Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How I'm feeling today...

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"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of someone else ~Judy Garland"
(for those who can't read my handwriting)

Instead of writing a huge rant post, I decided to just post this quote by Judy Garland.
This pretty much sums it up. Some of you may know where it stems from :)

Question: How do you not let people (or someone) get under your skin? Is it possible?? Tips?? Anyone??

Hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday :)


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  1. Lindsay, rant if you must! We want to hear about it, I promise!

  2. I think you're a very "first rate" kinda gall! & that's why I love yah! Keep that head up & onward!

  3. I left a comment earlier but now I don't see it if you need anything text me or email I am here!



    I would love the answer to this question too

  4. If they're *trying* to get under my skin I usually just ignore them...I have a pretty good off switch that sometimes works when I don't want it too & then I feel like I have a listening problem. But if they're not doing it on purpose then it's really hard 'cause I always want to be nice no matter what...I'll always give people the benefit of the the doubt too...so if someone's getting under my skin without knowing that they're doing it I usually look at what I'm doing or how I'm reacting in order to try & fix my feelings towards the erk...but I know that in some cases that's just too hard & can't be done. Some people are harder to work with than others. I hope you feel better & I want you to know I'm always here if you wanna chat it up.

  5. You can rant to me all you want tomorrow at our play date lol. I will listen! As for annoying people, throw a shoe at them ;) Lol just kidding, I know how irritating it is for you and I wish I had some amazing advice to give you, but like I always say, you are a better person than I am! I would have already mentioned it and tried to talk to them. Love you!

  6. First of all, love the picture!
    And the quote!

    I don't remember what else I said in my first comment, lol. I remember telling you about my panda dreams (before you added the question).

    I dreamed of pandas last night. Thanks a lot. ;)
    There were two in a parking lot either dancing together or fighting. They weren't like real pandas. More like people in full panda costumes, lol. There was another one too but I can't remember it.

    It's really hard for me to not let people get under my skin. Mainly because it just bugs the crap out of me until I say something to them. I'm getting better as I get older to just let it go. There's more important stuff to worry about. If they know they're bothering you, they win. If you could care less, they just end up looking like a fool. I say "Just be you!" If somebody wants to copy, they're just jealous and they need to get their own life.

    I think you have a heart of gold and are amazing! Of course people would want to be like you! ;)

    Big hugs to you! You know I'm always up for a good rant too tho. hehehe

  7. I asked Will the same questions not too long ago and he helped me figure out a way of thinking that works for me. Basically, if I get really upset over someone else or allow it to consume my thoughts, then I am letting the person or the situation control me. I am a control freak so once Will pointed that out, it changed how I felt about things completely. haha It's definitely a struggle sometimes but as long as I can maintain control of myself, very little can actually make me mad. It's been really nice to see that the things/people that made me so mad before really don't matter in the long run. :)

    I read through your other comments and if this has to do with people trying to "copy" you or the things you do, consider it a compliment and let it fuel you to get better at the things you are good at. Chances are that if they are the ones copying YOU, you have nothing to worry about because they can never be you. And if you are constantly bettering yourself, they won't be able to keep up because the simple fact they are copying you proves that they are too lazy to be original. :)

    Some people do have a hard time seeing the line between inspiration and copying. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to mildy confront the person because some people just aren't aware of how offensive it is.

    I've learned all of this from working with a wonderful artist and watching her deal with this frequently, and then also from being a photographer and having people want to learn from me. They think there is no harm in it (well, most of them) and usually will stop or modify what they are doing once you point it out.

    Anyway, this is becoming way too long for a comment. I just wanted to send some encouragement your way. I didn't get to talk with you much at all during the weekend you were here and that makes me a little sad. HOWEVER, from what I saw and what I heard, you seem wonderful. :) I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

  8. Love the quote and the photo is awesome, you need to frame it! I have no advice, the things I want to rant about is not very sutable for the blog world(that someone might stumble upon it and then all hell would break loose)! But, sometimes you just have to rant, do it...it's cleansing! Love you!

  9. not really sure the story behind it all- but if it helps, i feel like people are constantly getting under my skin... and i hate it.
    i like what everyone else has said about it though, especially erin. we have to take back control.
    if they're a friend, i'd say try to talk to them calmly about what they're doing that is annoying you. if they are truly a friend, they'll try to stop. but if they aren't really a friend, maybe try and let it go? (and i don't say that like it's easy--- i have the most difficult time with that one)

    but know that you are an amazing you and we all love ya! and obviously that person thinks the same, or they wouldnt try to copy... so maybe in a weird way it's a compliment...??
    sorry hope this helped.

