Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Confessions and Panda Obsession

Yay! Another installment of Friday Confessions and Panda Obsession. This weeks theme of confessions is "used to". So here we go!!!!

Confession... I used to be obsessed with Goosebumps books when I was a kid, I actually still have my entire collection. I'd do sooo many chores every week just for my Dad to bring me to Books-A-Million every week to pick out a new book, sometimes he would even come home with one to surprise me! Here's a pic of all it's gloriousness. I must add that they are in pristine condition, I only opened the book enough to read it, so it wouldn't crease the spine. (I was OCD back then too) Still to this day it makes me cringe to see people fold the back of their book behind it....oh em geee stop with the creasing!!!

Confession... I used to be scared of rottweilers...yes.. this is true. Now, for those who do not know, we have one a part of our family now (well for a few years). He happens to be like a child to me (yea, I'm one of those people...), I would say my middle child, hehe. My hubby really wanted one and said I was being ridiculous for being scared of a certain breed. It is the owners that make the dog bad, not the dog. So, we got Max (aka Maxie Moo aka Moo Moo aka Maximus Decimus) and have never regretted it since.. Ok, let's be honest, the shedding is out of control (that is another long story though). He is one of the sweetest, most gentlest dogs ever. Everyone on our street knows who Max is and come bring him treats and the kids come play with him :) Here is a pic taken awhile back with Haybear and Maxie Moo. (he has since then gotten quite chunky, 130 pounds chunky actually)

Confession... Guy feet used to gross me out big time. Ok, they still do. I'm coming around (kinda to my own hubby's feet, but barely) I think flip-flops/sandals should be banned on guys feet. EWWWWW! I have never seen "nice" guy feet, anyone who wants to argue this statement, I will need picture proof!!! lol Girl feet do not bother me, for the most part they are pretty and pedi'ed and painted :) I can't wait until the snow melts so I can finally wear my cute flippie-floppies!!

Now for the Panda Love :)
I never get tired of seeing Panda pics! What a cute way to start off your weekend, with Pandas!!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, I'll be hopefully getting the majority of my plushies made for the craft swap and writing back a few pen pals :) Tonight is movie/cuddle night and me and the hubs will be watching Couples Retreat while stuffing our faces with brownies!! yum!

What's your confession??


P.S. I want to thank all of my amazing friends that left sweet comments on my plushie post!! I was overjoyed when I recieved all the sweet love from you guys! Thank you :) *blushes* You girls are the best!!


  1. My confession is that my hubby's feet are actually not too bad, I will sneak a pic of them some day for you! LOL!! Couples Retreat is pretty funny and I will have some of those brownies!! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, I am heading out for my mommy and daddy time weekend tomorrow morning...YAY!!

  2. You goosebumps collection is AMAZING! I'm so jealous!

  3. I look forward to this every week! :) I had an awesome Goosebumps collection too! Man...I miss those days! <3

  4. Brennon would GO CRAZY with your goosebumps collection!!!!!! I love how excited he is about reading right now.

    Yes, feet in general totally gross me out. My hubby's feat really gross me out. ha! He knows not to ever touch me with his feet in bed (or anywhere) without socks on, lol.

  5. Love your books! And I totally agree with you about feet!!! Hope your day is off to a great start! : )

  6. Hello - stopping in from Follow me Friday! Love you pics, and your books! Glad I found you. I'm looking forward to following you!

  7. So Goosebumps! YES! Can I go over & read them all?! & your pup is so cute! I love big dogs!!! My german shepherd just turned 1 this week & he's 120 pounds & tall & loppy & I love it! But he also has a super dense coat (it's short but really thick) so he sheds more than my husky!!! & as far as the feet go I totally agree...except...I know this is weird...but my dad has pretty feet! Haha! It's so weird! He's a big guy & hikes & wood works...but I think because he lives in socks his feet are uber soft looking & they're not too hairy & they're shaped exactly like's so weird. He's the only guy who's feet I haven't been grossed out by! HA! So...panda pictures!!! My favorite is the big headed ones by the beach! I can't wait till you get your happy mail! Oh Em Gee...I need to start on it stat!!!

  8. I also think most guy's feet are kinda gross, but my boy actually has super nice guy-feet! I highly doubt he'll let me provide photo evidence, so you'll have to take my word for it ;)

  9. omg the pandas on the beach and the panda sushi. you find the most amazing pics.

    ps, love your book collection :)

  10. My husband has nice feet! I guess I got lucky! I'll have to think of a juicy confession, lol!

  11. I have lots of juice confessions lol, for friends' eyes only though!! Ray has awful feet too!!! He won't let me ped egg them bc he "built them up so they won't get blisters with his boots" so he says. I will like launch myself at him sometime just to put lotion on them! I used to read some of those Goosebumps books too! Haha and you know I was terrified of rottweilers, you helped me through it though! Now I just wanna snuggle Max, even though he is a pervert and lays on my tatas, men, lol! Hope you feel better asap so we can get together!! Love you!

