Sunday, June 6, 2010

Charm Swap!!!!

Last week I was going through some things and found a ton of charms I had been putting together for a charm necklace. It gave me a great idea to have a mini-swap with a few friends to make a friendship charm bracelet.

After Ashley and I were talking about the charms and charm bracelets, we decided to team up and have a swap with everyone!

Some of you may have a charm bracelet still from childhood or an important time in your life. So, you know that each charm represents a little something about you.

Well, we're hoping that with this swap that you will get to know a few new people...and to give a little piece of your self and have a little piece of them for a "friendship charm bracelet!"

Here is how it works:

1) Sign your NAME with your E-MAIL, to either this post or Ashley's post by Thursday, June 10th.

2) Depending on how many participants we get we will separate every 10 people into a group. Putting everyone into groups will make it less stressful and doesn't limit the amount of people who can join :)

3) We will send an email to each group with a list of names by Friday, June 11th.

4) You can either:

a) make a charm (that represents you) for each person on the list plus $3 (for shipping)

b) buy a charm (that represents you) for each person on the list plus $3 (for shipping)

c) send an existing charm (that represents you) for each person on the list plus $3 (for shipping) **We personally suggest sending new ones since existing charms are meant for you :)

5) You will send your package of charms to either
Ashley or myself (depending on which group you are in) by July 1st. (we plan on shipping on this date. If your package has not come by then we will sadly have to "disqualify" you from the swap. So make sure to get it in as early as possible!)

6) We will separate charms and send to everyone on the list!

7) You can then attach your charms to a bracelet and have a charm bracelet that is a nice memory of new friends!

Easy peasy!
If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment here or either email Ashley or myself (mezmermerized814 (at) aol (dot) com) and we will be happy to answer! :)

**EDITED Yes, this is open internationally as well :)

Have a Charming day!!!

P.S. Feel free to spread the word!! :)


  1. hey! can I do it even if I'm in Singapore? I'm in if that's okay! :)

  2. hi there!
    i would love to participate <3
    and one question: i want to make them from polymer clay... what kind of closure do i have to add?! Oo


  3. i think this is a great idea! I would love to do it! Did you get mine yet?



  4. I'm in! :)


  5. oh that sounds awesome! i wish i could join but Im broke from buying nice things for the house :( maybe next time! xo

  6. almost forgot: maedchenmitherz(at)

  7. Have fun with your charm swap. I am not into charms at all or I would join in on the fun. Good luck with the swap!!

  8. Ah! SO cute!! I would love to participate!! I have a charm bracelet watch that is pretty bare! What an adorable Swap idea!! Love it!

    Jacqueline Stewart

  9. Hi! Not a lot of charms around my part of Portugal, but I wanted to say I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing what you do(found you at the Monday blog hop). Grace to you in this season while you parent on your own!

  10. Hi that sounds exciting... I don't remember last time I had a charm bracelet, but my daughter is 2.5 years and I know is coming :) So will love to participate !! Erika

  11. OMG i want in:), really want to join this and make new friends:)

    i will email you now..

    and i am totally happy you got my letter.

    Glad you love the things i put in, it's something little not big, just want to make your day happy:)

    talk to you soon.
    Can't wait to get your letter


  12. hey,

    whas trying to email you but, it doesn't work, please email me about the swap:)



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