Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Funday

I hope everyone had a great weekend, mine has been a roller coaster to say the least! Despite the roller coaster ride there were many hilarious moments and lots of giggles. Me and the hubby decided to have a little photobooth fun and took a ton of silly pics.. I was actually surprised when he said I could post them. Here are just a few :)

After we tucked the kiddos into bed, we snuggled up and watched Zombieland... I have to say this was a really good movie. I laughed so hard!!! For those that don't know, my hubby is an avid zombie fan, so this was one of his favorites :)

I also had a little photobooth fun with my new Mint nail polish... I know, *shocking* to see someone else wearing mint!! Those eat me, drink me tags I'm using for the Alice part of my Springfield trip, I am so excited!!! They even have cute mint ribbon on it, matched my nails perfectly!!! :P

I made some cute plushies but can't post them until after the recipients receive them. Here is one I can post, I made a special bubble tea one just for Danielle :) Thanks for sending me pics :)

Isn't he cute?? She named him booger :) Quite fitting!!

I am in the process of putting another pattern together for a good friend of mine :) I'll post pics when it's all done :)

I have actually gotten quite a bit done this weekend, 15 Happy Mail cards written, sent out all my Happy Mail packages, finished what I have of the panda scrapbook me and Gina are working on, and worked on me and Carrie's secret project :) Whew!

I would love to have some more cute ideas for felt plushies, What do you want to see made into a plushie?



  1. oh my gosh, here are some ideas i would LOVE to have. fingernail polish plushies. and make tons of them in different colors. would make a cute decoration in the bathroom on a shelf. or maybe a super gigantic ice cream plushie to use as a pillow!

    i love mine! thank you so much for making it!! i can't wait until you get your panda case!! :]

  2. that is so cute!
    i love when hubbys get silly!
    and thats plush tea is adorable!!!
    hope you have a great sunday!

  3. Zombie plushie!!!! I love zombies!!! My husband doesn't, he thinks they're too gross. I made s zombie bunny once, but it got eaten by my dog.

  4. Loooove your pics with hubby!! So cute!!! Those make me happy! I'm sick of being sick! I miss you! Isn't that crazy? We just aren't chatting as much lately and it makes me miss you MORE! aaaahhhhh!!!!!
    I looove Biscuit's idea of the nail polish plushies! Super cute idea for bathroom display!
    What about.... favorite candy bars? (no calories! haha) or... crafting supplies? paint trays, yarn balls, sewing machine, embroidery hoops with design in progress??? Just some ideas.
    Hope you're having a super happy day!!!! xoxo

  5. You are too cute!! I love your nail polish, it does look good with just about anything! (o;
    I agree with Jamie, a yarn ball plushie would be sooooo cute!! If you do make one I am buying it!! We watched Zombieland the other night, it was so funny we ended up just owning it, I've watched a couple times since then! Maybe you need to make your hubby a zombie plushie!! Have a wonderful Sunday, Love You!

  6. There is something about all of your posts that just makes me smile. :)

    That plushie is so dang cute. I love that she named him Booger.

    How do you keep up with all of that Happy Mail and all of the other things you send out? You are so on the ball!

  7. Super cute pics of you and your dh. I love silly photos.

    Some ideas for plushies----a potted flower( spring), cell phone or iphone, flipflops and sun screen. I love the idea of nail polish.

    I can't wait to see what you and carrie have cooking.

    you are too cute--love your nails --i still need to paint my nails that color.

  8. I love your hair (: ah <3 Hope you have an amazing week!


  9. Aww you guys are so cute!!!

    I think it would be cute if you made a chickie and a bunny for Easter :)

  10. What is it with men and zombies?!?! Your pics with Joe are super cute and silly! BTW your mint candy apple is the CUTEST nail polish ever! It looks so good with your hair too, perfect match for you! We are having a play date this week and I say this with my bossy voice ;) We will crochet and make an animal or something fun, maybe hearts, your choice! Love you!

  11. guys are too cute!!

  12. cute pics of you and Joe he is always such a good sport.

    plushie: I like the potted flower, but would be even cutier to make the stem flowers that one could put in a clay pot w/bright colored pebbles or marbles to look like the dirt part & hold them up.. I want some tulips!!! I think you should sell them!! I will buy 4 from you! pink, green, yellow & orange...oh wait did you say you would make these for me?? the potted flowers would look great on my desk at work~

    your plushie bubble soda is such a cute idea. Oh and you look Smashing in your awesome nail polish!

    kisserss and huggs~ momma

  13. You are so cute, Lindsay!!

    That mint nail polish is all over the place! I especially like the way it looks with your red hair and it really makes your ring look beautiful. lol

    Guess what I saw at Wal-Mart today? They are now making Cupcake Pebbles Cereal. YUM!

  14. Looove the photo booth pictures!! So cute!! :)
    I actually liked Zombieland too! :) Bill Murray was great in it!
    Have a great rest of the weekend!
    We are safely back at home trying to rest~ YAWN! :)

  15. cute pics! I love Zombieland I didn't think i would but I really did :D

    I am excited about our little project!


  16. Your bubble tea plushie is sooo cute! I think Jamie's yarn plushie is a great idea! You know I am obsessed with yarn! :)

    You are so pretty!! I love the nail polish on you! <3

  17. :) LOVE the nails, gorgeous girl!
    glad you and your hubbie had a good weekend!

    <3 Eden

  18. that plushie is so so so cute!

    i haven't seen zombieland yet, but i want to.

  19. Happy belated Friday Follow! I'm your newest follower...if you get a chance, please follow me too! Have a great day!

  20. Aw you and your husband are so cute together!! The plushie you made for Danielle is adorable! I think Booger is such a cute name!!

  21. love the pictures! you're beautiful!

    i would love to see a koala bear. because my favorite animal is panda's but i'm sure you already made that?

    xo tiffany

  22. I am totally going to watch DWTS! Go Shannen Doherty!!!

  23. A cupcake plushie would be wonderful... but maybe that's just my cravings talking ;).

    My girlfriend is IN LOVE with all things zombie as well and I must say that out of all the zombie movies that she has asked me(or maybe... made me) watch, Zombieland was my favorite.

    Happy Monday!

  24. very cute! love the mint polish

  25. All I can say is Holy Crap! you have the longest hair-like ever. Ever ever! Wow.

  26. I love photobooth! Your mint polish is amazingly cute!!! I love it! Boy, do I just love EVERYTHING!? But seriously Danielle's plushie you made her is so great! I can't wait to see all the other plushie ideas you come up with!!! =)

  27. You and your hubby are cute! :D And I love the mint nail polish!

  28. Ahaha I love zombies too :-). Right now I'm reading a book called Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. It's so awesome. lol and Zombieland is one of my favs

  29. Love it!! You and your hubby are so cute!! It looks like you had a great time! You are so crafty and love your plushies!!!

  30. aw yay! you and hubby are SO cute. and the mint green looks amazing on you! esp with your hair! i miss youu.amy


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