Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Mail Wednesday

There is something that needs to be said that I haven't said in awhile. I wanted to thank everyone who makes Happy Mail Wednesday awesome. I can't tell you how much your friendships mean to me. It's not about the gifts, but about the friendships that are formed. I have met so many amazing ladies online and am so honored to call them my friends. I also wanted to thank you (you know who you are) that have been there for me, not only the good times but for the rough ones too. Your words of encouragement mean the world to me!!

Love you ladies!!

Now on to the the form of mail!

Gina has really outdone herself being my Happy Mail partner for March, she sent me a second box of surprises that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE! She made me this super cute panda slippers which I have worn non-stop (and even had the hubby tell me I had to take them off to go grocery shopping). Aren't these the cutest panda slippers ever???

She also sent me some amazing scrapbook stuff for the journal class we are in (which you will see I used a lot of already on my next post), she made me a cute button wreath, a cute panda puppet and a super adorable panda bowl! Thanks so much Gina!! You sure did spoil me! :D

Tiffany, my Happy Mail partner from January sent me another surprise this week, this handmade panda stamp!!! Isn't she the sweetest?? I was so surprised to see another cute polka dotted package in the mail!! Thanks Tiff!! :)

I also wanted to send a big thank you to Lehua for stopping by Borders and picking me up these 2 scrapbooks. We don't have one here and she was too sweet to get me a few!! Thank you Lehua :)

I also was the lucky winner of Amy's giveaway! You had to send in a pic of your book collection. It was so much fun to take pics!! Thanks for the awesome print Amy!! I love it!!

Thank you for the sweet cards this week too!!! Pen pals are the best!! Thanks Kellie and Katie!! :)

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday, stay tuned for my next post!! I'll have some of my finished journal pages and the cover to share!! yay!! :)



  1. Love those scrapbooks Lehua sent!!!
    Tiffany is so great! That panda stamp is the cutest!
    Gina is the bomb diggity!!! That button wreath is so cute! Love all the goodies! She MADE those slippers???? Too freakin' cute!!!
    Love it! Happy! Happy!

  2. Wow I out did myself on those slippers. They are more adorable then I thought. I am so happy you love them.

    I am loving that panda stamp--so cute!!

  3. great i need to find a Borders---hmmmm thinking if we even have one?
    --love ya gina

  4. you are very very welcome! :)

  5. wow Gina did out do herself :D Love everything :D


  6. Lol I love the panda slippers, I so would have worn them out! You got some super cute panda things, I love the button wreath too!! I am gonna need some tips from you for scrapbooking, I am making my first one for Addy's party. When Joe goes back to work next week we should go on a walk around base, I've been walking around and going on bike rides and boy do my legs BURN! Love you and miss you lady!!!

  7. those slippers are so cute!

    looks like you have a lot of happy letters and goodies. that is always fun! i love going to the mailbox and finding something with my name on it (that isn't junk mail, hehe).

    have a great day!

  8. must have loved those journals to have her get more! I love using them...they're my favorite! Those slippers are to die for! & that bowl! Man! I cannot wait for you to get my package! I sent is yesterday...I hope the mail man hurries his butt up & sends it to you (I just pictured a guy in an old fashioned horse & carriage going from ca to nd...long ride...) Haha! Anywhoo...I LOVE your happy mail posts! & I love you & Happy Mail!!!

  9. Lindsay~ I know that you weren't talking to me in the first paragraph, but I just want to say thank you for being YOU! I am so happy that you and I have become such great friends! You are a wonderful person, Love you!
    Okay, enough with the mushy stuff...LOL!
    Love those slippers, how cute!! I always love your Happy Mail posts!

  10. Looove the slippers!! Thank YOU for being such a wonderful friend! You are amazing! Glad you like the stamp!! Yay for happy mail!! :) xoxoxo!!

  11. Great stuff. I love the slippers. I write to pen pals too. Are you looking for anymore?

  12. I know what you mean. The friendships made through blogland are unbeatable. I am always here if you need a shoulder or a place to vent. Love you sista!

  13. Love the slippers andall your goodies!!! How fun! Enjoy yourself!

  14. oooh lucky you!!!
    cute panda bear slippers ;)

  15. Oh my! Those panda slippers are adorable!!

    Yay for Happy Mail!!

  16. Those panda slippers are amazing!
    Ahh, I still havent gotten any stamps to mail your letter. :( I will do that soon, I promise! :)

  17. Those slippers are adorable! You got spoiled! =)

  18. cute slippers! I would have wanted to wear them to the store too! good thing you have Joseph to stop

    your surprise mail goodies are so awesome! Enjoy all your goods and enjoy your journaling..

    Luv momma

  19. i echo all these bloggers when i say: omg your slippers are to die for! i mean, seriously? seriously.

    they are SO cute!

  20. Here from FF and your newest follower! I'd love it if you'd come visit/follow me at!

    Have a wonderful day!


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