Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feature + GIVEAWAY!!

I haven’t done a feature post in a very long time and thought now would be a great opportunity to feature a lovely lady who I met through Etsy. She found me through the local sellers and we met up for tea and scones with another Etsian (who I will be featuring soon too). Sandi specializes in soaps, lip butter, and candles. I personally have tried out the lip butter and can tell you it is amazing (so much I bought 40 tubes!!!). You can also find her here (blog) and here (shop).

Tell us about yourself and what you like to do for fun.

 My name is Sandi Solis. I am 33 and currently living on Minot AFB, ND with my husband who is active duty in the Air Force.

I like to do just about anything that is interesting or brings forth creativeness, challenges, or inspirational thought and way of life.

One of the more random old-pieces of fun for me as a teenager and young adult was to drive on a road that I had never traveled before (like hours) then find my way back with no map. I found such freedom and exploration in this!

What is your shop's name & url? What do you sell there?

 My shop is Nioi. Recently, I am into cold-process (CP) soaps and it is a rather new craft for me. I also sell candles, lip butter, incense, room sprays, perfume oils, and bath salts.

How did you get your shop's name?

My shop’s name is quite boring if one understands the Japanese language! The word “nioi” means “smell” or “scent” in Japanese. And why Japanese you ask? Well, I love Japan, my husband is half Okinawan, and my minor in college was Japanese! Things of Japan pretty much consume my life and my mind.

 What is your favorite item in your shop?

I’m gonna have to say the lip butter! It took a few tries to perfect a homemade recipe, but I think the outcome makes for something incredible. I love how natural the product is. It’s fun to make and very versatile. The lip butter labels can be customized for any occasion! So cute!

Any funny mishaps when you started creating your products?

YES! At one of my very first candle parties in England, I mislabeled the scent “Sweet Pea”. Yeah, it was brought to my attention that I called the scent “Sweet Pee”!! Yikes.

What shop goals do you want to accomplish by the end of this year?

 I aim to have an actual open house at my home to showcase some of the products that have accumulated during the past months! I think around the holidays would be an excellent time to share. Perhaps I can start a network of wonderful homemade crafters to join in and offer our lovely products to the families on base… especially during the dreaded winters we have here, it will be very uplifting for all involved.

 What's your blood type? (inside joke, I'm not hoarding blood)

A- This means, according to a Japanese societal belief, that I am calm, patient, sensitive, responsible, overcautious, stubborn, and unable to relax. That pretty much sums me up!

Ninjas or pirates?

Ummm, Ninjas! My husband is part ninja. And so are my sons. Me? I’m related by marriage, so the bond is there. I do know some kickin’ cool pirates, but they are louder than ninjas and stinkier… Yes, definitely ninjas!

 What is usually your first thought when you wake up?

I need coffee. You know, this is actually a thought at night, too. Is it weird to crave coffee right before going to sleep at night? It’s almost like I’m excited to wake up because I know there will be coffee.

List 5 goals on your life’s to-do list:

1) Raise happy, healthy boys and family.
2) Live in Japan for a few years.
3) Regain my language ability in Japanese
4) Learn Tai-chi.
5) Get a teaching license (I want to be an International Peer Advisor).

 Have any hidden talents?

I can blow smoke out of my eye. I have faulty tear ducts and they are more open than they should be (caused by a bad surgery) so my eyes water uncontrollably sometimes. The cool thing is that when I smoked I could blow smoke out of my eyes! Probably not the smartest thing to do!
Here's the deets...
**3 winners** will get a 4-pack of Sandi's Halloween-themed Lip Butter.

Flavors include:
-Pumpkin Cheesecake
-Vampire Kiss
-Ghost Biscuit
-Caramel Apple

All you have to do is answer this question, on this post...
Vampires or Werewolves?
I will pick a winner this Sunday, October 3rd

gogogogo!! :)

**EDIT** This is open to my International readers as well :)


  1. oooh. i pick werewolves....and cute vampires. hahaha

    i hope i win this one!

  2. Werewolves, Vampires do tend to mope abit more! Haha! Plus it'd pretty awesome to be able to turn into a wolf!

    Those lip butter flavours sound yum! Thanks for featuring this I will check out her blog and shop :)
    x Beth

  3. What a cute feature!! love it!
    ummm you know me, Vampires! Well, only one vampire :)

  4. Vampires rule! <3

    I've tried the pumpkin cheesecake lip butter and it is AMAZING. Even my husband likes it - and he is not a pumpkin fan! Or a lip balm fan, for that matter.

    Sandi rocks!!! <3

  5. Awesome giveaway!!!! I'd love me some lip balm! Esp that vampire kiss! To answer your Q...VAMPIRES! <333

  6. Vampires for sure. Who wouldn't want to live forever?

  7. I love your blog!!!... both vampires and wolverines kind of freak me out... but wolverines if I had to pick;)

  8. Vampires for sure! What a nice feature :)

    Miss you Lindsay. We should chat soon and catch up.


  9. Ha! I love this question. I'm going with Vampires.
    I <3 Edward.

  10. Absolutely VAMPIRES!

    I love vampire stories so much since I was a child, some of my favourites are Dracula, Spike( Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Angel=)

    Lindsay, thank you so much for introducing Sandi and her shop to us. I hope I can win this giveaway and use the Vampire kiss, mmm sweet ^^

  11. Vampires :)
    great feature, product looks great!

  12. i'm reading "new moon" right now, so i'm kinda crushing on jacob.... soooooo werewolves ;)


  13. Vampires!

    You know interview with a vampire is amazing, I just finished up true blood and I already miss it!

  14. i'm team jacob if that's the answer so i'll say werewolves. smoke outta her eyes & sweet pee so funny!

