Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RVA Art Walk [Part 2 of SF]

I got to meet Elsie for the first time! She is the sweetest!!! I love love love her store and can't wait to go back!

Of course I did a ton of shopping!!! (I guess this is my shopping face)

I took lots of pics of the RVA store, it's gorgeous!!! I wish she could decorate my craft room!! :D

Janel, Haley and Jamie

Me and Carol shopping :)

This is Janel's creepy Blythe face :)

Janel was surprised with her most favorite painting that her super sweet hubby bought for her :) ASDI!!!!!!

Me, Haley and Janel hanging out

Janeley Belly's "staring lovingly" pose :)

Our BFF collection :D

Only 6 more followers until I post my RVA goodies GIVEAWAY!!!! GOOO 200!!! :)


P.S. My blog button links broke when my blog was spruced up, so feel free to switch it out with a new button :)


  1. too much cuteness! I wish I had gotten you to get me something darn :D

    love all the pics for real

    blogger is acting up I am having trouble adding your button and Jamies I will keep trying


  2. AHHHHH! Now i'm even more jealous than I already was!! So cute!!!

  3. Love the photos! Now I have to go shopping there soon, I saw those owls on that shelf and fell in love! I hope you do come back and do some more shopping, maybe then I can go with you all!! Love ya!!

  4. I wanna go shopping at RVA its so bright and fun! Can't wait til your giveaway!

  5. sounds like you had a great time! Looks awesome :D

    I made you something but I don't know your email! email me if you are interested in seeing what I made!

  6. looks like you guys had a great time! how did you like my hometown st louis? it was so nice when you guys were here, first nice weekend since nov. so you got lucky! hey i made you something, will you email me your address :)

  7. her store is amazing! and she is amazing! you are amazing! the weekend was amazing!! <3

  8. Cute pics! I immediately thought of Meg when I saw those owls. :)

  9. OMG, it looks like you cute girls all had so much fun!! Thank you for sharing!
    Love the new tattoo!! So you! :)

  10. Looks like you had tons of fun! I am so jealous!

  11. I hope I can visit RVA one day...looks so cute and cozy.

  12. love all the photos and love the pretty colors, i am glad you ladies had fun

  13. This is so great!!! How fun!!! Ah, I'm excited to see more! haha!




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