Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Taking a trip down memory lane...

I was going through old boxes to find toys from when I was younger to let Kaylee play with.. What did I find? Stuffed animals! Some that were 24 years old!! Here are a few pics of my antique stuffed animals from when I was a baby.

Anyone remember Fievel from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West? That was one of my favorite movies from when I was little, and of course Little Foot!

And of course Cabbage Patch Kids! My mom had the outfit special made to match my school uniform from Kindergarden! Oh sweet memories! So in honor of my childhood, I'm making my Dad's famous Mac n'Cheese with hotdogs! YUM!! What was your favorite toy or stuffed animal from your childhood?


  1. I totally remember the Cabbage Patch craze! You are going to be glad you saved those for your daughter!
    I was a Barbie girl - I had the camper, the airplane and many, many clothes and shoes!!

  2. I loved my cabbage patch doll! I was very into my little pony :)

    Mac n cheese w/ hotdogs sounds like a winner!

  3. Oh I love your cabbage patch kids! I had one real one and the rest were handmade by my aunt which would be such a treasure to still have now! My favorite doll was my "real baby". Do you remember those? I found some pictures the other day. My mom couldn't stand her because her hair was really matted and ugly looking. But I loved her. =) Great memories!


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