Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Plushies and Weekend Fun

I made these plushies a few weeks ago and I'm finally able to post them!!! I wanted to make sure that my Happy Mail friends got them first, so I wouldn't spoil the surprise! All the plushies I make are from my own hand-drawn pattern (unless I state otherwise) :)

Meet Boris the Whale... he loves swimming in the ocean and posing against wood grain. Isn't he a cutie? I hope he enjoys his new home :)

I also made this Best Friends plushie which was inspired from those BFF necklaces :) I figured she could keep them both or give one side to her BFF :)

This weekend was full of fun!! I accidentally left my camera at home for half of it :( We watched a few movies, The Fourth Kind and Avatar, both were pretty good (Avatar was AMAZING!!!). I may or may not have slept with the lights on after watching The Fourth Kind.... that possessed stuff really gets to me.

Here are some things I did get pictures of though :)

playing softball

getting some air time (I had a mini-panick attack btw)

taking feet pics

climbing trees

being cute

painted my nails a pretty pink

We went to a carnival at Hayden's school on Friday (forgot camera) DOH! I also did some serious spring cleaning, cleaned out a ton of boxes in the basement, moved couches and cleaned under them and cleaned curtains, dust, laundry...WHEW!! I painted Kaylee's toenails (that was a chore in itself).. but now they are a pretty mint candy apple :)

I also worked on some plushies which I will be finishing up today for a giveaway I'm putting together!! It will be HUGE!!!! 3 winners!!! YAY!! :D Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!

What did you do?



  1. Super cute whale plushies! I love it!

  2. Your plushies are awesome! Love them! : )

  3. Ohhhh! her feet :D!! Ha :) She is the cutest!
    Your weekend sounds like fun! Dads really like to throw kids in the air -_-

    Have a great week! Tell your story tomorrow! so excited! see you there ;)


  4. you are so talented!! I love all of the cute plushies you make. :]
    I'm glad you're having such a great weekend. I've spent this weekend doing some much needed spring cleaning, painting my nails almost every day, and thrifting. Its been really nice.
    love you doll! XO.

  5. that sounds like a fun weekend! glad you had fun with your family.

  6. sounds like a great weekend! I love the whale so cute great job!


  7. SO very cute!!! I'm so jealous of your talents and your Happy mail partners!!! Plushies are so freakin cute!! -Katie

  8. I love your new plushies!! We watched Avatar this weekend too, it WAS amazing, talk about some inspirational colors! Your pictures are great, it looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was one of THOSE weekends, but we took the kids to their schools "Fun Night" I also forgot to take my camera...oops! Love ya!

  9. Cute cute cute!

    Still have no desire to see Avatar....


  10. Oh, so cute whale plushies. ^_^

  11. Loooove these pics!!!! Your plushies are so awesome! Love the whale and the BFF heart! Such cute ideas!!! You've been busy getting a ton of stuff done!!! Can you come help me now??? ;) I just posted my messes that I've been making. Not much organizing is getting done. ha!
    I miss you!!!! So much!
    Love you!!! xoxo

  12. ooooh she is the cutest!! I love love love that picture of her in the air! Such a cutie!!

  13. I love the best friends plushie, very cute idea. I had one of those necklace when I was a teenager. I was the BE FRI and my best friend had the ST END. Good times! Love ya!

  14. Those plushies are too cute!!! You do a great job! Keep it up! It sounds like you have had a great weekend! Great pics! I love the color of the polishes! Very cute and girly! The pic of you and your daughter's feet is very adorable. Have a wonderful Sunday!
    By the way...your kids are to cute for words!! :D

  15. I think Boris turned out super cute!! I love the BFF heart, great idea, but you are genius when it comes to plushies! We did lots of cleaning too, I need to wash my curtains, people are just so nosy around here I don't want peepers! I really hope you go Thursday with me, PLEASE!!! Hanging out this week RIGHT?!?!?!?!?! You should come over Tuesday for a play date, I am potty training Addy hardcore so we'd have to be here if that is ok! Love you!

  16. Dad really liked your whale was impressed that he had water shooting out...! Your best friend plushie is so fun for someone to have and share.

    Luv your pics of Hay & Kaylee..hope Hay gets into baseball that would be so much fun going to all the games!!

    Gosh I would have had a fit seeing Joseph throw Kaylee that high.. glad I wasn't there...

    Glad you had a great weekend full of fun..

    luv momma

  17. Super cute plushies!!! :) I totally want to hear about secret mail!!! :)

  18. Super cute whale plushie love the mint green nail polish.

  19. the whale is awesome!
    so is the nail polish!
    what a great weekend!

  20. Holy cuteness!! Love love the whale. You are a talented plushie craftser.

    What a great weekend. I love all the great pics. I would have had a nervous breakdown also.

    I had a pretty great weekend also.
    love ya gina

  21. WOW!!! The whale and the BFF are fantastic...I think you have found your calling!!! They are sooooooooooooo cute!!

    Debbie :) xxoo

  22. awww... Boris is so darn cute! I love him! :)
    Great job!

  23. Adorable plushies! I am sure the new owners are very happy!!
    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Love that you and your daughter have matching toenails now. too cute!!

  24. OMG!!! Boris is so adorable!! I hafta draw a whale inspired by him for my Monday doodle on my blog sometime (if you don't mind) Sounds like you had a very lovely weekend! I love the pictures of Kaylee in the air! I definitely would have freaked out too if I was you! And she has the cutest little toes!! Happy Monday!!

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  26. haha. She is getting some serious air! If she wasn't scared at all, she is a brave little trooper. :O!


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