Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Funday

First I want to start off by thanking Ayden from Little blog of horrors for giving me the Sunshine Award :) Thanks so much :)

Now is the time where I pass this award on to more people, but I want to pass it not to just a few people, but to ALL my readers :) You all bring sunshine into my life by seeing your sweet comments on my posts and the cute and unique blogs each of you has.


I also got my amazingly cute suitcase in from Melinda Milkshake. I won this when she was having her giveaway!!! I now have it displayed with all my yarn in it!! Thanks so much!!!! It's perfect!


I have to say, this weekend has been a very fun weekend for the Ellington family. Friday we went to Yenti's Villa, a little Japanese restaurant downtown. I have been wanting to try bubble tea forever it seems and finally found a place that served it (thanks Sonja). For some reason I thought it would have been a cafe place. When we walked in and saw how gorgeous it was, we decided to stay and eat too. We got to sit on one of those platform things where you have to take your shoes off and you sit on pillows on the floor. Which was only slightly embarrassing because I had a huge hole in my sock...

I loved my bubble tea, didn't care so much for the jelly stuff, so I gave those to the kids. Joseph got to cook his own food at the table, which was very funny to watch. All in all it was a nice spontaneous trip out with the family. We haven't been able to go out to eat much because Kaylee is going through the "I want everything" stage and screams if she doesn't get it, but the kids were perfect little angels while we enjoyed dinner. When we were done eating, we signed their comment/suggestion wall.

Joseph showed me the comment he wrote "Great food and whore atmosphere".

Me- "Uhhhhhh Joseph???"

Joseph- "oops that was supposed to be an L" *he fixes it*

Me- "Ohhh and whole atmosphere, yea you may want to fix that".

We laughed like kids for about 30 minutes after that. I was so bummed though when I realized I left my camera at home, so we are going back next week so we can take some pics and eat their yummy food. In honor of trying bubble tea for the first time and forgetting my camera, I decided to make a bubble tea plushie.

Meet Sir Bubbleton (yes its pink, and it's a sir)


I also made one of my friends this cutie bat :) she loves bats kinda like I love pandas :)
I hope she likes it :)


I also started on another felt plushie project, but it will take me awhile because everything is so detailed, maybe it will be on next week's Sunday Funday :) I redecorated my craft room and added a ton of cute stuff! I'm still waiting on a few things, so once those come in, pics will be posted! I've been working on putting all my Happy Mail packages together, someone's getting spoiled :) Hope everyone had a great weekend! Off to go grocery shopping and finish the mountain of laundry that needs to be done!

What did you do?


P.S. Don't forget to check out my GIVEAWAY!! I'll be picking a winner on Friday, so you still have time!


  1. Thanks girlie, you deserve it! Mmm I love japanese food :) I have never tried bubble tea before... I am very curious! Those plush teddies have got to be the cutest thing I ever did see :) glad you had a nice weekend xx

  2. aw I absolutely LOVE Sir Bubbleton! I tried bubble tea once in Colorado, and thats as far as I'll go for a big while, since we don't have bubble tea in Costa Rica -_- :(

    I love the bat too! His wings look so soft (:

    Look what I found ha! pandas of course, made me laugh!


  3. We have a Japanese place we go to and we love the food.

    Your plushies are so cute. I need to post mine that i made a couple weeks ago. My dd said its scary ( she wanted a ugly doll) but I think its funny and cute!

  4. Both Brian and I got a kick out of what Joseph wrote, lol. (I read it out loud) Too funny! Sounds like a wonderful evening!
    Your plushies are FABULOUS!!! Great job!!!
    The tea and the bat turned out super cute!!!
    Cutie little suitcase!!

  5. oh my GOSH. that bubble tea plushie is AWESOMEE! would you take a custom order for one?!?

  6. i love that little bat! so cute, i giggled when he spread his wings! :D

  7. I love your cute plushies!! I can't wait to see your craft room all redone!! Lol well as you know I went to Yenti's Villa, we decided it is going to be a weekly Friday thing, it is just so amazing and YUMMY!! Lol we saw your comments on the paper, can you imagine if he left it?! I would have loved to see their faces! Then Saturday I went and shopped for Easter and fought through a crowd of people in the isles, uggh! Then I made a nightlight and now I am getting ready to go grocery shopping, woo! Play date this week, seriously!!! Love you!

  8. Bubble Tea?? never heard of it till you told me...maybe one day they will have it here in our town. Oh my gosh I still laugh at Joseph's wall halarious....reminds me of the bible song Hayden used to sing all wrong...he had your dad & I laughing so hard we were both crying... And even though I would tell Hayden the correct word he would change it... and look at us like "What"? which made it even funnier..

    Nice Sunshine Award!! you deserve it.. nice you passed it along to everyone else..

    luvs see you on skype here shortly..


  9. Your suitcase looks so nice with all of your yarn displayed, I'm so glad you like it! Thanks for sharing.


  10. isnt bubble tea so wonderful and different. wanting some right now! your plushies are so cute. i need to make some pronto. wowza!

  11. I had a suitcase just like that when I was little, now that makes me feel old that it is considered vintage! I have never had bubble tea, I guess I should try that too! You hubby is funny, you guys sound like me and my hubby, we laugh at silly things like 14 year old boys! Love your plushies, so when are you opening up an Etsy shop?? I am currently in the market for a cute little plushie for Izzy to give her at Easter. Love ya!

  12. I am in love with your suitcase!! You know I have a collection of those:)
    Ummmm...that buble tea plushie is sooooo original and adorable!! you are soooo talented Lindsay! I love it :)

  13. Your suitcase is so pretty! And I looove that bat plushie! Your plushies are soooo cute!!

  14. omg! the suitcase! the bubble tea! the bat! i love you:)

  15. the suitcase is great!
    i have to admit im a lil confused by your comment on my photos - your print screen wasn't working? not sure what that means. anyway, if you want help, let me know, it's a really fun technique :)

  16. the suitcase is great! I love your plushie they are soooo cuuuttteee!

    Japanese is my favorite!!

    Have a great day girl


  17. Oh my goodness! So, I know that we'll be awesome pen pals because you just said you love pandas...and I really love pandas.

  18. Aw, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. And for following =) Your blog is adorable! (my heart is breaking for that suitcase!) I hope you have a wonderful week. Take care! ♥

  19. As you can tell...your awesome bubble tea plushie has inspired me to add boba to your doodle! I can't wait to send it to you! Cheers for crafty mindedness! Your plushies are the BEST!

  20. i love those plushies... way too cute


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