Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 2- Willow Trees

I realized as I was taking pics of my Willow Trees, that I haven't dusted them in quite awhile. I will get on that this weekend for sure. *Slightly embarrassed*

I started this collection about 7 years ago. My mom gave me my first Willow Tree when I was pregnant with Hayden and it has become a tradition ever since. Almost every holiday she would send me another one. Each one has a special meaning and I love that.

I have seen a lot of cute collections and can't wait to see more!! When the challenge is over I'll be making a super cute post with pics from every-one's collections. So, don't forget to leave me links!!



  1. The willow tree figurines are so pretty. I think my mom has one. I started the challenge today! :)

  2. Willow Trees tell a story of different times of a person's life. Luv your collection!

  3. i only have one willow tree and it is the one in the second picture on the right! got it as a gift for my wedding. now i want more :)

  4. This collection is very pretty. I have seen these figurines, but didn't know what they were called. So I was a little confused, expecting trees. *hee hee* How nice of your mother to set a new tradition. <3

    Here's my second day post:

  5. Very sweet! I love the cabinet you have them in also!


  6. UUH you have so many! I love how they look like real people on the pictures :)!

  7. Those are awesome! I did not really think I had a collection of anything but I do have 2 of those! Is that enough to call a collection? :)
    Hope you are doing well!!

  8. my mum has a few of these! I didnt know they were international!! Theres a wee shop down the road that sells angels and has a bajillion of them. I think theyre gorgeous. They can be so beautiful at christmas on a white mantle!! You should write a list of all the willow tree angels you have! Just incase someone wanted to suprise you at christmas :p

  9. i love willow trees!! i have the nativity scene of these :)

  10. Wow that is a pretty cool collection you have! I only know of one other person that collects them. miss you lots and lots. gina


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