Saturday, November 14, 2009

Getting to know me a little better...

I dubbed today Craft day and caught up on Kaylee's baby book and painted and glitterized 2 mini shelves to go by her big Tinkerbell shelf I finished a few days ago. I have gotten a lot accomplished since Hubby has been on vacation the past few weeks. Lots of fun projects done that I have been daydreaming about for the past 3 months. Now that I have finished most of them I have been thinking of new things I can do. I really want to take up quilting but realize it will probably end up costing me a lot in the end since I would have to buy a sewing machine. Maybe I can save up for it? Knitting sounds like something fun to pick up as well. I have so many fun projects in mind and every night I lay in bed and think of another idea. Maybe I should get a little notebook to write them all down in so I won't forget by the time morning comes around! The next project I will most probably do next, is a HUGE scrapbook. I'm talking enormous. I want to put together pics from the last year into a huge compilation of papers, pics, ribbon, stickers, tons of embellishments.. something that will in the end weigh like 20 pounds!! haha. The last year of my life has been the best it has ever been, so why not have something representing it? Wish me luck! This will probably end up taking months to finish, but I'm sure will look great when it is finished!

Ok, well I figured since I'm a new blogger, I would introduce myself and family a bit. Here are a bunch of pics of me and my family (some of the ones that make me smile the most), and when I say a bunch... I mean it :)

♥ Here is a pic of me and my Hubby in our Halloween costumes, Mario and Princess Peach ♥

♥ My sweet, baby girl Kaylee at her 1st Birthday Party ♥

♥ Princess and her Daddy ♥

♥ Hayden aka Batman and Dad ♥

♥ Sweet kisses ♥

♥ Max aka best Rottie, and my middle child ♥

♥ Me and my Batman ♥

♥ Boy's Best Friend ♥

♥ Exacly 1 years old now! My baby is getting so big ♥

♥ Such a good pic of my 2 men ♥

♥ Me and Joseph ♥

♥ My little Ladybug ♥

♥ They are my world ♥

♥ Such a sweet smile ♥

♥ Eating her Birthday Cake, YUM! ♥

Hope you enjoyed all of the pictures! Off to put the final coat on the 2 mini shelves I've been working on today.


  1. your babies are precious!!! and your blog is to cute! annnd thoes shelves are great! you could totally sell thoes! :)

  2. You have a beautiful family! What adorable pics!!!!!

  3. Just found this post. Your family is so so cute AND I love the LSU outfits haha.


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