Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Mail and a Thank You

First is the thanks.. thanks to everyone for all of the sweet comments on my last post as well as the sweet e-mails. I appreciate every single one of your comments, I teared up reading them. They really gave me strength and the encouragement I needed. I have made some amazing friends through this blog and I'm thankful for each and everyone of you! Thank you!

When I got my Happy Mail in from CaL I was in complete shock!! I was ecstatic to see this adorable Panda named Oliver :) She made him for me and I'm in love!!! He is the cutest!!!

She spoiled me with my favorite perfume and lotion set from Victoria Secrets, an adorable panda lunch box, a cute on the go panda that turns into a shopping bag, and some seriously cute panda stationary!! I love love it all!! It was also her first month in Happy Mail and I think it's safe to say she is hooked :) Thanks so much CaL!! Love ya!!

I also got in the scrapbook Lehua made me for my RVA trip!! It turned out GORGEOUS!! I will be posting the entire book tomorrow! The scanned in pics are so much better! There is so much detail, I love it! She also surprised me with cute panda stationary too, I was in dire need of btw. I have been running low in that department and was using notebook paper. Thanks Lehua!

Lots of penpal cards came in this week, I will be busy writing them all back tomorrow :D yay!

On a side note, I'm feeling much better today. Journaling has helped get a lot of my feelings out and on paper and it's like a weight off my shoulders. I love having this outlet for my fears, frustrations, thoughts and worries. Journaling is like therapy :D

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!



  1. awww that bear is super cute, hope your doing ok with all of madness right now, you will get through it. how do you do happy mail anyways? or get into the goodness? i always see your posts about it


  2. Super cute happy mail. Love you!

  3. Oh my gosh Cal made the cutest panda ever! I love his name too. I guess she did spoil you.

    Love love the scrapbook from your trip. I am still jealous!! :D

    I always love seeing all your happy mail it brings a smile to my face. It makes me happy what people will do for one another.

    love ya--gina

  4. OMG the Panda by Cal is the CUTEST! love love love it!

  5. Cute Happy Mail! Lehua did a lovely job on the scrapbook! <333 Michelle

  6. oh the panda is just too cute!!!!

    I am glad you are feeling better today!

    love ya


  7. What fun stuff!! You have some great friends!
    Hang in there, stay busy, be happy and the tiem will go by faster than you think. I know that is small consolation right now, but we all know you can do it!
    Come visit my site to enter my giveaway and check out a post on a site I found. It can save you tons of money and is absolutely free!
    I am stopping in from FF, following you!

  8. I'm soooo glad you're feeling better!!! I feel so much better also with your words of encouragement & happiness. You're amazing! I'm so glad you loved your package...I figured I gotta do good on my first try @ this thing...yah know! =)
    Love yah chicka!

  9. I love the cute panda, he looks so sweet sitting in the yarn too! That lunchbox is awesome! I love how everyone enables your panda addiction, it keeps you from having panda withdrawal I am sure lol.

  10. Love the Happy Mail! Love you!

  11. feel better hun!
    & i'm glad you love the scrapbook.

  12. I am sooooo glad that you are feeling a little bit better! -Katie PS those pandas are so super cute!

  13. You are such a doll and I am so glad we are friends!
    Lots of love!! :)
    xoxox~ Tiffany

  14. aw, cute stuff! your house swamped with pandas by now, isn't it? ;)

  15. Oh my goodness Lindsay you are gonna need another room just for your panda stuff!!! I can't believe there is that much panda stuff out must be in heaven?!!

    Debbie :) xoo

  16. Awesome!! Great happy mail!

  17. Wow. Cassandra spoiled you!!!! That is so awesome. I love that panda! So cute!

  18. cuuute! I'm glad you got my letter! :)


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