Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cause Update and October Sponsor Spots

I know a lot of you have seen on my blog and shop, the badges and sponsor spots I've been selling for multiple causes.

I made the First donation today to the Skin Cancer Foundation (money raised from September's Sponsor spots and Skin Cancer Badges so far) and we raised a total of $91.00!!! YAY!!

(click to enlarge view)
Also we raised $84.00 with the Guatemala Badges for Adam and Janel's Bringing Home Pita fund!! Isn't that amazing!!!??

Don't forget we have a MS Awareness badge that goes to Jamie's 'Team Inspired' as well!! :)

I still have plenty more of the these badges in my shop to continue Raising Awareness as well as helping towards Bringing Pita Home to Adam and Janel!

This brings me to October's Sponsor spots and Badges!! The cause for October is Breast Cancer.  100% of the proceeds made from the Badges and Sponsor Spots goes towards Breast Cancer Awareness!! Not only is it a great way to advertise for your blog, but it's for a great cause too!! Your blog button will be displayed under sponsors for the entire month of October and you get a Limited Edition Badge!! If you don't have a blog button, you could always purchase the badge separately :)



  1. My mom is a Breast Cancer survivor and this is an awesome cause, I just ordered my spot and badge!! Thanks rock!


  2. you are such a lovely person! this post makes me smile

  3. good donation amt! Thanks Linds for thinking of Skin Cancer Awareness.

    And with Janel & Adam's journey to reaching their goal to have their little girl in their arms.

    Breast cancer has touched so many people and families including ours, thanks for doing all these causes!

  4. I love these sponsorships for a cause :)

  5. I've had a few women in my family who survived or unfortunately did not survive, breast cancer. I will definitely buy a spot. This is such a great idea Lindsay :D. Maybe I will purchase more than one badge.... hmmmm.... Thanks for being such a good person.

  6. Yes, I agree with kittycat. You are truly an amazing person! How thoughtful and caring you are to do so much for other people. We SO need more like you in this world, people who will contribute time and money to something bigger than ourselves. Good luck in all your endeavors.

  7. Well done! I just bought one :)
    xo aj

  8. Love the love you send out! Just bought my spot!

  9. cool idea. great blog. found you from hop and am now following. so glad to have found you :)

  10. I found you in the Trendy Treehouse Blog Hop. I've never visited before, but I am now following. AND, I love your Sponsor Spots concept! I plan to become an October sponsor! :o)

  11. Everytime I say I couldnt be more proud of you, you find a way to prove me wrong. I am such a lucky man to be married to such a wonderful woman with so much heart. I love you more than anything darling.


  12. Hi there.. following you via GFC now; came from Blog Hop Friday
    would love a visit back at

  13. Hi... I'm your newest happy follower.

  14. Lindsay you are amazing! Congrats and raising so much money for such great causes! :)

  15. wow linds, this is SO wonderful. you are such a beautiful person.


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