Sunday, April 18, 2010

Date Night and Pretty Hair

Friday night me and the hubs went on our first date in almost a year!! It was so nice to get out of the house and spend some quality time together. Especially with him deploying soon, every minute counts! He took me out to Seven's Restaurant and we had a blast. It was so beautifully decorated.

I took sooo many pictures and I'm sure I embarrassed the hubby in the process. (sry hunny) It was all candlelit so that explain the darkness in a few pics, I didn't want to embarrass him too much by using the flash :P

Our dinner was delicious, I am pretty sure it was the best steak I have EVER eaten. The dessert was pretty amazing as well, I love how beautifully decorated everything was.

Our date night was perfect! On the way home we played with the camera bit and acted silly.
Part 2 of date night will happen at the end of the month, the movie we wanted to see isn't out yet, (Nightmare on Elm Street).

I also had my hair did. I had it colored for a little bit more vibrancy and had black low-lights put in. It's hard to see the black so I'm going back on the 1st to have a lot more put in. I think it turned out gorgeous. Had to share the nerd glasses pic too :P

The Before and After of my hair :)

Me and the hubs getting camera happy again :) You can kinda see the black towards the ends, Peek-a-boo!!!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!! I finished the cover for my Tell Your Story journal. It turned out sooo cute!! I'll share pics soon!! Off to go get my craft on!!

What was magical about your weekend?


P.S. I feel a giveaway coming soon... about time for another wouldn't you say????


  1. how cute and sweet. I wish i could get a date night with my hubby but no sitter.

  2. oh my gosh you guys are so so cute together and look so HAPPY!! I totally understand wanting to capture the moment at every turn( i do that too) but with him leaving it is even more special for you to capture the moment.

    Love love the hair--I need a different color but not sure what. The nerd glasses are totally fun.

    I went thrifting with my mom, her friend and my dd. We had a great time found a few great finds and had out dark cherry mochas--yummo!! I also talked to you on the phone today--:D Yay!!! take care and love ya--gina

  3. pretty pretty hair :)
    and a lovely date night!

  4. Oh my you two are sooo cute!! How nice to have a date night with your hubby! Those are nice. I love your hair!!!! So pretty! My youngest daughter has red hair and I love it!!
    Our weekend included family time and game night with some friends last night!! Good times!
    Have a great rest of the weekend!


  5. i love your hair, and you both look soooo cute together!! and i totally love that nerd photo you look good :-)
    we had much family time this weekend, the sun was shinig very bright and we had some sweet sunny times in the garden!! awesome! but now i´m very tired, you know... the teething thing is still going on!! *sleeeeep
    have a great sunday

  6. Oh wow Linds, your hair looks amazing!!! So vibrant!!! I'm so glad you got to have a fun date night! They are much needed & much deserved! ...okay, so I got a little excited yesterday at the store & found you a butt load of fun fun stuff! So, of course I HAD to get it all!!! I'm so excited to pack up your goodies & sent them out tomorrow! ...oh, & I think its been over 3 years since I've had a juicy steak...the A1 is calling me!!! Glad your weekend is amazing! Love yah! ♥

  7. glad you had a great weekend with you love. those are some of the best times.


    can't wait to see the cover of your journal.

  8. Loving the hair! You are just too pretty and you and your hubby are such a cute couple! Date night, what is date night? LOL!

    My weekend was full of ions, elephants, zebras, giraffes and 1 absolutely beautiful butterfly!!! Then yard work! Love ya!

  9. your hair looks so good! Yay for date nights it looks like ya'll had a blast that food makes me hungry lol


  10. glad you and Joseph had a wonderful evening together eating some yummy steak and wow that dessert looks delish!!

    luv your hair can't wait to see more of the black streaks in it.. I am thinking of doing the same (not the red part..just the black part) but not sure if I am too old for that..

    I need a date nite w/your dad to Flemings i can taste that delish food now....not sure when that will happen...

    luv momma

  11. Such great pics! Your hair looks gorgeous!!! Love it!!! Yay for date nites! xoxo

  12. You and your hubby are so cute. It's nice to have date night. I did my first journal pages this weekend. It was a lot of fun, I can't wait for the class to start.

    Have a lovely Sunday.


  13. hair is cute! looks like you had fun!

  14. your hair is BEAUTIFUL!!!i love it!
    and your date night sounds awesome! glad yall were finally able to :)

  15. Your date sounds amazing! It looks super fancy! The fanciest we ever get on date night is Applebees haha!! Your hair is beautiful!!

  16. Love the hair! and I have been thinking about having another giveaway soon too. I am at 199 followers. Just one more! Not sure what to giveaway though.

    Awesome date night. You are adorable. I love how long your hair is. So awesome. Hubs looks like HE ADORES YOU! :) Sad that he will be deployed. I think I remember you saying that he was Air Force. My Daddy was Air Force. I hated when he was gone for a long time. Enjoy him while you have him with you.

  17. LOVE YOUR HAIR!! :)
    So glad you had a date night, and that you had a great time. Food looks delish!! :)

  18. I LOVE your new hair color! I wish I could afford to do it professionally, it turned out great! That restaurant looks so pretty, I never knew it was so fancy! I finally remembered where you were talking about, but I thought it was a casino bc of the name Sevens lol. Addyson is loving Ms. Dot!!! She keeps carrying her around saying "my bug", too funny! Love you!

  19. hi, i was just clicking on the next blog button on the top when i came upon your page. i think you're really cute, your blog is sweet and charming. And your hair is great! :)

  20. i noticed right away... it looks fantastic!! :) hottie!

  21. Love your giveaways! So thats a YES! & your Beautiful!!! And what a fabulous dinner date! <333 Michelle

  22. Your hair looks amazing!... and so does your dinner from date night :).

  23. Love the hair!!!! I was about to go red yesterday but I think I'm still going with pink....that cake looks yummy!!

  24. Your hair looks! I love it!
    Congrats on the date night and I love that your husband takes silly pics with you :)

  25. Oh, I love the pics of you and your sweet hubs. SO pretty Lindsay!!!! That steak looks Ah-mazing! I miss talking to you. I am going to send you a letter this week. :)
    Love you!

  26. love the fresh new color! It makes all of your features pop; so so pretty

  27. Okay, you already know your hair looks great- so where did you get your SHIRT! I'm in love with it! And your blog.

  28. Fun post!

    I'm a new follower from Friday Follow, I hope you'll stop by and follow me back-


  29. You looked SO pretty on date night! Love it!

    And PS, your new hair color looks AMAZING! it fits so well with your skin tone! loveu so much!

  30. You guys are such a cute couple! Your haircolor is amazing!!! I LOVE it!! Looks like you guys had an amazing dinner.
    I am sure our husbands are getting use to us taking pictures of everything for our blogs! Ha!


  31. LOVE the hair!

    Hope your date was great! =)


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