  10. Just let them(as long its not me) have it--:D
    I have that problem all the time. People drive me crazy! My dh always tells me life is too short to sweat the small things. I say ranting helps--:D


  11. I am obsessed with you and want to be just like you... it's cause you inspire me!!

    luv momma (sue)

    oh yea... I LOVE LOVE you!!!

    can I be young again & be a mini Linds???? lol

  12. What a lovely quote :) Very inspiring! Your handwriting is so nice and neat! Haha mines is a complete spider scrawl :) I let people get under my skin too easily. Its hard to ignore them sometimes but I feel like talking about it with other people and hearing their experiences helps. Its reassuring and makes you feel stronger knowing that everyone has someone, or some people who really get to them. I know I sure do! :( Just gotta rise above it xx

  13. I don't let people get under my skin by not taking anything too seriously. I've been thinking it's such a short life and we need to enjoy every minute of it and letting silly things get to us is just wasting time. Of course when things do get to me I let myself go and cry if I need to, or talk to someone, paint, bake, crochet or just throw stuff (breaking stuff feels good sometimes)

  14. I am from the blog hop but I bookmarked you and now I am back. I have been reading for a couple days now and I am in LOVE here. I will be back to poke around a little more.

    How do I not let people get under my skin?...I learn to live life by my values (what I feel is most important to me) and always be myself.

  15. I've decided that people that are trying to get under your skin have nothing better to do. I have had a few issues lately with this as well. The only thing you can really do is ignore them, and know that you are above them. The fact that they are wasting their time trying to bother you makes them fairly pathetic. Be happy. Enjoy life. Don't let people that aren't worth it take any of your time.


  16. Hi Lindsay, thanks for checking out my blog! I am too busy to let people get under my skin. And if they do, as I have someone at work that does, I just remember that everyone is different and that we can only control what we do in our own lives ;)

  17. people are mean. so dont let it get under your skin. its hard but if you are nice and people still wanna pick at you then they are the ones who have issues. if its still bothering you confront them like an adult and talk about it...things are usually misunderstandings:)
    feel better!!

  18. She is more than just copying you, she is crazy single white female Linds :)
    You have an amazing family, amazing friends, and an amazing support system in the blog world. I think you should talk to her. I try to nevel let other people get under my skin or bother me. I try to think of it like this: If someone is being mean or hurtful or crazy in this case, they obviously have something deeper going on in their lives that is hurting them. I just pray for them because someone has to be hurting on the inside to be able to be mean you know?
    I just live inside my happy little dreamer head and focus on the positive. I love you so much and I will be there for you no matter WHAT!!! xo

  19. I wish I had some great advice, but lickily it looks like a lot of other people have some awesome advice for you. Unfortunately, I am so non-confrontational that I just silently let these kinds of things get to me. I hope you are able to get a handle on the situation and find a solution that helps ease your mind.
    Meanwhile, I don't know you well yet, hopefully I will soon, but I think you are a wonderful positive person who has so much to bring to the world. I am so glad I found your blog :)

  20. Lindsay: hmmm ya that's a hard one...I try not to let people get under my skin and if they do, I usually rant to my husband, get it off my chest and try and move on...it is hard sometimes though! Just remember you are the better person! Have a great day!
    PS...I absolutely love all your stuff, especially the stuff you made with felt...what are your tips for cutting it out, I can never get mine cut out nice....??? Thanks

  21. *hugs* Just rant away! That is what we are here for. I don't have any other advice than what you have already gotten here. You have some wonderful friends who love you.... don't let one spoil your day. Life is too short!


  22. hahaha SINGLE WHITE FEMALE seems to sum it up!

  23. Thanks girls :) You gals have given me great advice and a new way of seeing the situation. Thanks so much for all your words and love :) Yall are the best!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hey!

    Thanks for your comment the other day on my blog! i am super stoked about writing all my pen pal letters as well! :)

    i am not the best person to give advice on how not to let people get under your skin. but the best thing that i have started doing is being SUPER nice. and it seems to be working. because if you know that you are doing all that you can do to rememdy the situation.. it gives a little peace to the situation. just my thoughts! :)

    i do hope we become great pen pals too! :)



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