Thursday, November 12, 2009

♥ More of my Creativity ♥

Here is a cookbook scrapbook I have been making. It took me about 3 months and I'm almost finished! I took ours, relatives, and close friends recipes and compiled them together to make a HUGE cookbook all handmade by me :) It was fairly simple to make, just time-consuming. I JUST finished the one I made my mom for Christmas. Most time-consuming present ever. I had a lot of fun and put a lot of heart into it, so I hope she likes it as much as I like mine. I'm hoping I'll make more as I find new recipes and eventually have a cookbook for every category. Here is a small peek into what it looks like:

♥ The first page introducing the cookbook, pic is from our 2nd Valentine's Day together ♥

♥ One of the pages of my cookbook ♥

Some of the pretty paper I used. The main color scheme is pink, since that's my favorite color.

Here is an idea of how big it is.

I found a few photos of when I painted my sister's belly earlier this year. They turned out really good, so I'll post a few pics. This is what single-handedly started my craftiness. Thanks to Amanda for providing the canvas :) hehe

♥Ladybug Love♥

We had lots of paint left over, so a few days later I took another try at my painting skills. Of course we all know Preggo women crave Ice Cream! hehe

Here is a close-up, I think it turned out really cute! Since then I have tried painting and it hasn't came out so well. Maybe it's just the preggo canvas that helps :)


  1. you're on a roll with this blog thing! i'm getting my cast off tomoorow then planning a big post that you're going to be a part of! :]

  2. I have a list of things I want to blog about :) I think I'm really going to get into this!! Thanks for including me on your post! :D

  3. Soooo cute!!!! Beautiful belly and awesome paintings!!!!


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