  15. I would definitely choose vampires over werewolves... I'm just not into hairy guys. LOL! :-)

  16. Thanks for introducing this awesome shop to us! I'm definitely a vampire fan! :)


  17. Vampires! The lip butter sounds awesome and I'm sure they taste good too! :)

  18. I have been watching this shop since you posted about it!!! I love that set that you have for the giveaway, and the scents/flavors sound amazing!

    And I think I'm going to have to go with Vamps on this one.....between Twilight and True Blood and The Vampire Diaries I am smitten :) lol.


  19. Oooh...those flavors look so yummy! I pick vampires! :)



  21. I pick vampires. Werewolves are too hairy.
    wrotek5 at gmail dot com

  22. Ummmmmm.....vampires fo' shizzzzzzzz!!!!!!

  23. Hmmm, tough one. Vampires- but scary ones not sparkly ones :)

  24. Werewolves!!

    Getting super excited to come to Minot now that I "know" a few crafty ladies there :)

  25. Werewolves because I'm totally on Team Jacob, haha.

  26. Werewolves. They're warm and cuddly, unlike those cold vampires.

  27. I pick vampires! (Not the twilight kind...)

  28. i was raised reading the vampire classics so i vote for them. the lip butters would come in handy!!

  29. Werewolf- cause your dad ...well nevermind...LOL wasn't that bad.... He always wanted to buy a really real like werewolf head/mask w/the hairy arms and dress up and scare the living daylites out of all the trick-a-treaters.. but me being "a mom of two girls".. never really thought that was a good idea.. now if we had just teenagers come to our door that would be a diff story!

    He did get close as a wolf (the red riding hood wolf) yea w/the glasses, grama hat & all. Wore it to your sister's surprise 18th birthday party we threw.

    I have heard so much about Sandi and your awesome weekly get togethers it is nice to put a face w/the name.

    Can't wait to try some of her stuff. ESp that Vampire Kiss.. over some blood red lipstick...;)

  30. That was such a great feature! I loved that Q&A questions (and answers) haha.
    I'm gonna say Vampires, because once I had a dream a wolf bit me and it was pretty scary. I've had evil vampire dreams too, but less lately. Weirdo!

  31. lol. can i pick both?
    id have to pick wearwolf.
    they are less drama! :)

  32. Can I say neither? :p

  33. hmmmmm i'm gunna have to say vampires, but not sparkly ones. More like Dracula.

  34. Definitely werewolves!!! I love a good werewolf movie!!

  35. I'll choose non-Twilight ones that die in sunlight and stuff.

    I hope I win :)

  36. Werewolves for me please, but warn me first, (just in case), lol

  37. I gotta go with Vampire....Edward to be specific:)~lol

    New follower from Friendly Friday Follow....

  38. I'm gonna go with Werewolves. Vampires kinda creep me out. They can't go in the sun, there's gotta be some depression there. Everyone needs the sun!!

    BTW, Sandi's lip butters are awesome!! I have Ghost Biscut and love it!!

  39. This is sooooooooooo great!!! Werewolves... I am getting tired of these vamps!! lol -Katie

  40. Vampires!!
    She's cool just because she's a military wife :D

  41. werewolves. i'm a morning person and can't stay awake late, so i'd miss all that nastiness anyway. haha.
    hey, are you dressing up for halloween? what as?

  42. Loved your blog! I would have to go with vampires. I found you on friend Friday on Creative Girl Party blog! Stop by when you get the chance:

  43. vampires!! no doubt about it! those lip balms sound yummy, fingers crossed..

  44. Vampires! Been obsessed with them since I was a kid! Stopping by from New Friend Fridays and loving your blog!

  45. I'd say Vampires,but the classic one's like Dracula as opposed to new-age sparkly ones!

  46. Vampire!
    As to which one... *heart* Angel *heart*

  47. AHHHH!!!!
    Werewolves!!! yes!!! All the way!!
    (although vampires can be pretty damn cool too...)
    but no! werewolves!
    <3 x

  48. vampires! werewolves are to hairy!


  49. I'm a new follower! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!!

  50. that lip butter does sound nice and so many rave reviews, I'll be going to check out the shop next!

    As for vampires or, I guess vampires?

    Here from FF, have a super weekend!

  51. Vampires all the way! I just imaging werewolves shedding all over the place, I have enough pet hair in my life =]

  52. Oooo, tough choice. They both kinda freak me out. I think I'd have to go with vampires.

  53. I'm going to go with vampires. I doubt werewolves smell very good.

  54. oh my goodness! this is so perfect! a halloween lip butter pack?? I must have!

    I'm totally going with werewolves. they are much much cooler! :)

  55. Oooooh Vampires! I am a night person and I was always more interested in Vampires. I am your newest follower, I hope you can stop by

  56. Wow! great blog.. and wonderfully creative! just like you anticipate :) I am going to follow you, if you don't mind... feel free to follow me too xoxoxo

  57. Werewolves! They are so much better than vamps any day!
    Here to join in on the blog hop and become your newest follower:) Have a great weekend!
    Faithonfyre at yahoo dot com

  58. Vampires all the way!

    Wow, that lip butter looks AWESOME!!!

    info (at) justmarriedwithcoupons (dot) com

  59. Vampires! I just don't get the whole dog thing.

  60. vampires for sure! they can be seen late at night and they're less hairy

    taylorebarnhill (at) yahoo (dot) com

  61. neither, i'd pick bella. (it's a joke about the debate on team edward or team jacob :)

  62. My cats a ninja!! like actually true story - thats her name!!

    Great give away! and lindsay.. i moved over to bloglovin after a MAJOR falling out with my google reader so hopefuly il be able to see ur posts daily!! yay!

  63. Vampires for the win!!! ♥ What a great feature and giveaway! ♥


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