Monday, April 5, 2010

Feature Me Monday

1. What is your name, tell us a little bit about yourself, and what you do.

My name is Lehua Ruble. It's pronounced [lay-who-uh]. Most people call me "Lei" because my parents had to pick the most difficult name ever.
I am an accountant by day and a momma and fiance at night. I have the cutest puppy named Coach. She's a cairn terrier [like Toto from the Wizard of Oz].

2. Where can we find you?



3. What’s your obsession right now?

My Wedding! Ha! I'm obsessed with making it perfect. Making sure I have everything planned out. Our wedding is going to be in LA and we live in San Francisco, so the details and planning can be difficult. But I'm making it work. :)

4. Where do you get your inspiration and what keeps you motivated?

Umm..i really have no idea. Sometimes they just pop into my head. Other times I get inspired by other blogs, but most of the time it's when I'm lying down to go to sleep, the greatest ideas come alive.


5. What are your top 5 favorite blogs?

I hate choosing my top 5. I like blogs for individual reasons.
How about website/ are my 5 favorite shops:
1. Mod Cloth
2. Mr. Rabbit Sir
3. Ebay (probably one of my favorite go to sites)
4. 3potato4
5. Design Sponge

6. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Risotto! haha. I'm so in love with risotto it's not even funny. BUT I am lactose intolerant, so I really do pay for it.
If not, I'd probably choose hamburgers. The boy & I are on a quest to find the best burgers in America. It's the best adventure ever!


Everyone should go check out Lehua's blog and leave her some love :) I am so happy to call her a friend, classmate (several times), penpal and Happy Mail partner (a few months ago), she is very talented and has the coolest scrappin' style. I have actually hired her on to make me a few pages for something VERY special :) SO everyone leave her some comment love and don't be shy!!!



  1. Thanks for the feature!!
    love you!!

  2. I love Lehua!!!! She's such a sweetheart with a great personality!!! xoxo

  3. Great feature Lindsay! I loved that journal/planner she made for you for Happy Mail awhile back!!!!

  4. Oh her blog is super cute! I totally forgot to thank you for featuring me last week. It was awesome! Thank you so so so much. My followers numbers jumped up to 60 after being featured so thank you for all the new readers :)

  5. i agree i loved her journal she made you for happy mail its amazing, and im going over to her blog to check her out rightnow

  6. aw yay!!! i love lehua and her blog!! and her crafts are to die for!!!! so glad you featured her this week lindsay! :)

  7. Her dog is adorable. I loved the dog from Wizard of Oz!

  8. Aw she is so adorable!! I need to check out her blog right now!!

  9. Her scrapping pages are adorable!


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