Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One of those days...

It's been one of those days... I found out my hubby is actually going to be deploying for 6 months instead of 4...sad :(

Ever had one of those days where every little thing gets to you?? Things that normally wouldn't get a second look or thought, drive you batty? It's been like that here lately for me. Like certain insensitive comments being made...oh I won't even go into that one. So much is going on and I can't even talk about it on here.. just need some encouragement I guess.

Maybe all this had something to do with hubby going on vacation for 2 weeks and then going back to work yesterday and finding out about the deployment extension. I realized yesterday driving downtown how much I was going to miss him. I started bawling my eyes out going down the highway. I think I struggle with it being my first deployment ever, as well as never having been a "single mommy", and never have been away from Joseph (besides a few days at most).

Yea, I know I can do it.. it will just be hard. I have been keeping myself up at night with all my worries and stressing over things that really shouldn't matter. I know being a military wife I would eventually have to go through this, it's just tough.

I want to thank all of my friends who have been there for me and will be there for me when I'm feeling down or discouraged. I love you all!!

It makes me feel better to just read through your blogs and sweet e-mails.

On a good note I have been keeping up with the Tell Your Story class! yay! I still need to finish today's page, which I know I will!! I'm repainting my studio this weekend!! Instead of just one wall I'm going to paint several! I am so excited!! I need something more springy in here. I fell in love with a certain color and can't get enough of it! I'm keeping it a secret until the reveal!! yay!!

I missed yesterday's Feature Me Monday (so sry). It'll be back next week!



  1. *hugs* i'm so sorry to hear that it's longer than you expected, I have no doubt that you WILL be able to do it... but completley understand why you're upset. I think there is something in the air causing everyone to be in a nasty funk... I hope your week gets better <3

  2. I'm sorry, Lindsay! If there's anything I can do, I'm always here for you! You'll keep so busy that it will fly by! Wish I could come over and hang out and give you a great big hug!!!! Love you!!! xoxo

  3. Im having a poopy day toooo. Must be in the air?? I wish I could find words to comfort you but I have never had to deal with being a military wife. Just pray pray pray. I will be thinking of you and your hubby! You can do it! Maybe 6 months will fly by?! Stay positive! <333 Michelle

  4. No one understands completely until they have to tell their lovey goodbye as they go to some desert far far away! Just remember that he is a hero! And your sacrifice (and his) is greatly appreciated by many many people. He is helping us stay safe and free. Stay strong girl! I know it is super hard! (the guy I was dating was deployed over July 4th and every time I saw a firework or patiotic song I would cry.. I know.. silly) Two extra months sucks, but hopefully it will make the homecoming that much better (and hopefully will lengthen his stay at home between the next time out!!) If you need someone to talk to about it, I am here as your blog buddy! -katie

  5. Oh man! I am so sorry to hear his deployment will be longer. Made me want to cry thinking about how you must be feeling. I am like you and can't be away from the hubby for very long! I know it will be hard but you are strong and it will go by fast! Plus you do have amazing blogging friends that will keep you uplifted.
    Hope your day gets a little better.

  6. I am sending lots of hugs to you :) I love you so much and you should move to st. louis for those 6 months :) deal???? craft parties every night!!!
    I love you so much!

  7. I wish I could hug you right now...seriously just a huge pick you up off the ground type of hug. The biggest possible. I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. You can always email or text me whenever...I'm here doll. Never forget that. So yeah...I hope the time flies, you're a nice & busy momma...I'm sure you'll stay strong & be fine. Love you! BIG HUGS!!!

  8. ****hugs****

    I hope time flies between crafting and being a mommy and your friends :)


  9. Lindsay, I'm so sorry you are going through a rough time. I am here if you want to talk or if you need anything. I am praying for you sweet friend. :)
    Loves you!

  10. aww I'm sorry Lindsay! I know that must be hard but we will be "here" to keep you company!! I will be praying for you! Love you so much! <3

  11. Oh Lindsay I am so sorry if you need anything you know I am here for you! We will stay busy with our little project!



  12. I feel so badly for you. I know how it is to feel like a single parent. I know my dh is not in the air force but he was on the road for his job at weeks at at time. The only time he was home was on the weekends and it was normally just Saturday all day. It was tough but I got through it and I know you are a very strong you will be able as well. I know it will only make you a stronger. If you need to talk or just get your mind off things let me know. ((HUGS)) to you. love ya gina

    i still want to know what this project is with Carrie--:D I am so nosey!!

  13. My sweet Lindsay, I am so sorry that you are hurting, that you are feeling down and having one of those days! I want you to know and always know that I am here anytime you need to talk, cry, scream or vent! I can't imagine what you are feeling or going through, I couldn't imagine having my husband be away for a week let along 6 months! You are a stronger person than you know, I love you! BIG HUGS!!!!

  14. You can do it! I'll be praying for you. and I'm here if you wanna talk :-)

  15. I can't imagine the feeling you're going through, but please know I'll always be here for you and if there's anything I can do, give me a holler.

    We'll be phone buddies! I love hearing your voice! Lots of big, big hugs! xxo

  16. Lindsay I wrote the info about the instax mini at the bottom of the post for you! Let me know if it works! I'm in love, and the seller was awesome!

    Here's the link http://pixiesweets.blogspot.com/2010/04/its-here.html

    :) Let me know if you read this**

    XO :*

  17. sorry to hear about Joseph leaving longer than you both expected.. you know you can come home for as long as you want.. !!

    Dad will enjoy the heck out of you and I will be crafted out...lol

    momma /daughter days... ahhh just need to find a sitter...

    you know you have my momma hugs even this far away...luv luv luv you..

  18. I am so sorry to hear that he got an extension. I hope that you can ease your mind and just take everything one day at a time. I know that all of your blog friends and real life friends and family will be here for you every step of the way.
    Maybe you should just take a road trip around the country and stay with a different friend every few days :)

  19. That really sux! I've been away from my hubby for a month now and it feel horrible. We keep in contact thru skype and email so that helps.
    i hope everything else that's going on around you passes. I know it can be overwhelming but be strong. And cry it out when you need to.

  20. I feel for you Lindsay...sending hugs your way!!!

    Debbie :) xxoo

  21. *hugs* Everything will be alright....

    If you want to talk, you know where I am.
    Also, I am thinking on Friday I will send out your package!


  22. aww i am so sorry. i hope that this week gets better for you!!

  23. Umm...if you were to take a trip like Katie suggested...you better stop in Arkansas and see me!! Lol I know! ...we could drive to Memphis and see the pandas!

  24. I am sorry about your hubby. This has to be hard and I can't even imagin how you feel. I will be praying for you and your children!


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