Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh Weekends, how I love thee....

I had a very fun and crafty weekend, despite Hubby having to work through it and missing New Moon. I have figured out something new about myself, I am quite the clutz. I came to this revelation when I fell halfway down my stairs on Saturday for no apparent reason and the step went into the arch of my foot and like rolled through it (this makes sense in my head). I'm fine, my foot hurt for a few minutes, but I think my ego is more hurt then anything. My son, Hayden, ran up to ask if I was ok, I thought he would have been rolling on the floor with belly giggles but he gave me hugs and was glad I was alright. What a gentleman. Luckily, I didn't reinjure my back that I just went to the ER for Wednesday. I find that I'm tripping over my own feet more and more. Maybe it's my constant daydreaming? Sucks I have to put my concentration back into walking correctly and less into my daydreaming :D

Anyway, so onto more fun things, like the craft fair I attended. I have been meaning to making this post for almost a week now. The craft fair was last weekend and it was AMAZING! I went with Sonja and her baby girl, Addy. We walked around for 6 hours, that's right 6 whole hours!! We must have walked it about 5 times, each time seeing something we missed before. I can't get over the things people come up with and it gave me lots of inspiration and new ideas. Everything was relatively cheap so I made out like a bandit in goodies! My feet were killing me by the time I got home. Here are a few things I purchased while there.

A Tinkerbell "Treasure/Keepsake box", Baby doll carrier (Tinkerbell of course)with a little matching pillow and blankie, Cars crayon/pad bag, Shea Butter for me, and some little trinkets for Kaylee's shelf

Here is a close-up of the Treasure box with her name put on it

Iron work with a bow and some seasonal stuff thrown in, looks so good above my Entertainment Center.

Wine bottle with lights in it, it's so pretty!

When the lights are out it has a beautiful blue glow, I can stare at it for hours!

Cute little tin boxes for Gift Cards (I just got these in today)

Sketch I had made of Kaylee from one of the artists there, it turned out amazing, I had it framed, I'll post it when I get a chance.


All in all I had a blast and got lots of cute, crafty things! I also bought 3 signs but want to repaint them to match my bedspread in my room. When they are redone, I'll post a few pics of those. Sad the craft fair is over but I'm sure my wallet is much happier. Minot only gets craft fairs twice a year so I'm looking forward to April 2010! There was over 300 vendors, all really great! I actually spent a lot less then I thought I would spend. I find it hard to control myself when it comes to crafts, so I brought cash so I wouldn't lose track of how much I was spending. You now that plastic is just so tempting to swipe and swipe and swipe! :D

Saturday night Sonja and Addy came over and hung out since both of our hubbies were working. We decided at midnight we were going to make some yummy cookies. We changed the recipe up a lot because there just wasn't enough sugar!

On Sunday, I of course tuned in to watch Jimmie win his 4th championship in a row!!! He is the first driver in NASCAR history to win 4 in a row! Needless to say I was hooting and hollaring when he crossed the finish line!

While watching the race, I started working on my Christmas cards, it took me about 3 hours to make 11 cards, I am still in the process of finding a sparkly pen to sign them in. The inside sticker letters took the longest, I lined them on a ruler then pressed them into the card. Boy was that tedious! I'm still debating on whether or not to buy paper snowflakes (since I couldn't manage to make mine small enough) to stick on the inside to add a little more decor. I found a snowflake craft kit on but not sure I want to spend the $20 (after shipping) when I could work a little harder at figuring out how to make my own.

Oh, and this is what I woke up to this morning, she was being so sweet and huggy, so I had to share the cuteness of my little Princess.

♥ Hugging her baby ♥

♥ Putting her head to shoulder for her "I'm innocent" look ♥

♥ More hugs for her baby ♥

I have some good news too! I got an e-mail this morning from Best Buy saying they shipped out my laptop today!! YAY!! It was supposed to be on backorder for 3 weeks, but apparently I lucked out and they sent it out today! So, looks like I will be video chatting with you lovely ladies sooner then I thought!


  1. You had a fun and crafty weekend which is awesome!
    I love the treasure box, the sketch and your cards - everything really is so cute!
    Your daughter is beautiful and she loves her doll - very sweet!

  2. what a great weekend!

    Your daughter is so cute :)

    Glad you didn't get hurt I am clumsy too (bad)

    Have a great night!


  3. Great goodies! That sketch of your daughter is beautiful!!! And love the wine bottle with lights in it! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!!


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