Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ask Me Answers [Part 2]

Sorry it took so long to post the 2nd part up, I got super busy this weekend, along with a few other things.. Thanks to everyone who asked me questions, I really enjoyed answering them :)

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Patience, I can be really impatient, like I want something done yesterday kind of impatient. I always expect people to be "on the ball" like me, which is very unreasonable.

What is your favorite thing you LOVE about yourself? (could be inner or outer)
I love being quick-witted as far as inner goes and outer I love my lips!

What is your favorite movie of all time?
Grease or Pulp Fiction... 2 totally different genres I know

If you could pick 3 celebrities to have dinner with, who would they be?
oh gosh let's see.. Seth Rogen, Jason Segal and Lady Gaga ... very interesting dinner huh?

Do you have a favorite perfume? If so, which one?
Yes, Victorias Secrets, Sexy Little Things

What would be your dream date with your hubby?
We have always said we wanted to try the Melting Pot since neither of us has either had fondue, then go to a super classy hotel and have a bottle a wine.. then "watch T.V" :)

What do you and your friends like to do?
craft and gossip...;)

What is your favorite craft to do?
right now scrapbooking and felt plushies. I realize that anytime someone asks me something I give 2 answers..LOL sry

What was your most embarrassing moment?
gosh lets see maybe the time i peed myself in walmart... I was, keep this in mind, pregnant and me and the hubs were messing around late at night in walmart, being silly. I yanked his pants down in walmart (he was wearing pjs, wow we sound like people of walmart) and laughed so hard I peed.. all the way to the car..

When you say "chew on your fingers" what do you mean...?
I chew the skin around my thumbs, ewwwww so gross I know, it's a bad habit I've had since I was like 4. I've tried to stop but it hasn't worked thus far. It happens the most when Im upset, mad, or nervous.

What is your favorite holiday?
Thanksgiving, because I love me some turkey.. and it's a great time to to really appreciate everything great in life. Even though we should all be thankful for something everyday.

What made you start blogging?
I wanted to get more into my creative side and start talking about it more. I found a few blogs online, through a good friend of mines blog and it ispired me to make one myself!

Where did you grow up & what was your favorite part of growing up & what do you want to pass on to your spawn from your experiences?
I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One thing I am passing on to my kids that even in not the obvious fun times you can find fun in everything. Make the best of your situation and smile!

What is the furthest from home you've been?
I lived in England for 3 1/2 years and I would say that is pretty far!!

How tall are you?

Why are you so darned awesome?!
I'm flattered *blushes* you think I'm awesome, good genes I guess :P

I love this shirt and thought it would go with this question perfectly :)


P.S. I love you!


  1. you are too cute!

  2. Love the answers! That would be an interesting dinner with those 3, I don't think that you would be bored! I chew on my fingers too, so don't feel bad! You are just adorable in all of those pics! Oh, and I have peed my pants too, hey...it happens!! Love ya! If you want to see something embarrassing, check out today's blog post on mine!


  3. love these questions & answers the most!! Glad you sd your lips cause I have been generous to you w/lips and lashes!!

    and I must be invited to dinner if Jason attends.. of course I would be GaGa over his cuteness...(yes pun intended)..lol

    You forgot to add the funniest part about Joseph being "pantsed" in Walmart is that his briefs came down w/the PJ's... yes only at Walmart would this happen...lol

    Aww Thanksgiving even good in August (yes had full Thanksgiving dinner for you guys when you came down ...awesome visit!!

    Since choas surrounds me I would be happy to watch Hay & KK along w/Sage & Ava so you guys could have your "dream date"!

    Fav movies= John Travolta (nuff said)

    You must get your impatence from your dad & I we both want things done quickly and done right.

    And finally yes I agree you are awesome...got the best of parts of me and your dad...

    luv momma~~

  4. I love your answers I bite on my fingers too :p Love me some Pulp Fiction we have that picture in our living room!



  5. AH! You ARE friggin awesome! So, I totally chew on my fingers too, I LOVE Pulp Fiction, I think it's AWESOME that you're 5'11", I have the same favorite perfume as you, I had a friend who was in the Air Force & lived in England for 3 years also & Seth Rogan & Jason Segal rock my socks. & you do too! I make you the cutest friggin thing EVER & I can't show you till I send it & I can't send it till I get your other stuff to send... dilemma! Okay...this was a fun post! Bye for now love!

  6. I loved your answers to my questions! Good job! You are awesome!

  7. aw, you are awesome! and you should definitely try the melting pot if you get a chance..its a perfect date place :)

  8. Before I went vegan we had a birthday dinner at The Melting Pot. It was sooooo good. Especially the deserts!
    I think you and your husband sound like you have so much fun together, which is so cool to read about.

  9. how fun!! its always super to learn new things about fellow bloggers ;)

  10. was nice to learn some more random facts about you missy :) haha, the walmart story made me giggle! xx

  11. loved your answer, and i chew on my fingers too! i agree that it's so gross, but i seriously cannot stop. one of my biggest goals is to quit...someday ;).

  12. I chew the inside of my mouth. Is that weird? My mom does the same. I think I got it from her and I now catch my dd doing it.

    My dd would love your shirt. Sydney has always said she is awesome and she is! :D

    Lovin these questions and answers. If we get to finally see each other in Sept i will be the short one --I am only 5 foot.

  13. You are the COOLEST! :)
    Thank you for sharing so much! I am jealous that you lived in England!!! I want to go to Europe sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!

  14. Holy cow, you are 5'11!! that is awesome (i missed that part the first time) I thought I was tall at 5'9!! Being tall ROCKS!! :)

  15. Aw I love these posts!! I love learning more about you!! You are probably one of the most adorable people I know!! I love that shirt!! You are awesome!!

  16. I LOVE your celebrity dinner guest list! This was great to read :).

  17. you're just SOOOO cute! Loved reading this! xxo

  18. Hi, I also chew the skin around my thumbs until it hurts or bleeds :( can't stop though...super cute blog!
    from your newest follower

  19. Holy cow you are tall!!!! Can I have about 4 inches from you? I'm only 5'0" tall :(


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