Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 1- Robots

First day of the collection challenge!! Since I have posted my robots on here before, I decided to do a little photo-shoot with my recently acquired robots, ones that have not be shown yet. To see the first half of my collection, Click Here. I am soooo obsessed with SleepyRobots bots. I have a few that are being custom made, that I can't wait to see!!! I'll share them as soon as they come in! EEEEK!!

Love, Love, Love

Chef Robot, Best Friends robots, and Chinese take-out robot

Look at the detail that went into making this table!! Insanity!! I love it!

Mustache Robot

Cupcake Robot

Camera Robot, Ramen noodle robot and Free Hugs robot

Did you post your collections?? I wanna see!!! If not, what do you have collections of?


P.S When the challenge is over, I'll be picking some of my favorite pics from YOUR collections and putting them in a cute blog post!! :)


  1. all are adorable my fav is the cook w/his complete baking table! too cute.

  2. love your robots Lindsay, so cute! i hope that you are having a great day! Love ya!!

  3. Mustache robot is so cute in an up-to-no-good sort of way.

  4. Visiting from the Blog Hops! I love your site. I can't wait to get to know you better. Stop by when you get the chance. I have a Meet Me Monday blog hop and I would love if you could join in. Its the first thing posted on my site.

  5. these are too cute!!! I had been oogling over the nerd one (with glasses... perfect for any optometrist to be!) and they are sold out! Sad day!!!! these are just the cutest things ever! I melt!! I hope you have a great Monday!! -Katie

  6. ahh so cute!!! i die!! guess which one is my fave?! ;)

  7. you should nam the mustache robot "el bandito" cause he looks like a mischevious bandit


  8. Wow! I hadn't realized how many of my robots you had bought over the last few months...AMAZING! and such a cute set up :D

    Sleepy Robot 13

  9. they are all so stinking cute!! I had planned on doing this challenge but it totally slipped my mind! It has been busy today. I will start tomorrow though!

  10. I love your robots. They're so cute!

    Here's my post about my collection:

  11. What a cute idea! I love your robots, they're so adorable! I would so join in if I'm not so busy! :(

  12. I love these robots. They are so great.
    Here is post 1 of my collections

  13. these are all absolutely adorable.
    i can totally see why you collect them.
    i love the intricate detail.

  14. Oh myyyy! Those robots! cupcake robot! :O So creative! and pretty :) Loving your robot collection!

  15. What a great collection. The moustache robot is my favorite.
    I was thinking about your collection challenge this morning. I need to take pictures of all my owls. I guess I collect yarn to LOL...and books. Do those count??

  16. What cute robots and so fun to see my piece in the background! Glad that you are enjoying and hoping that it brings you continued inspiration. xo

  17. yay!! I see me!! love this collection so much :)

  18. man i feel like ihave missed out on a lot! i wanted to play but i missed out--:( i guess that is what i get for working and not being able to get on as much as i like. maybe i can still play just make a post on my blog--:D


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