Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday!

I've got my cranky pants on today so to cheer me up I need a panda butt and to list *some* of the good things that happened this week :)

-I met 2 amazing ladies, who are also "Etsians" and had an awesome playdate, I see lots in our future :)
-I found the most amazing scone (and I now have the recipe)
-I found THE lip butter (i'll post about this one soon)
-I ate a ton of cupcakes
-I finished all my shop orders and a custom fawn :)
-Already brainstormed and designed my next 5 badges
-Enjoyed 2 Pumpkin Spice Lattes this week... One of the main reason I love fall
-Got some seriously amazing Happy Mail from great friends
-Started a Momji collection
-Got in some serious snuggle time with Kaylee

What made you happy this week??? Writing that already made me feel much better!
*Cranky pants off, Happy pants on*


P.S. I will be pulling the GIVEAWAY winner later tonight!!!!! You still have lots of time to enter!!! GOGOGO!!!!!


  1. hehehe!! AWWW that photo was the first thing i saw this morning, yours was the first post on my list of posts to read and what a perfect way to start the day. love that.

  2. -You will be hearing my voice soon. ;)
    -You will be receiving a cutie pincushion in the mail soon.
    -I love you. What else do you need??? haha!
    Happy Friday!!!! xoxo

  3. glad you've got happy pants on now! Look out for my mail soon! :)

  4. Awww! I love this post! It made me happy too and I'm darn right cranky. :D xoxoxoxo
    I really want a fawn... I'm debating buying one as a Christmas present for someone to live vicariously through them, k? haha

  5. Hi there! I'm a follower just stopping by your little corner of the world to say HOWDY and I would also like to say that any week that has a boatload of cupcakes in it couldn't have been all bad, could it?

    I hope that when you have a sec that you will stop by my blog follow me back?




    Have a great day!
    J. Claire

  6. Hi there, we are your newest followers! I hope you will come visit us at, Have a great day =)

  7. what momjij dolls do you have??


  8. that is a fabulous list!!! no more cranky pants??? =)

  9. What a cute photo!

    Hopping over from the blog hop! Hope to see you as soon I always return the love (comment back/follow back).

    Kerin :)

  10. I've missed your cute panda photos! If I was wearing cranky pants today, your list made up for it :)

  11. My allergies have made me have some cranky pants on lately as well, oh well! Love the pic and it made me a little less cranky reading this post, love ya!

  12. Happy things that happened to me this week:

    1) Sage finally called me grama well kinda sounds more like "ama" but I am good w/that. was calling me "mum"
    2) Kaylee called me GeeGee two days later! just waiting our little Ava caboose to call me something..wonder what she will call me.
    3) Got my starbucks on today w/an extra shot of Expresso, gosh I needed that today.
    4) think I talked your dad into letting me drive my SS Camaro next week and he can take my Altimamma to OKL. Think the car will still be cool w/2 carseats in the back?? Gosh I hope the fit..

    Glad you don't have your cranky pants on anymore more.. now you need to get your Journal pants on...

    I did accidently close out the comment after the first time I wrote it...yea got kinda miffed for a min. had to rewrite the entire comment.. but I'm good, could be worse, could have no computer today or power.

    luv ya mommaaaa

  13. Great list!

    Let's see...mine for this week:
    -I was asked to do a guest blog post and an interview on another blog
    -I had myself a Bones marathon
    -Got some Thai food with Boyfriend
    -Sold two items in my shop today

    I'm happy your cranky pants are off!

  14. Happy Friday lovely!! :)
    So glad you're collecting momiji dolls! Woooo <3
    I just received your letter & will write back soon
    I'm happy for the fact I actually have 3 days a row!! :) Unheard of! ;) hehehe
    Have a wonderful weekend

  15. Hi..following from bloghop...would love to have you follow back!
    Have a look at my $35 CSN Giveaway while you are there.

  16. Ok, that is the cutests bear and I love the cupcakes too. I crave to be a sassy crafter but instead stalk blogs.

    Followed from Chickadee. Would love to have you follow back.

  17. Greetings! I'm visiting from FFF, and am now a follower.

    Stop by if you get a chance:

  18. Panda butt! That is too funny! It's hard to be cranky when looking at a dirty, fuzzy panda butt! LOL! I needed that pic earlier this week.!


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