Friday, April 16, 2010

Project Friday!! MUST SEE!!

I have so many things I would love to share, 2 of my projects that I am super excited about I can't show until my Happy Mail partners get them though :( So for now I'll share one of the plushies I made for my BFF's daughter. Her birthday is Saturday so I made her a plushie that would match her room decor.

Meet Ms. Dot, she's 9 inches long and 6 inches wide. She loves the warm grass and sun on her wings! I'm sure she is going to love her new home, lots of butterflies to play with!

Oh and on Twitter I said "I am a genius", it's because our grass is still dead from the winter and I happen to have found some grass scrapbook paper I used instead. It was one of my "AH HA!!!" moments. I made myself laugh, that was all.. :P


I started working on my Tell Your Story journal for Elsie and Rachel's class, I am absolutely loving putting it together. I painted the pages a melon color last night and grabbed all the material I would be using. I haven't finished it completely yet.
I splurged on a little Japanese tape to go with my theme :)

So here is a sneak peek. I think I'm going to have a vintage feel throughout the entire book. I have so much stuff that I can use for it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Tonight is Date Night for me and the hubs, first time going to dinner by ourselves in a year!! YAY!! Then, tomorrow I'm getting black low-lights put in my hair (pics will come soon after) and then a birthday party! I will also be working on a few more plushie projects requested by some friends :)

What's your weekend plans?



  1. i cant wait to see your pages! ..and that grass paper was a fabulous idea, love that little lady bug, so sweet! have a great friday!! :)

  2. love Ms. dot! I love the vintage feel for your journal. My inspiration is bright and funky. I guess you could say just like me. HEEHEE

    I totally agree you are a genius!! I would have never thought of doing that.

    Love ya--gina

  3. Oh very very cute! What a great job and I am loving your journal pages :D

    I can't wait to see your hair

    love ya


  4. that plushie is adorable! have fun on your date! i have black in my hair and i love it! have an awesome day!

  5. love the ladybug and the journal looks beautiful!
    can't wait to see it as you use it :)
    enjoy date night!
    (i'll be sorting pics most of the weekend)

  6. Sooooo adorable! Love the "grass". ha!
    Your journal is going to be so awesome! Can't wait to see more of it! I wanna see your hair asap!!! ;) Have a wonderful date nite!!!! xo

  7. You ARE a genius! You're so awesome! Haha! Those pages are going to be soooo amazing, I can't wait to see! You are quite the art journaler girly! & that lady bug plushie is soooooo amazing! You inspire me! Have a great weekend! I wanna see your huuuur! Love yah!

  8. you have have to make me a Ladybug.....or show me how to do it!!

    Love the "grass" should be in movies that is what they do w/"blue screens".

    I know she will love her birthday present.!!

    I love your vintage page idea...see you splurged on more Japenese tape.. I am going to have to buy more too.. i see some of yours that would look great in my journal..

    and you are a genius!!!

    luv luv you..


  9. Ms. Dot is soo adorable! And I am totally drooling over your new tape!!! : )

  10. I love the lady bug! She is gonna love it!! Can't wait to see your hair!

  11. Love Ms. Dot, she is too cute! That art journal looks like I would love it! I love washi tape too, you can do so much with it. Yay for date night, I need one! Love you!

  12. I love that tape. I am buying some for myself soon! Love it!

  13. I so need to get me some of that tape. I love your new plushie on her faux grass. Too funny!!
    This weekend I am going to be working on my craft swap items and seeing a play with the hubby!
    Have a great weekend. Can't wait to see pictures of your hair!

  14. YAY for date nights!! :)

    I love Ms. Dot! She is adorable! I can't wait to see the finished journal pages!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. Addyson is going to LOVE Ms. Dot!!! It turned out so great, you really are a genius with the grass too lol. I love your journal and the vintage feel, its so pretty! That tape is great, you are going to be busy busy with all your creating! I can't wait to see your hair it is gonna be cute cute cute!! Love you!

  16. I love ladybugs, and Ms. Dot is super cute! Have fun working on your journal (I'm jealous of all that beautiful tape), and have a fabulous date night!

  17. Cute, cute, cute ladybug! I love it!
    The grass scrapbook paper was pretty ingenius. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  18. I LOVE your tape, ugh the one I wanted is gone ): I'll look for more tho. :) have a great date/weekend/week/month/ ha :)


  19. Aw!! What a sweet little lady bug!! And I think it really was genius to use grass scrapbook paper as the background for your pics! What lovely tape!! And the pictures of your journal project are so pretty!! I love anything vintagey!

  20. Aw, what a lovely gift. She's very lucky! Your tape is beautiful too :)

  21. that lady bug is super cute! and what a smart idea using that scrapbook paper. hehe, it made me laugh :)

  22. Love Love LOVE the lady bug plushie
    cant wait for your next email
    hope your hair went well
    that tape looks fabbo hope youre not too broke
    enjoy having hubby home
    ps i made a panda face pic in your honour today pic coming soon, my mum and hubby did think it looks like a panda so i cant wait to know what you think

  23. aw, cute projects! i'm looking forward seeing more of your scarp pages later on!

    we had a friend over yesterday which was nice, and today i'm gonna try to to feel lonely (the boyfriend's visiting a friend over the day/night, and i wasn't up for it), crafting and hopefully get some studying done.

  24. She is so freakin cute! I love her! :) I love the look of your journal too, Cant wait to see more pictures!

    My weekend plans are just to hang out with my amazing sister! :)
    xoxo, Katie

  25. That lady bug is DARLING!!I am sure she will just love it! :)
    Love the vintage stuff for your pages! Very nice!
    Have a great weekend!

  26. I LOVE THE LADYBUG! So cute!

    You sure love your tape....hehe.

    I should have your package out by the first week of May.


  27. very genius! love ms. dot! and ps, super envious of your tape collection!

  28. ahh did you get my package of goodies!?!?!?

  29. Love Ms. Dot and your photo on grass paper!!! That made me laugh! Have a great one!


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