  12. 2 things went through my head after reading this post. 1) you are sooooo neurotic and 2) I love you even more than before!

    You're so funny, I love it! Great confessions!

  13. I do not do a Friday Confession, I do a Fun Fact Friday about myself. Here it is:

    Also I am wondering how long it took whoever made the Panda Sushi! Too cute to eat!


  14. Oh. My. Gosh. The Goosebumps collection! Awesome! I loved those books!

  15. My brother was obsessed with Goosebumps too and I guarantee you that he has all his too. He can't part with anything. I remember him getting a new one and reading it from front to back. That is so cute Lindsey!
    Your evening with the hubby sounds fun. We are going to go see Alice in 3D tonight!! Yay!

  16. How you just brought back those "buy me a Goosebump book Dad" memories... that was you and Dad's special time together. He always has loved buying you books.

    My secret confession: I am SCARED of clowns.. yes clowns..there is just something about them that is creepy. and Steven Kings "IT" didn't help. And why would 14 clowns want to get into a VW Bug together anyway..eww they are just ewwy.

    Pandas- oh my fav is the "Panda Sleepover" the redhead looks like Michelle J. you sure she doesn't have the same secret obsession w/them?? LOL And of course my fav food group- the sushi..I would admire, click a pic and eat them up!!!

    Hey got another package coming your way. Dad is getting a box. I was adding stuff to his "surprise" and he just looked at me and didn't say a word...guess he just gets it...

    luv ya.. momma~

  17. hehehe my hubby's feet are absolutely gross as well!!! You are starting to turn me into a panda lover...they are so cute!!! maybe next on my hat list will be a panda one?? hmmm...
    have a great weekend!
    Debbie :) xxoo

  18. Cute pandas! I just stopped by to wish a happy weekend!


  19. Hello I'm a new Friday Follower~It's great to meet you!! I love the look of your blog and hope you have a fabulous weekend! And don't forget to come visit me~

  20. OHH!!! I used to luv those books, I wonder what happened to mine. I guess my parent gave them away when I went to college or something.
    I think you've showed so many panda pics that i need to make a panda something now.

  21. aaawww i could never ever get tired of pandas ^_^

    xo tiffany

  22. i heart pandas they have such cute personalities! i need to check out your plushie post. for some reason you don't show up in my google reader :( i'm trying to figure it out! have fun with the snuggling and brownies!

  23. I remember Goosebumps!! I got rid of all of mine and I'm kicking myself for it now. I want to re-collect the entire Roald Dahl collection again too. Did you ever read the Fear Street series?


  24. I remember when I was in 4th or 5th grade I was the only girl invited to a boy's birthday party {my crush} and I showed up with a Fear Street book for him - the boys there were so excited that I was invited to all their birthday parties too! Haha, I was so proud of it back then ;)

  25. Goosebumps!!! Those would keep me up ALL night, haha!! Love the 2 pandas on the beach, in bed and in foam?? You are hooked on these cuddly bears ;) Happy weekend!

  26. I am in love with the picture of the pandas on the beach :)

    You would DIE if you saw the condition that my books are in. They are all dog eared and creased. I tell myself that they just look "well used" but you would probably have other words for it haha

    Happy Friday

  27. OMG, I have a huge Goosebumps collection, too. haha. I'm saving them for when I have kids someday. I actually cracked one open a couple years ago... and I couldn't do it. When I think back about the stories a few of them still kind of creep me out, but I just can't read them anymore. I get super bored (obviously, because they are written for children, but still. I thought I would at least enjoy it).

    Ugh, my husbands feet are DISGUISTING (but don't tell him I said that, haha). His toes nails are so thick, it's eerie. I bought the biggest nail clippers I could find and they STILL aren't strong enough. I'm going to have to buy him those huge, thick ones that look like scissors. How gross is that?! I never, ever used to notice feet until a friend of mine in Jr. High asked me why I wear flip flops and if I was ever afraid to let people see my feet. I assumed she was making hints that my feet were ugly, and now I'm self-concious. :S

    ZOMG! Panda sushi! :D

  28. Why is it I thought i left a comment?

    I agree guys feet are ugly. A cute pair of Panda socks would do the trick--:D

  29. Hehe- I am soo bi-polar with books.
    With Art or Photography books they are pristine but all of my novels are well loved, underlined and bent from carrying around in a tote bag over and over and over!
    I love books and I love using them!

  30. Wow - what a supercute blog you have..I love the name and I love Pandas.

    I am a new follower from Friday Follow! Sorry I'm late, but there are so many blogs to visit and not enough time. Hope to see you at soon. I have 3 giveaways ending tomorrow on March 28!


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