Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 4- Happy Mail

This is one collection I'm sure I have never talked about on here. Today's post was originally supposed to be about pandas, but I'm sure that was one of my more obvious collections and I'm going for things I haven't mentioned on my blog before.

I started this collection of letters January, of THIS year. I have kept each and every sweet letter or card that I have gotten through the blogging world. One day I am in high hopes of making a scrapbook out of them all. I have a routine, when I get pen pal letters I take them and immediately put them on my bedside table in my room. At night when the kids are in bed and I have quiet, I open them and write back as soon as I read it. After I have finished writing my letter, addressing it and putting a stamp on it I stick it in my outgoing section (on my dresser) and then put the letter I read, next to it. In the morning I bring it to the mailbox and the letter I received goes into this Happy Mail container :)

I have made many friends through this blog, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Letters that have come in will be forever something I can read and reread. Especially for days I need it most and need extra encouragement. I know this past week I have been rereading a lot of letters. One I will be sharing on Sunday, along with a few thoughts I have had the past few weeks.

Hope everyone is having fun with this little challenge, I have really enjoyed seeing the creativity and the adorable collections you have shared with me!!



  1. that is really nice you save all those awesome letters, not everyone does that. And you say you reread them, I am sure it brings a smile to you when you need it the most.

    Your so right, this blog world is full of wonderful and thoughtful as well as creative and fun people.

  2. o. m. g. you have the hello kitty sewing machine. i die. #sojealous

  3. wow :O great collection, it's going to be lovely to re-read them in some years!
    I lOVE your Hell Kitty sewing machine >.< <3!
    Great collections Lindsay

  4. That is great! I keep my happy mail in a folder with dividers for the different senders :)

  5. i luv ur happy mail collection. i hope ur doin ok lindsay grl. sending hugs :)

  6. i did a mini-entry on some of my collections...

  7. Love that you are keeping all those. You know my hub and I have been together for 17 years and I have every card or letter we have ever exchanged - ONE day I will do something with them :)
    So happy to have found you !

  8. sooo sweet!! i love this collection and i love the plush sewing machine in the background!!

  9. wow, that's a whole loada mail! must be nice to recieve letters & stuff. i must do more of that. nice collection post.

  10. Great blog. I found you via blog hop fri. I'm now your newest follower. Your etsy shop is great too.


  11. wow, that is totally awesome. <3 mail love

    I am following from hop along friday.

  12. You'll be able to add my letter to that stack soon !!! I mailed it 2 days ago !! YAY !!!


  13. Man, this is why I love blog hopping! What a cute blog! I've followed and look forward to searching back through your blog <3

  14. I just recently started writing letters again. (I actually sent three out today!) Its so nice to get actual correspondence in the mail instead of just bills and ads! You have quite a nice collection! :)

    Today I blogged about my china. (Almost didn't write anything, actually. Then I realized I DO have another collection!)

  15. Wow, that's alot. ;)
    BTW, I nominated you for a blog award here:


  16. that is awesome!! I love how you have all those letters!

  17. I know I've said this before, but it's for real this time! Check your mail next week, I just mailed out my letter yesterday! There's a surprise for you, can't wait till you get it! :D

  18. That's great! Lots of love, for sure!

    Returning the love from Hop Along Friday! Thanks for stopping by, linking up and leaving a comment! I'm already following! Have a great day!


  19. OH, I am up for a challenge!! Fun..anything to do with organizing and getting my house down to simple!

    I am blog hoppin'! And now I am following your lovely blog!

    Hope you can return the love and stop on by my blog: Lil Daisies!


  20. lovely blog im following you through design chic's friday blog hop :)

    xxx love from the UK

  21. Awesome! I wish I had a pen pal, or two...

    Found you over @ FF. I'm your new follower! Come visit and follow back!

    From PDX with Love"

  22. wow so lovely that you receive letters..
    I think its kinda sad that texts and emails have in a lot of ways replaced that.

  23. i got your letter on saturday. i really enjoyed reading it this morning. i like that you typed it too. it is inspiring me to dust off my old typewriter and see if i can tinker around or get somebody to fix it (who fixes typewriters anymore?). :D


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