Monday, April 12, 2010

Cards, Plushies, Parties... OH MY!!

And since my title won't fit it frame redo too!! hehe :)
When I redecorated my craft room I redid one of my frames as well. It was one of those things I threw together real quick. It was orange and plain so I took it apart, painted it aqua and put a new pic in, along with some prettiness :)

Here's the before and after, keep in mind I didn't take a pic of the old frame so I had to take a pic from my old craft room and crop it out, soo blurry sorry :(

Erin posted the pics from her Alice birthday party from when I visited Springfield, I LOVE LOVE the way they turned out, here are a few group shots!!! Will did an awesome job taking them!! Thanks Will!!

Love these girls!

MMM Cupcakes!

The tattoo girls :D

I also had a little photoshoot with all my finished plushies for the craft swap, this is what 31 plushies look like :) Don't worry if you want one and didn't participate in the craft swap, I will give you a chance to win a few with a giveaway I have coming up :)

I also made these 2 cards for my Happy Mail partners last weekend, I thought they turned out pretty cute. I am pretty sure they both received them so I hope I didn't spoil anything.

Yesterday me and Sonja had a girls day, it was pretty much awesome. We went to Starbucks
first and I got to try Dark Cherry mocha for the first time and I am now addicted!!! YUM!! Then we went to the craft fair and got lots of goodies, most I can't show because they are for my Happy Mail partners :)
I will confess I did buy 2 pandas.. because well.. I'm obsessed. Me and the BFF named them Cherry and Mocha, in honor of course, of the amazingness Dark Cherry Mocha :)

We then had a going away party for a friend of ours and ordered the UFC fight (which btw was a huge disappointment, the fight was horrible). I think there ended up being 20+ people who showed up. It was a lot of fun, lots of BBQ ribs (which were amazing), burgers, beans, brats, and snacks. We also found out our couch can hold 10 people... nice.

I have to wait on photos of that since I didn't take any :(

Me and Sonja did paint our nails though, we have both been staring at each other's nail polish for over a week now, so we had a switch-a-roo and I painted mine gun metal and she painted hers mint candy apple :)

Aren't we cute??

Hope everyone had a good weekend, I'm off to finish another plushie I've been working on for a friend. I can't wait until I can show the last few plushies I made. Once they receive them of course :) They all turned out sooo cute!!!

What did you do this weekend?


P.S. I totally forgot (busy busy) to post my 2nd Ask Me Anything post. I will post it sometime this week ;)


  1. Ohmygosh Lindsay!! Those plushies are the cutest!!
    I will definitely need to get one...or 10 :]
    and I looooove the picture of the tattoo girls! so cute.
    loveyou! xo.

  2. i love that gunmetal polish, i have one that is from mac that i love and wear all the time! yay for starbucks i haven't tried that drink yet mostly b/c i'm not a huge fan of cherry...have an awesome day!

  3. Super cute plushies!! :) Love the polka dot ones!!
    Glad you had a great weekend!

  4. OMG I love the polka dot plushie!! Mocha and Cherry are freakin cute as can be!! I had so much fun with you yesterday, even with the crazy butt crack rubbin old lady, and the dude stuck in the 80's calling us 16 (WTH?!?!), good memories though!! Lol we rock with our awesome switch a roo too, which btw I can't stop staring at my nails! Sorry we left early, we came home and Addyson fell right asleep and I fell asleep not too long after her. We need a play date like asap! Let me know! Love you!

  5. Ha ha another one sucked into the obsession of Dark Cherry Mocha!! I am happy to hear I am not the only one.

    I love love your polka dot plushies. I need one!!

  6. Sound like you have had a blast!!! I used to have a polish called gun metal a long time ago that I loved. Sooo pretty! I can't wait to get my plushie! Too cute! Yay for girl time, craft shows and tattoos!!! I love a good tattoo! I can' wait to get another! I am so glad that you are having a good time and will talk to you later.

  7. Love the pictures of the party, they look like they should be in a magazine! Cute little plushies, love them so! You and Sonja are too cute, and mint candy apple nail polish...swoon! (o; Love ya!

  8. PLUSHIES!!! So cute....

    When you have a chance, email me your might have a surprise coming to you in a couple of weeks....


  9. Your hair looks so soft and pretty! xoxo

  10. hope i'll be the lucky one who win the plushes,lol...


  11. I love the plushies!! :)

    I'm a dark cherry mocha addict too, they are soooo good!! :)

  12. aww looks like you & Sonja had a great time! And your nail polishes look awesome! And I love the pictures from Erin's party! That was a fun time!! :)

  13. awe I love the pictures of you and Sonja so cute! Your plushies turned out so great!


  14. those plushies are awesssoommmmeee! :) and i love the gunmetal polish, so pretty!

  15. The plushies look amazing!!! Great job :) And I have heard that Dark Cherry Mocha is addicting... I think I just might have to try it! <333 Michelle

  16. Your plushies look so great! Can't wait to get one! Such cuteness in this post!!! Good times! =)

  17. Hi Linds,
    I havent heard from the gang in LA.
    let me know whats up vis email. thanks


  18. aww so much cuteness for one post!!!
    love it all- and those plushies are awesome!!! :)

    i also wanted to let you know that i nominated you for a blog award (although I know you've already recieved it from someone else) but just wanted you to know :)
    you can check it out here:

  19. Haha aww, so many plushies! :) Youve certainly been a busy girlie xx

  20. the envelope plushies are adorable!!!

  21. I love the pictures of the Alice party... sooo cute!! It looks like so much fun! I actually nominated you for the beautiful blogger award too... :) I love looking at your latest creations... I'm so jealous... I wish i was crafty!

  22. Hi :-)
    New Follower here! Following a little late from the Friday Follow! The list is soooo long! You can follow me at
    Have a great week!

  23. Hey I'm pretty new to your blog, and thought I'd introduce myself! I'm Carrie all the way from Idaho and I love the cuteness you post all. the. time. Inspiring! Happy to be a follower!

  24. How long did it take you to make these, they are so cute


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