Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Mail Wednesday

Yay another installment of Happy Mail!! I have to admit, I was a tad bit spoiled this week!

I want to start Happy Mail off with this amazingly sweet letter Janel wrote me. I was in tears by the end of it. Thank you Janel for making my day!! I can't wait to see you..TOMORROW!!!!! Love you!!

I also got my Happy Mail package from one of my partners this month, Lehua. She completely spoiled me rotten. Tons of Panda amazingness. Journal she handmade, button photo album, button journal, panda biscuits, panda stickers, Hello Kitty pencils, headband, nail stickers, cute felt, panda deco tape, cute organizer, panda notepad.... wowzers!!! I LOVE LOVE it all!!!

Here is a close-up of the journal she made me, isn't it gorgeous???? I love the wood grain and the flower!!! Thanks so much Lehua!

I had to take a pic of the cute panda printed biscuits. They were so yummy, my favorite of course was the chocolate centered ones. MMMM!!

Gina sent me some surprise Happy Mail, we just so happen to be March happy Mail partners too!! She made me this super adorable Panda journal and this cutey panda pin. It was a very sweet surprise! She has been working on a project with me for a little while and it's coming out so super cute! There are some sneak peeks on her blog, it may or may not have to do with pandas!!!

I also received my Happy Mail package from Laura. She sent tons of stamps, this super cute Mom Journal (which I love to pieces) lots of scrap booking supplies, 10 Reasons Why I Love My Husband scrap booking kit, and some colored envelopes which I'm sure I will be using quite frequently.

I also custom ordered one of her 2010 planners in jumbo size. It turned out amazing! The owl on the front is too cute!!

Every page has some sort of cute embellishment and so much room to write all my stuff out. I love love love it!!! Thanks Laura!!

I also got this sweet cupcake plushie from Cat, I love it!! I have it sitting right next to my laptop on my desk!! I love the sprinkles on the top, such a cute touch! Thanks Cat!

And last, but by far least.. I got a Happy Mail package from of my very good friends Meg. We weren't Happy Mail partners, but we did a "little" swap on our own. When I opened her package, it put me in tears. She bought 2 of my most favorite paintings that I had posted a few posts back!!! OH EM GEEE!!!!! I already have them framed and on my wall. I definitely felt the panda love!!! I got tons of adorable panda notepads, panda paintings, panda scrabble necklace, panda charm (which just so happens I'm in the process of making a panda themed charm bracelet), Panda zipper pouch, panda scrapbooking stuff, panda stamp, panda buttons, tons of cute notebooks and to do pads, she crocheted me the cutest panda bow and Hello Kitty bow (which Kaylee wore last night) as well as the adorable panda necklace, she even bought one of Jamie's super cute embroidered Happy Mail envelopes!!!! Thank you so much Meg, you are amazing. You went above and beyond. Love you Girl and thank you times a million.

Here is the adorable cupcake/panda charm close-up, oh my gosh I LOVE it!!

And here is the cute panda scrabble tile necklace, which I can't get over how cute it is!!

I redid my craft room this week, took down 70% of the stuff that was up there and replaced it or moved things around. I will post pics of my new and improved craft room next week when I get back from the Springfield trip. Can't wait to see everyone!!!! Now to get finished packing and snuggle all my babies before I leave!!!! Wish me luck on the plane ride, I'm absolutely terrified to fly, with very good reason, (but that is for another post).

I'll be back on Sunday!!! I may have a scheduled blog going up too you can keep an eye out for ;D


P.S. I am so close to 200 followers so I will be giveaway shopping when I'm in Springfield. Maybe, just maybe I will be picking up some uber cute stuff from the RVA store for my 200 followers celebration!!! :D


  1. oh my!!! how fun and what adorable little packages!
    love all of the panda stuff. :)


  2. YAY!! glad you liked it!! and i'm so jealous with all your happy mail love from everyone!! :)

  3. wow!! I am always amazed at your happy mail!! Where do you keep everything!? haha! I just finished the pink panda! Can't wait to give them to you on Friday!! <3<3

  4. Wowza, girl!!!! That is some awesome happy mail!!!! Such amazing goodies!!!! Yay for you!!!! That's so awesome!!!! and I'm a bit jealous. hahaha!

