Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Monday!!

So Mondays are usually pretty bleh for me, BUT I got Kaylee's piggie bows and a Christmas present for my friend's daughter in the mail today, with a suprise flower clippie! Great way to make my Monday awesome and put a huge smile on my face! That and I'm still happy over this weekends wins!! LSU, then Saints and then to put the sprinkles on my cupcake, JIMMIE WON!!! Best Weekend Ever! Ok, so here are a few pics of what made me smile today :)

I got the bows and pillowcase dress from my "bow lady", Mandy. She makes all of Kaylees bows, clippies, fairy wings, headbands, and pillowcase dresses! She also makes bow holders and tutus, which I will be getting soon. Pretty much any accessory your Princess could need, she makes at an unbeatable price! She has the best quality ribbon and great customer service, I am always extremely happy with my order. She has made several custom bows to match Kaylee's outfits like Halloween and her first birthday. I've bought so many I now need a third bow holder! Here's her site: Cutie BOW Tooty. Careful though, it could become an addiction. hehe :)


  1. cute bows :)

    I have to say I love your halloween costume we are very big mario fans in this house!


  2. Lindsay welcome to the blogging world! I love meeting new "friends" so I am glad you said "Hello" on my blog!

    I looked at your most recent posts - You are so cute and what a cute family you have - Your little girl is really a princess. I love that age - It has been a long time since my girls were little. So fun!!


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