Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Randomly Happy Fun

First I'll start off by saying the past few days have been absolutely amazing. Things are really looking up over on my end and I have really seen how strong I have become. Little things I normally rely on someone else to do I have been doing and it feels great. I have been having a positive outlook and things couldn't be better (well besides if my hubby was home). I'm sure I will have "down" days, like everyone does, but that's normal...

So randomly here it goes...

I splurged on some amazing felt for some special things I am making :) I love buying online, especially when you can't find these stunning colors in stores!

sooooo pretty!

I got some AMAZING pen pal cards lately. I have been over the moon with happiness with all of the support I have been getting. Thank you friends, I love you!!

The hubby bought a laptop and had internet connected in his room so we have been skyping twice a day. We usually Skype in the morning for about an hour and at night for 2 hours!! This may be a huge contributor to my happiness... It helps tremendously that I get to see him.. Wake up with him and go to bed with him :) He's 15 hours ahead of me so when I wake up in the morning he is going to bed and vice versa.

He went to the mall there the other day and saw a Panda ride.. What does he do?? Uses it as a good photo op of course... Gosh I love him!!! He looks like he is having a little tooooo much fun though :P LOL :) He gave me permission to post it on my blog (because ya know I blog everything) and wanted me to give an excuse for those white legs of his... HAHAHA!

I have been taking part in several projects that have kept my mind busy and heart happy.

** The Tell Your Story class is over so I am excited to take part in Janel's 30 day journal challenge which you can find here. I find that journaling has been very therapeutic for me.

** Me and my mom are also doing our own Mom/Daughter journal which we make up our own prompts for and work on them together via Skype.. It's going to be all about our family and It's going to be amazing!!! I hope to share those pages too, we are starting it tonight!

** I also have a bedtime journal which I write in every night before bed about my day and feelings on certain things that come up. So I will have 3 journals going at once!! wow!!

** I have also been contributing to The Spark blog which has been a lot of fun, you can check it out here.

** I have also been working on something HUGE for the past few months and I'm hoping to launch it soon. More details on that later. Hint: Courtney has been designing everything for it and it is AMAZING!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

What fun projects are YOU working on???



  1. Ummm...why are there secrets that I don't know about??? ha!!!
    I'm so glad you're doing so great!!! Love the panda pic of Joseph!!!! lol
    You and your mama are soooo adorable! Love that!
    What a great, happy post!!!
    Love you!!!!
    xoxo -j

  2. I'm so glad you're doing so well! You are amazing girly! You take part in so much & have so much to're like wonder mama! Loves! ♥

  3. felt is prettttty amazing, im drooling over here haha. glad to hear your doing better :)


  4. what a cutie!

    I never thought to buy felt on line! Thanks for the tip

  5. so glad to know you're feeling much much better now! so sweet of your hubby to send you such a cute pic! and for skyping everyday! aww~

    I'm really excited to receive your letter! am gonna write back soon! Yay! I'm currently working on 'Creative Boot Camp' and I'm in for 30 day journal challenge as well! :)

    P.S. Nice to see you keeping yourself busy! I'm praying for you! :D

  6. This was such a nice post, Linds!! I'm so glad to hear that you are doing ok and that you are getting skype dates with the hubs. Love the panda pic. Miss you girly! <333

  7. luv that pic of Joseph on the Panda ride.. amazing what that man will do to put a smile on your face!!

    And yes I need to borrow his sunglass from those glowing white legs of his!! lol

    So glad you are skyping w/Joseph even though I now have to wait in line for my skype time.. ;( but hey we have our new Journal advanture ahead of us!!) it will be a blast..

    luv momma~

  8. That is a lot of yummy felt!! Love love that pic of Joseph on the ride. Why is it he is having way too much fun? hee hee!!

    I can not wait to see what you are up to with Courtney ( she rocks!! and so do you)

    I feel lost not being able to get on my fave blogs--:(

    love ya--gina

  9. I am glad you are doing good! I love the felt omg! Love the panda pic so cute!



  10. it's good to hear that you are doing well and keeping busy with the things that make you happy. it's awesome that you get to see the hubs--probably makes it alot better than being totally separated from each other!

  11. So great to hear that things are so well! :) I love how skype helps to bridge that gap and make things better! :)
    Love that panda pic! haha :)
    And all that felt!! Now I have felt and washi tape envy! ;) hehe
    big hugs xx

  12. So glad you are doing good! The panda pic made me LOL and the felt colors are gorgeous!

    Have a great night!!

    Sasha :)

  13. so you forgot to tell everyone my legs are that white b/c we have lived in ND for the past 2 and a half years! i love our skype dates too. miss you baby

  14. Aw that was such a cute picture of your hubby!! That is so adorable and sweet that you have daily skype dates! Glad that you are doing well!

  15. I love a happy post!
    I'm working on EVERYTHING! Trying to make life happy all over :)

  16. ahh that felt looks so delicious :) me want!

  17. I'm green with envy over your amazing felt find! And glad to hear you're doing well. :) I'm excited to the 30-day journal challenge, I miss TYS already, even though I'm behind, so technically I'm still working on it, LOL.

  18. yum! So much amazing felt :) I want some - where have you bought it and for how much? hihi
    You have a funny husband with some SERIOUSLY white legs ;D
    Lovely projects.
    Love Maria

  19. All. That. Felt. OMG! That's awesome! As you know, I am fairly new to creating felt plushies and have never thought of buying felt online! What a great idea to get SO many colors! Also, I don't know if you have seen the blog How About Orange but she made a post yesterday about how to make felt strawberries!! It's a link to someone elses blog, but they have a tutorial on how to make felt strawberries and felt peas in a pod (partially using needle felting! I want to try that!). Thought you might enjoy that. :)

    It's good to hear that you and your husband can keep in constant touch with skype while he's gone, the internets an amazing thing :) And I though it was SO sweet of him to make sure to get a picture with the panda!! Even with those white legs :)


  20. Oh all those beautiful colors of much crafting you can do!!! Can't wait to see what plushies you make!!!

    Debbie :)

  21. i'm a new follower... your blog is super cute! i need to learn to be more crafty. maybe i can pick up some tips from you :-)


  22. Visiting from the Friday Blog Hop!

    I was browsing through your blog and came upon the photo with your hubby and daughter and my heart just squeezed. I'm a military spouse too and have been in your shoes. Those goodbyes are so hard! Good for you for staying busy -- especially with that gorgeous felt!! Can't wait to see what you'll be creating!

    Have a great weekend!

  23. Hi There.
    I'm looking for your Friday-Follow post.
    Have a great day!

  24. Ohh that felt looks so good!! I am taking part in Janel's journal challenge too! Cant wait to see what everybody comes up with :)

  25. yyummy felt! wow you're doing so much linds... and i love that you have 3 journals! go you <3


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