Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter! This weekend I got so much accomplished, it's unreal. I'm going to post pics later of everything so I save you from a HUGE post :) I did 95% of Viv's Quiet Nights journal (from start to almost finish) all yesterday and a page or so today (I think I have 2 pages left), I finished an amazing plushie (best idea yet!) for a Happy Mail partner, wrote 8 pen pal letters, made 2 cards for my Happy Mail partners (oh my gosh so cute), cleaned my house from top to bottom (with lots of help from the hubby of course) and made all 31 cards for the craft swap to tie off my plushies with :) Whew!!

Ok so on to some pics!!

When I was making a page for my journal I needed a good pic for my Wonder theme page and decided to take a pic of my lashes because they were looking stellar today, I LOVE the way it turned out!!

Here is a pic of my haircut, I had about 4 inches cut off!! I love it, I'm getting black lowlights put in less than 2 weeks from now. *squeals*

Here is Kaylee in her Easter dress, I actually bought this when she was 2 months old because I loved it so much and wanted to get a big enough size so I could see her run around in it.


Princess and her Mommy

We had a little Easter egg hunt with Sonja and her family. She saved the day getting Easter eggs!! Thanks Sonja!!

My little Prince

Helping little sis find the Easter eggs

My little ham posing

She's on the hunt!

so cute!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

What did you do??



  1. i watched movies and ate candy and listed stuff on eBay! woohoo for fun weekends!

    that dress is super cute!

  2. Your little 'uns are so adorable :) looks like they had a super fun time! Kaylee's dress is way cute, Id wear it in big person size haha. First pic is lovely, what long eyelashes you have! Tattoo all healed now? xx

  3. awww kaylee is soooo adorable! i love that dress on her! your kids are so cute! looks like you all had a wonderful Easter!! <3

  4. Your eyelashes are beautiful!! And your daughter is darling. I love her Easter dress. So cute!!
    It looks like you and your family had a great day!
    Hoppy Easter!

  5. You do have some killer lashes girl! You and your family are too cute! Love her little dress!! Happy Easter! Love ya!

  6. Kaylee Easter dress so awesome...cute ones....


  7. Kaylee's little dress is so adorable! Happy Easter! I hope you guys had a fantastic day.

  8. I love the hair Lindsay! Happy Easter!

  9. first of all your hair looks great!!! Your kids are such little cuties :D

    Happy happy Easter Lindsaypop

    love ya


  10. I am so jealous of your lashes!! They are beautiful! Love the hair too!

    I also love Kaylee's dress, she's adorable!

  11. Your hair looks beautiful! Your eyelashes are absolutely amazing!!!! Jealous!!! ;)
    Kaylee's dress is so cute!!! Such a beautiful family!!! Hope you've had a great Easter!!! xo

  12. :) I'd like to know how you manage your time! :O it's amazing! and you have 2 kids. wows!

    Your daughter is too sweet :D


  13. Happy Easter!! That dress is so freaking adorable. I want it!

    Found your blog and following from Friday Follow. :) I really love your blog and the title! So creative! I hope you have the time to stop by and possibly follow us as well! We have some great giveaways going on.

  14. I really don't understand how you find the time to get everything done. Do you sleep? lol!

    Your kids are so so cutie patootie :) I love that dress. I hope I have a girl some day so I can pick out some cute stuff.

    That picture of you is so cool!

  15. your daughter is SO CUTE!...I love that first pic of her.....and she looks just like her mommy!

    And oh yeah thanks for stopping by the other day (my blog that it), I dropped here after I seen your comment, but didn't have time to post anything (I was at work, making good use of my time ;) )

    Hope guys had a great Easter!

  16. oh my goodness your kiddies are so cute.

    today my bf kris and i just lounged around he was spost to go to work but was a slacker and didnt. we were majorly lazy and i watched him play videogames while i wrote letters and then i made tacos and corn for dinner, and we are about to now watching 500 days of summer since i have yet to see it.

  17. Hmm well I went to these awesome people's house, and we searched for eggs! Lol Addyson was on such a hunt, sorry she went a little egg crazy! Poor Kaylee wasn't getting much of a chance. We had so much fun with you all today, even briefly! I love your hair, I can't wait to see the black, it is going to look amazing! When we have our playdate this week I wanna see your journal!! Love you!

  18. What a lovely post! Have a great day!

  19. Your little ones are soooo cute! <3 Michelle

  20. Your kids are adorable!! :)
    Love the eyelash photo, it is amazing! :)

  21. wow- talk about being productive. good for you!! :)
    glad yall had a good easter. :)
    btw, you have the cutest kids!!!!!


  22. soo super cute! i love your kiddies :)

    your hair looks great.. i can't wait to see the lowlights. and i love how you say, "my lashes looked stellar today..."

    THEY ALWAYS LOOK STELLAR!!!!!! you are too beautifuul :) :):)

  23. happy easter to you! i love your hair and most of all your kids! they are both adorable... i love that cherry dress you got her - super cute!

  24. Your kids are so cute! I hope you all had a great Easter <3.

  25. Wow you have been super busy!! :]
    you look beautiful and your daughter is just the cutest!!
    I'm so glad that you had a fun Easter. I hung out with the family, watched movies, and ate waaay too many peeps. haha.
    Loveee you! xx.

  26. You and your daughter are adorable! She looks JUST like you! My Niece Brianna is a little redhead too. My little girl turned 20 Easter Sunday! We went to Church then to a nice brunch, Flagstaff AZ

  27. lovely pictures. Your kiddos are gorgeous. =)
    I wish I could get that much done in a weekend, can't wait to see pictures of those plushies.

    -following from Friday Follow.

  28. Oh my goodness your eyes are fab!! Love love the pic of you.

    Looks like you had a beautiful Easter. We went up to my ils.

    I can't wait to see your plushie. I made one that I love also.

  29. your kids are beautiful and love your haircut!!

  30. I made something for you (well sort of for you) that I think you will L.O.V.E. I'm going to try and send it soon.

  31. Seriously LOVING your eyelashes!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    Your daughter is sooooooo adorable; I <3 her! You have such a beautiful fam!

  32. Aw your lil girl is the CUTEST!!! Just sayin...she does come from a pretty darn cute momma! =)
    You're awesome!

  33. She is the cutest!! You two look so much alike!


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