Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Day!!

There is nothing better than starting off your day with Starbucks, Barnes and Nobles, and Hobby Lobby (in my opinion anyway). That's just what I did and since the hubby is on vacation, he got dragged along too :) I enjoyed this amazingly tasty chocolate bundt cake with a Dark Cherry Mocha, my new favorite!!

Then I spotted the cutest tea set ever!!!!

It took all of my will power not to buy this teapot, uh hello cuteness!!!! It was either cute new stationary and notecards or teapot... the latter won :)

I was also super excited when my Elsie painting arrived, OH EM GEE I love it. It came in perfect condition!!!

I have it hung in my dining room, my 2nd favorite place in the house! Now I can eat dinner and stare at it!

I also won a super awesome giveaway from Jana over at My Art of Life. I love everything and was super ecstatic to finally own a pair of nerd glasses!! wahooo!!

Me and Andrea had a craft swap and look what I was surprised with!!! I am absolutely in love with it she spoiled me sooo much and I squealed when I opened up my package, she spoiled me with a ton of pandaness and chocolate, which I have been devouring!!

The Panda hoops turned out AMAZING and everything was PERFECT!!! Thanks so much Andrea!!!

Becky also sent me this super cute Ipad notepad and super cute postcard, thanks so much Becky!!

Tiffany also surprised me with this gorgeous flip-flop necklace form Hawaii!! Isn't it pretty??? We have been Happy Mail partners since January and love surprising each other with cute stuff!! Thanks Tiffany!!

I also got cute cards from my Happy Mail partners, panda and redhead doodle is AMAZING, drawn by Gina :) LOVE it!!

This week has been a pretty rough week for me, so it was nice to have a super happy day to make up for it :) Ok, I'm off to FINALLY package my craft swap plushies, They have been done for over a week and they still aren't packaged.



  1. cute stuff girl! I wish I had a starbucks close by I am glad you had a great day!



  2. Starbucks & Barnes & Nobel is my life! I could live there! I would have dyed for that teapot! Haha! You got so much cute stuff! Today is such a great happy day for you! Have a good night lady love!

  3. Oooh, that chocolate bundt cake looks delish and I don't normally like chocolate. I love those stickers you got from Andrea. I <3 stickers!!!

  4. Great stuff. I wish we had Hobby lobby here.

  5. What lovely happiness!! I ADORE those panda hoops!!! <333 Michelle

  6. Starbucks and BN, sounds like a great time!

    It loops like you got a bunch of little packages of "happiness."

    Too much fun!

  7. Wow! That sounds like you just had an amazing day. I'm going to have to try one of the Dark Cherry Mocha's that I have been hearing so much about( of course with soy milk!).
    I love looking at everyone's stationary-it's so interesting!

  8. Cherry mocha, yum :) sounds great! and that cake looks amazing. not as amazing at the teapot though, it is actually soooo nice! aaaaahh xx

  9. Ummm, Starbucks looks yummy! I love all of your goodies, and I probably couldn't resist buying that teapot, how cute! Love ya!

  10. That bundt cake looks delish! Looks like you have had a craft overload... which is always good. :) cute post.

  11. sounds like you had a phenomenal day! jealous! love the pictures you took!

  12. oooh I want Starbucks so bad! We went to Starbucks and Barnes and Boble on Sunday! It is always a treat to get to go to both those places!!

  13. your morning sounds like my ideal morning!!! too bad i was at work hating life (haha).

    i just love your bloggy!!!


  14. Maybe a Starbucks would make me feel better. That cake looks so yummy. I have a soft spot for anything CHOCOLATE!!!

    Oh my goodness those Panda hoops are so cute!

    I am so so so so so so jealous of your Elsie. It is like saying you have a Monet or Warhol in your house. Looks fab in your dining room. I can see why it is one of your favorite places.
    For some reason my card looks better on your blog--:D love ya---gina

  15. you are just the cutest! :]
    I'm glad you got all of that cute stuffs. and that teacup! holy snap its adorable!!
    I think I need to kidnap you and we need to have an awesome crafty day. and lotssss of Starbucks!

  16. I tried the Dark Cherry mocha and it was delish..I was just so busy at work I didn't get to finish it.

    luv all the cute happy mail you got this week, glad it made your week better.

    luv your Elsie painting and love where you put it! It has found the perfect wall to hang on..enjoy!!

    luv momma~

  17. sorry its been a rough week :(
    wow sounds like THE perfect day to me too! i havent tried the dark cherry mocha but ive wanted to. guess i will HAVE to next trip!

  18. I'm glad you like the pandas - they were lots of fun to make. See you in Tell Your Story art journal class. I'm trying to persuade my little one to journal along with me.

  19. yay, you´ve got your price!!! i´m happy that you like it :-)
    love that elsie painting and all the other stuff! that tea set is adoooorable!! lucky you!!!
    wish you a great rest-of-the-week

  20. oh i forgot... i want to see a sweet lindsay wear her nerdy glasses photo ;-)

  21. Those panda hoops are like amazing! And I love the Ipad! ;)
    Btw, I've written your letter, i jsut have to get some more stamps before I can mail it. :)
    xoxo, Katie

  22. Yum, that sounds ultra delicious - I think I might need some starbucks today! :D
    Congrats on the giveaway, too! That's an awesome prize! *jealous!*
    Hoping that Thursday is just as amazing! Love you!

  23. so many lovely things!! I'm jealous! and that Dark Cherry Mocha sounds absolute delish!

  24. I HAVE THAT TEAPOT! Well not exactly like that more like this-- I did not get it at Barnes and Noble though...I got it from my favorite restaurant in NYC and when you visit, I am so taking you there...its called ALICES TEA CUP.

    The teapot is sitting in my china cabinet.

    Also this post made my longing for Starbucks so much more....damn you! Still love you though!


  25. i saw your hello kitty sewing machine in a pic once. i am jealous. when i went to buy one they were sold out a few years ago...but i have a wafflemaker lol. everytime i see a panda i think of you! have a good day!

  26. Wow it looks like you had a wonderful day!! Such lovely pictures!! I'm in love with that teapot too!! SO ADORABLE!! I love your happy mail posts too!! Glad you are doing great!!

  27. Great giveaway prize! And I love those panda embroideries :D

  28. the painting looks PERFECT there!!!


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