Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Mail Loves

I have been slacking on posting Happy Mail if you couldn't tell. I have gotten lots of fabulous surprises lately and I am so thankful so I had to share :) Sorry for the bad lighting, it was way too windy to take pics outside today.

First I got this amazing package from my Happy Mail partner this month Courtney. I know most of you know who Courtney is because I talk about her allll the time. She is the fabulous designer of my blog and Etsy shop as well as a friend, pen pal and now my Happy Mail partner. Look at all the goodies she spoiled me with!!! SO AWESOME. and that lotion is heavenly!!!
Thank you so much Courtney!! Love you!!

I was completely surprised yesterday when my friend Andrea sent me this Panda book, believe it or not but this is my FIRST Panda book. Completely filled with gorgeous pictures of pandas and cute little facts. I have been reading it the past 2 days! Thank you so much Andrea, it totally wasn't expected and it's amazing!!

Jamie also surprised me with something we had talked about in our Skype date a few weekends ago. She showed me this gorgeous paper she received from someone and I was sooo jealous. SOOO PRETTY!! Well, wanna guess what Fabulous Jamie did? She hunted the paper down and bought the whole paper pack. Thank you so much Jamie, I'm so loving this paper and the cute cardstock stickers that it came with. Love you and our skype dates!!

Jenny sent me some super cute panda surprises too, she always finds the cutest stuff I swear. Those panda coasters, I die!! Love them!!! Thanks Jenny for always being so cute and so incredibly sweet! Love you!!

Stephanie sent me a cute pen pal card with this little guy. Crocheted bear with a panda suit. Love it!! I decided to put it above my desk and not on my key ring because it would get too dirty :)

This fabulous package is from Gina. The panda stuff you see is for a project we have been working on for several months now. I will be making a post later with all of it together!! So excited to share. She also sent me some cute stuff for my art journal and the most amazing wood grain card set I have been looking for since forever!
Thanks Gina!!!

Of course I got tons of pen pal letters and I'm actually in the process of writing a few back. Kel sent me the cutest mix C.D that I love!!! Pen pals are so much fun!!! I always love having more so if you wanna be pen pals e-mail me!!

Ok guys, off to work on a journal page with my mom via Skype and some shop stuff for my next update this week!!! YAY!!



  1. Awesome happy mail and such cute and sweet surprises from your friends. You are so loved Lindsay Lou.

  2. Wowsa! AWESOME mail!!! Such cute goodies! I wanna be pen pals!! : )

  3. linds,that panda stuff is super cutesy bear! especially the crocheted guy dressed as a panda. but i'm not partial 2 bears or NEthing. thanks 4 all ur lovely comments on my blog & yes i did get the very nice facebook reply.u choc covered strawberry

  4. You spoiled girl you! How fun for you to get all those lovelies in the mail! That's some cute loots you got there girl! I should sign up for happy mail :)

  5. Hooray for mix CDs & Happy Mail!!!

  6. omg, you got SO much stuff!! Stephanie's handwriting is super cute! Love all of it!

  7. Ohhhh, so amazing!! Very fun stuff! :)

  8. Wow you got some very lovely stuff! Parcels are the best!

    Also....I've given you an award. Check it out on my blog :)

  9. wow, you really got spoiled - good! you deserve it ;D

  10. Wow, that's a lot of goodies! you're so blessed! :)

  11. hey Lindsay - let me know when you get some journals to sell. I want one and want to send some friends one too. We have all wanted to start a journal and a home made one would be awesome! Thanks

  12. wow!! Girl I have to say I am totally jealous of the sassafras lass and the love, elsie stuff. I havebeen hoarding all of elsie's scrappy goodies because I know she no longer is in that business. :(

    do you know where i could find bamboo ( not living)? I need it for a project--:D

    love ya--gina

  13. im always so jealous of your pandas!

  14. Wow- so much fun! You got a lot of great stuff- I love all your panda goodies!

  15. Such cute fun things! :)
    I signed up for happy mail and project penpal - soooo excited!! :)
    Now I just need to get writing

  16. Such great happy mail! so jealous :)


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