Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tattoos & Alice Party [SF pt 3]

This is my last installment of my Springfield weekend, I apologize now for it being very image heavy. I had so much fun and made memories that will last a lifetime! I will be back to my normal blogging schedule on Friday. Hopefully with a giveaway? :D

First I wanna show this super adorable page Janel sketched in her journal... I LOVE IT!!!! Panda Girl!!!! :D

On Saturday we all went to the tattoo shop. All the pics are in order of who got tattooed. Thanks Meesh for being brave and going first :) Every time she made a "I'm in pain" face Mommy mode came out and I patted her knee, LOL :)

I was even brave enough to watch at some points.

I really don't know why I'm smiling, I'm being stabbed by a needle...

Thanks to Meesh and Janel for keeping my mind off of the pain >.<

My Panda :D

Amy was up next :)

"She took the leap & built her wings on the way down"

Jamie's turn!! Create Adventure Live Inspired

Janel and Haley's fake tattoos :)

Allister getting her's done :D

Elsie's turn!

She got some super cute buttons!

Hanging out and waiting. I think we were there for about 6 hours!

Posing after all our tattoos were finished

Joey was an awesome tattooist, very funny and really nice! :D

Alice Party!!! Here we are about to leave for Erin's Birthday Party!

Me and Jamie <3

Haley ready to go!

Haley and Jamie

Janel and Me

Erin (birthday girl) and Will

Haley and her cute socks :)

Me and my pom-pom bunny tail :)

Meesh and Me

Jenny and Me

Pinkies up!!!

The weekend went pretty much perfectly until the last morning when me and Jamie walked to her car ready to head back to St. Louis. When we were walking to the parking lot, we noticed 2 of the managers from the hotel (one who is on Jamie's not so favorite people list) standing by her car. Apparently there was a vandalism spree and lots of cars were broken into and her window got smashed to smithereens :( I ended up missing my flight :( It wasn't all bad though because I was able to spend more time with Janel waiting for my next flight. My flight ended up being about 2 hours late (ASDI) and I had to RUN to my next plane. When I realized I made it in time I literally did a happy dance in the airport :) I miss you guys so much!!!!

Only 4 more followers until my GIVEAWAY!!!!


P.S. Shout out to Britney for surprising me with a cute blog button, It's the second Panda one on the left, Thanks so much! I love it!!!


  1. my tits are hanging out! eeeek!

    i had so much fun with you!!!!!! can't wait until next time ;]

  2. Love the new button Britney made you! I added it to my blog.

  3. Cute new button!! I was itching for a new tattoo and this just makes me itch more!! I love your panda, its very you! Hope you are feeling better! Love ya!

  4. Great photos! Now I am really wanting to get another tattoo, Gabe and I will have to go down to SF sometime and get us would be his first, my 4th! Hope you had a good day, mine was not good at all, I will post about it later, but I did take a cute picture of Izzy just for you! Love ya!!

  5. I love the new button its too cute! I love everyones tattoos!


  6. luv all your tatoos!! You took really awesome pictures...I would have done the same thing Janel and Haley did get a "temporary" tatoo.. since I would probably change my mind a week after I had one put on... Guess I will live vicariously thru you and AJ when it comes to Tats! lol I know your Sunday wasn't much fun as Jamie's wasn't either but I am glad everyone made it home safe and sound...luv ya~


  7. OMG I LOVE your tatt! It is so cute! Looks like you all had a blast!!!!

  8. Oh my goodness, all those tattoos. Scary! Looks like you all had a blast. I would've been with Janel and Haley with a fake tattoo. There is no freaking way.

  9. aww. looks like yall had an awesome time! and everyone looks sooo cute dressed up for the party!
    i love your tattoo- i just got one on my wrist (a lot smaller) and wow, i give you and Elsie kudos, I was in sooooo much pain (I thought I was going to cry!)
    i read about jamie's car on her blog-- such a major bummer. at least she had yall there to help!

  10. yay for fun times with friends!
    im glad yall had a blast!
    and oh my you got a panda!!!!! its so cute!

  11. I love all of the tattoos! Your panda is so sweet and you are so lucky to have a little Elsie creation right on your wrist :) I have one on my inner wrist too and I think it is the best place. I can look at it whenever I want and it always makes me happy.

    I added your button to my blog.

    I also wanted to say that I am doing the pen pal thing with Kellie too. I look forward to meeting you via snail mail :)


  12. Oh my GOODNESS how fun!!! I love your guys' faces during the tattoos...I have a good amount of ink and literally do NOT feel the pain. I feel a vibrating pressure while getting a rub on sun burn! Haha! I guess I'm lucky! But I love you tattoo so much! & Janel's drawing makes me want to hurry up & get you your panda girl like...NOW! I mentioned you in my blog about your near future giveaway! I'm so excited to be having one! I know yours is going to be uber cute! RVA items...yes please! Okay...okay...I'm more excitement...PSYCH! Wow...I just said psych. I'm done. Have a great Thursday!!!
    Love ya!!!

  13. Loving all these tattoo pics, makes me want another-:D
    How cute you all look for the party! Love those knee highs--:D

  14. Aww well done to you and the girls :) All your tattoos are stunning, the guy did a really good job of them. Your panda is so cute, I bet you are completely in love with it :) Good on ya for being brave! Its sooo worth it xxx

  15. Super cute and fun!! I sent you a letter yesterday! I hope to catch up on your blog from Hawaii, we leave tomorrow!!
    Have a great weekend!!
    xoxoxox!! :)

  16. i'm a new follower! love the blog! love pandas with my whole heart so i can tell i'm gonna like your blog ^_^


  17. I love the tattoos, so sweet! Specialy the panda<3 Also, nice blog!


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