait to read more, stop by my blog sometime! Happy FF!


  24. you are indeed one great artist! love the creativity :)

    following u from FF! Feel free to visit me here:
    Life Can't Wait and Up Now and What's Next

  25. I love it! I think the last page with the tape is my fave! ooh, But I also love the superhero page! :P
    Btw, Thanks for the sweet comment about my hair! ;)
    I got your letter today! I'll try to write back soon!
    xoxo, Katie

  26. You did a great job! I love all the pages...makes me want to make one too!

    Debbie :) xxoo

  27. I absolutely LOVE it!!! Can't wait to see the finished product in its entirety! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  28. I think it looks great! I would love to start an art journal myself....we will see.

    Plans for me include lots of yard sales on Saturday and finishing up some craft projects and taking photos for the blog!

    Have a great weekend!

  29. Amazing journal Lindsay!! You are so inspiring!!
    Thank you for sharing! :)

  30. All of your journal pages are so lovely! You are so talented!! I like make pages like these for my friends! I use pictures of us together and write little messages to them. Thanks for sharing your creations with us! I always love seeing all of your cuteness!!

  31. You are really good at art journaling! wows! :D I'm looking forward to "tell your story"! I bought my journal today yay. I want some japanese tape its so pretty!!

    XO :)

  32. oh wow Lindsay, your journal is so cute!
    I hope you have a blast filling it up!

    this weekend is going to be a very laid back, thrifting-coffee-crafting kind of weekend.
    have a loveeeely weekend, dollface!
    XO. m

  33. Stopping by from Follow Me Friday at Trendy Treehouse. I'm following you now! Hope you'll have a chance to follow me, too. :)

    What a great art journal! You're so talented!

  34. Happy Friday Follow!

  35. PS that is so awesome that you used the postcard I sent!!!!:)

  36. Wow that was amazing. I found you on Friday Follow and I hope you'll come follow our story at Have a great weekend.

  37. Found you at FF! Have a wonderful weekend!

  38. new follower from FF ! Hope you'll come to my site

  39. The last page is my favorite. I love how it turned out!! :)

  40. Hi..I’m Barb from Fri. Follow. I am already a follower but wanted to let you know
    I'm also having a Link Party Monday April 12th called "My Creative Space" @ Santa's Gift Shoppe Year Round..Would love you to join in.Your scrapbook pages are really cute.

  41. Sorry I forgot to tell you the website..

  42. I really like what you've created. I wish I was that creative!

    Visiting and following from Friday Follow. Thanks for joining us and see you again for this week’s Friday Follow!

    ~ Lynn

  43. Hi. Following you from Friday follow. These pages came out great. I'd love to do a journal like this.


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