Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Loves

So this has been a really nice, long weekend and it's not even over yet. My hubby was ever so kind to buy me the sewing machine in my last post :) Now I just have to get all the little accessories for it. I have gotten so much done this weekend! I have been working on my Style School homework. I went online since I have a shortage of magazines and ordered several of the free ones. I did like 6 loads of laundry, organized my counter that had stacks and stacks of paper built up on it, transfered all the stuff on this laptop onto a harddrive to get ready for the new one tomorrow, I also wrote out my grocery list (which is normally a long process for me bc I walk around the house to see what I need). So YAY for successful weekends!

On another note I went shopping the other day and saw the funniest thing, so I had to take a picture. Yea, I'm immature LOL! But it was this little typo that made my day.

I also wanted to share this awesome giveaway from The Coconut Shack. Look at all this awesome stuff! I really enjoy reading her blog and my favorite item so far is the black vintage purse with the crocheted flowers on it :) Now to convince her to sell it to me :) I just started following her recently and really love all the cute stuff she makes! Check it out!!

Love Love


  1. Yay! You'll love your machine. I have a Janome and it's the best. Yours is way cuter though. Thanks for the blog love :)

  2. Hahaha you made me laugh with the mr and mrs potato head pic. So funny! So I feel like its been forever since we have seen eachother... lol and its only been 3 days! Ooo my!

  3. That Mr and Mrs Potato Head thing is funny! I love it when I find funny things like that! I added your button to my blog! I need to make one for mine... I'm just a slacker haha!

  4. Aww how nice of your hubby! It's the cutest sewing maching ever :)

    I grabbed your button :)

  5. How fun to get a new sewing machine! I can't wait to see all the cute stuff you'll be making!

    That Mrs. Potato Head picture - Ha Ha!!!


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