Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Mail Wednesday

YAY for Happy Mail posts!! I had a really great Happy Mail week :)

I got this amazing package from Gina! She sure did spoil me! Cute knitted socks, buttons, a cute panda journal she made (love love love love):), toe socks for Kaylee, nail polish, stickles (yay!!!), my favorite chocolate ever, panda figurines and a Hello Kitty Panda. I mentioned to her a long while back that I absolutely loved it (Hello Kitty Panda) and she surprised me by going to several different Targets to find one for me!!! Isn't that amazingly sweet????

Cute panda earrings :)

Gorgeous wall hanging which I absolutely adore!

Close-up of the saying

I did a craft swap with Danielle and she made me this super cute Panda camera case. My camera fits perfectly :) I love it so much!

She even lined it with this gorgeous floral fabric! Love Love Love, thanks Danielle!!!

I also got lots of sweet cards from very close friends and pen pals :) My eyes were very happy this week! I am actually in the process of writing everyone back!!

Molly surprised me with this awesome Happy Mail package! I wasn't expecting it and I squealed when I saw the panda journal!! so cute!! My kids have been fighting over the blinking bunny ring since I opened it lol :) Thanks so much for all the awesome Easter goodies Molly! The marshmallow/caramel egg was delicious!! It was an awesome surprise!

Look at this tiny baby chick she put in there. SO CUTE!!!!

Hope everyone has had a great week so far! I am looking forward to this weekend, hopefully it is as gorgeous as it is today!

What has made YOU happy this week?


P.S. CaL surprised me with this amazing new blog button :) I love love love it!!! Feel free to add it :) It's 200x80 size :)


  1. Awww so much happy! love it!


  2. LOVE your new button and I want that Hello Kitty Panda!!! So freaking cute!! You must have quite the Panda collection <3 Michelle

  3. Love the journal that Gina made! Such great and thoughtful goodies!!! I love how everybody spoils everybody else with their very favorite things! Happy mail and blog friends are the best people in the whole wide world!!!! xoxo

  4. Oh my goodness...all the panda stuff in the world is being bought up & sent to you!!! Which is why I'm totally making you the biggest Happy Mail surprise ever!!! Eek! I hope it comes out well! I'm glad you like the button! &&& I LOVE the case Biscuit made for you!!! So so awesome!!! Loves!

  5. great package I want that panda hello kitty lol bad!!!

    Have a great day girl!


  6. I love what Jamie said--Yes, blog friends and Happy Mail friends are the best 110%!!!!!

    I bought those earrings before you told me about jewelry. LOL

    I am so so happy you loved everything. I can't wait to send you out the two items I have been working on.

  7. I love Happy Mail, I love your new blog button, I love you and I love everything you got! Have a wonderful day!

  8. awwww tons of super cute goodies♥ I love reading your happy mail


  9. Your happy mail is so cute! love all that stuff! :)

    Thanks for the comments on my softies. :) I'd love to see a picture of your whale when you make it. :)
    xoxo, Katie

  10. Lindsay: You did great! I didn't realize there were so many panda things out there! You must be in heaven!!!!

    Debbie xxoo :)

  11. Aw cuteee!! I love that you love pandas :]
    you are so adorable!!
    lovelovelove! XO.

  12. Um, obsessed with the Hello Kitty Panda. It's SOOOOOOO cute!

  13. Super cute happy mail. Sorry I haven't been around lately. Alan was sick last week and I totally got what he had and worse. My voice is completely gone today. SUCKS! I did get your thank you card last week. I appreciate it!

  14. Yippee!!! You got lots of fun goodies!!! You are soooo loved! :D
    Have a great one!

  15. you are VERY welcome! i can't wait for our next swap, i already have 10 bajillion ideas!

  16. cute happy mail for you....
    love to see all pandas goodies that u jeaulous....



  17. Yay for Happy Mail!!

    I love the journal Gina made and all the panda goodies are awesome!!

    Sasha :)

  18. Glad you had another slathering of fun mail that made you happy this week!!

    What made me happy ths week??? humm lets see

    1) finding out among the chaotic emotional life we sometimes are faced with, that the tiniest of things can make us smile and forget our own issues... even if it is for just a moment it is so worth it.

    2) giving someone else something to smile about.

    3) this one made me laugh: finding out my 2 yr old granson loves the color pink, loves his sister's pink sippy cup better than his own, loves her pink ball cap (which he wears backwards) better than his denim one, loves his sister's orange & pink pacifer and will take it from her and give her his yellow tiger one or his blue one instead.

    Luv momma~

  19. Love it!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog...yours is adorable!


  20. wowwwwww to the button AND the panda pouch! i'm obsessed!!


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