Wednesday, November 11, 2009

✿First Post✿

Alright so I figured for my VERY FIRST post I would show a few things I have made. They are for personal use and keep in mind I'm a beginner :) Most of the things I post will have been made for my little Princess Kaylee :)

I made this onesie for my daughter for her first Halloween. She was a Ladybug Princess. It was super easy to make and had a cute result:

I also made a few bow holders, because every Princess needs bows and something to hold them! Here is one I have put together:

Here it is finished with all the pretty bows and hung on her wall

I have JUST (literally 10 min ago) finished a shelf I made for her room as well. I notice the more I make things the more creative I get. I'll be posting pictures very soon! I will also be having a recipe of the week.

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