Sunday, March 28, 2010

Craft Room Redo

So a few weeks ago I decided my craft room was a little too dark for my liking, the orange and aqua was really starting to get to my eyes, along with the clutter. At the time all I had was a desk. I had the perfect organizer in mind and it took my weeks to finally find it, had to order it online but I absolutely love it! I bought a ton of storage boxes (all white for the cleaner look) from a bunch of different stores. I labeled each one and got myself more organized. I had been looking for white organizer boxes for months now and asked everyone under the sun where I could get them. Online they were just too expensive!! I finally found a few here and my mom sent me up a couple as well, thanks Mom! I have to say I absolutely adore my "woman cave" now :)

Sorry for the picture overload, I got camera happy :)
Here's my inspiration wall :)

My Crafty Area :)

Since there is a large space there on the left, I'm thinking of putting a small sewing table there. I'm hoping that will also help with reducing the clutter on my desk.

I also have a cute Elsie wall :)

Here's the organizer I was talking about

A small amount of my Panda collection :)

All my Nick-knacks

My mailing station with all my packing supplies

My embroidery hoop wall thanks to Carrie and Jamie :) I absolutely adore them!!!

Side view

I have gotten so much done this weekend, so many little projects as well as a few big ones, I'll save those for another post though :) Hope everyone had a great weekend, I'm off to make more plushies!!!



  1. Everything looks so good I really wish I had a room that I could spread out in I loved seeing all the stuff I made in there :D I love it all super cuteness


  2. Oh my goodness! That room is so pretty and I love all of your decoration and the colors are so pretty! I reallllly love that room!

  3. I have that xo canvas in the last pic in our bedroom. =)
    Loooove everything so much!!! Can I come over and play??? Everything looks so great!!! Lots of great inspiration and ideas for what I want to do in my room now! Your woman cave is such a happy place!!!! I love it!

  4. What a cute craft area

    Here from FF running behind this week

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  5. It looks great!! Very bright, organized, and clean!! I can't wait to see it in person. I love your pandas all over the place, it gives it the perfect final touch of "Lindsay"! I think another table would be good for you, so you could have your sewing/fabrics separated from everything else for a more organized space! Love your new woman cave! Play date this week if we all feel better?!?! Love you!

  6. WOW!!! So cute! How could you not feel like crafting in that space! It's so happy and energized! Love it!

  7. Your craft area looks so good! Love all of the little knick-knacks and bright colors. Very inspiring!


  8. i love your sewing machine! where did you get it? love the color and love your organization!

  9. I agree with Sonja a new table under the window for your sewing machine & fabrics would give you more room and make your room look complete. That way you can have a sewing project going and a craft project (diff) going on the other table at the same time.

    Like where you hung the XO canvas print I sent you, saw Jamie has same print, that's 3 of us who luv it. I knew it was perfect for you.

    I like your layout I still need to find a basket for my tissue paper like yours.. I really need you to send me the dimensions.. It is driving me crazy not having my paper looking organized.

    Oh yea a nice thick rug covering your floor would be so cozy esp when it is 17 below zero! That would be the only thing to make your cave a bit warmer...!!!

    luv ya...momma

  10. your woman cave looks great!
    i especially love that you have a shipping station!
    oh happy mail, i love thee.
    hope you're having a great sunday,

  11. i love everything about your workspace - the color! the perfect display shelf! the teal sewing machine!..let the creativity flow :)

  12. Hey there!! I'm baaaaack! I love your craft room, wow it looks huge!! I can't wait until I can make a WHOLE area just mine, right now I am sharing a little of our dining room and bedroom! I love your organizer, I have been looking for one like that! I hope that you are having a wonderful Sunday, missed ya!

  13. I LOVE your craft room!!

    I am so excited about the craft swap and I added your button too! :)

    Have a great day!

  14. Love it Girl!!!! I want a Owl Love pic!!!! Too cute!!! I am trying to think of a bright color to paint my craft area! Ummmm... any ideas??!!

  15. Your craft room is so perfect! I need you to come over and organize my place asap! :)

  16. Wow! That looks awesome! I can't wait till we own our own house so I can really decorate my craft room. At the moment mine is too small and not very inspiring.

  17. Everything looks SO amazing!!
    I am soo jealous!! :)

  18. Love all your little paintings and things on your walls! Cute Cute Cute.

  19. awesome craft room! I love all the art!
    Oh weird. I have a pink laptop with Elsies panda vinyl on it too! :P

  20. Super cute!! Looks fantastic! :)

  21. Hi Linds
    Cant believe you did all that in a weekend
    Youve put me to shame
    I love your house and all the wood trims
    Wann come fix my woman Cave???
    have a great day

  22. I love the new look! although I loved your previous wall color, the white walls help to give more importance to the paintings! and I want an Elsie wall, tss so pretty :D! and....omg...your sewing machine!! hello kitty! awesome!!

    XO :)

    Loved this post!

  23. i love the organizer shelves and the packing station. very clean and crisp! fabulous job! would you like to come do this to my room? :P

    xo kaelah

  24. your woman cave is gorgeous and so inspiring. it's SO cool to see my paintings and goodies in there :)

  25. Oh, I am so jealous.'re so lucky to have a whole room to yourself!

  26. I love how cute it is! come do mine LOL!

  27. I absolutely love your blog and your craft room!! It's adorable! You've really given me some inspiration for my own room! I'm following from Friday Follow. I know I am a little late, but better late than never! I hope you get the chance to visit us and follow as well!

  28. Looooove it! Your craft room makes me swoon :)
    I can't wait to get into my own place again someday so I can have an actual room instead of just a corner.

  29. Like the redo. The room is bright, colorful and cheery. I am new from Friday Follow.

  30. WOW!!! I love is huge!!! I am still in the process of getting my room together...very slow is great!

  31. OMG! I love it!!! Great job girl! I envy it! And your sewing machine! <3

  32. oh my gosh, im totally in love with you craft room!!!!!
    where did you get that awesome organizer (that's on teh "elsie wall"??? it's perfect!

  33. I've just discovered your blog, but can't resist leaving a comment to say just how much I love this room, especially your mailing station! Totally beats the left over conference bag and the tops of our spare bed & coffee table which are the current homes for my mailing supplies.

  34. Wow... your room looks great. I love all your pandas!! Where do you get your 8.5 X 11 frames? I am in some need of a few but can't find any that I like. They are either really cheap looking or way too expensive. I like the looks of yours!

  35. I could probably stare at these pictures all day long. I love looking at craft rooms! Very cute Lindsay!

  36. I can not wait to have my own craft room one of these days. I would love to be able to display all my cute things like tht.

    Your room is so so cute and so you.

  37. I'm totally behind on commenting on this but it's so lovely!!! Such a great room! I love your pandas peeking out of every corner! & your ribbon organizer & your mail station! Genius! I wish I had room for something like this! So lovely Linds!

  38. I love the blue wall!!! and your art collection. I could spend hours in a room like that.

  39. oh i love your craft room... so organized and clean :-) love it!!
    i wish i had my own room... but with 5 people in a house.... difficult!
    have a great week
    all the best from jana - germany
    i´ve started my very first giveaway!!

  40. i need to get my craft room organized and decorated! it's like a big bucket of stuff right now from moving around and finding things :( I love the blue in your room!


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