    I get to see you TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! You'll do fine on the plane. I'll be saying prayers for you!!!!

  5. Wow!! Panda cuteness overload!! LOL! I am so happy that you love everything, I get a little carried away sometimes! I LOVE the journals that you received, especially the woodgrain one from Lehua!! Oh how I wish I could meet all of you, I am really bummed about it. Love ya and have a safe trip, I will be thinking about you all this weekend!! Shop at the RVA store for me, I am going to have to live vicariously through you!!


  6. My goodness this is Happy Mail over load--:D I am totally jealous!!
    I can't get over all the cute cute Panda goodies and look at that Elsie print--:D

    Have a great and safe trip in Springfield. I will be busy working on the project.

    I can't wait to see pics when you get back.

  7. Holy wow, you got some awesome cute things! I love those little panda biscuits so much :) I used to buy those in Chinatown every time I went! They are delicious :D

    I love that little crocheted cupcake !! <3

  8. So I totally didn't spoil you as much as these lovely ladies! This stuff is AWESOME! Like where did they find it?! So cute! Anywhoo...I sent you stuff this morning! & I'm excited for you to get it & I'm sooo excited to start my art journal! Seriously Lehua's woodgrain journal you got is SOOO amazing! I'm in love! Have a GREAT Wednesday!

  9. I can't wait to see all the pictures and for the giveaway!! Even though I saw all your goodies the other day and loved them, I still love them lol, so cute!! I want to see your craft room when you get back! You should come help me with mine because you love me ;) Lol, sending you lots of luck for the plane ride!! Love you, be safe, I need my bff back in one piece or I will be lonely on this base!!!!

  10. wow girl thats a whole lot of happiness :D

    Have fun take lots of pictures I can't wait to see what each of you wear for the party!



  11. ohmygoodness! im soo jealous. thats some seriously awesome stuff you got there! :)

  12. Oh wow! I'm doing Happy Mail for the first time this month. I'm a little intimidated by all these AWESOME ideas!

  13. holy moly lucky girl!!

    love all your cute stuff!

  14. What an awesome happy mail, no wonder you were pleased :) award for you over at my blog, go have a little peek. Your crafty stuff inspires me so much! xx

  15. Wow wow wow! What a lucky girl you are!!

  16. I love all of your happy mail packages. You will have something from me shortly sweet friend! Have a wonderful time in Springfield. Love you!

  17. WOW, you got some awesome mail!!! Looks like a GREAT day :D

  18. I've noticed your crush on panda bears. and I thought i'd share an etsy find!
    (Super cute little panda bear buttons, how cute would these be on a layout?!)

  19. Wow ~ such amazing gifts and such talented artists/crafters! I love all the journals etc..etc......
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. Aren't you the lucky girl! ;) I looove to get mail (a lot), and it doesn't happen too often. Whenever I get a letter/package I get super excited. :D

  21. Wow!!! I'm so many cute and cool things. Can't wait to send my first package

  22. How fun!! My mom used to buy us those little biscuits filled with chocolate but they had koalas on them, I had forgotten all about them but they were soo yummy.

  23. So I was in the store the other day and of course saw something panda and immediatly thought of you and bought it. It is honestly nothing big (especially not after reading all the amazing things you received this week) but I would still like to mail it to you:) It made me laugh when I saw it b/c I realize I hardly know you but through reading your blog but just had to get it! Can you email me your address:
    Have a great time this weekend. Love the RVA store!!


    I thought of you at soon as I saw that :)

  25. lol you would get a button with a panda on it.
    haha so funny girl!

  26. love all your Happy Mail..boy I was surprised w/your new back ground color when I pulled up your site tonight.. I knew you were doing this change but it is still a surprise.. Hope your having a blast in ST Louis! Missing seeing your face everyday on Skype! kisses and hugs..and praying for a safe return as I did for your safe arrival there!! Momma!

  27. i am so obsessed with pandas, just like you so i am officially in looove with your blog. it's awesome ^_^


  28. wow, you´ve had such an amazing and cute happy mail! :)

  29. That is happy mail. Mika (

  30. Now that is some fantastic Happy Mail! Hope your having a wonderful time in Springfield.


  31. Score on all the happy mail! How awesome!

    Nice meeting you this weekend, if only it was for a short time. I'll be by your blog again!


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