Friday, June 18, 2010

Journal Pages + Zoo Fun!!

I'll start with my journal pages. I've been super slacking lately. I've been so crazy busy with getting everything ready for the shop opening (I want everything to be perfect, not just thrown together in a day), as well as a million other things. This weekend I'll be playing catch up. I did the first 2 days of Janel's journal challenge, but I feel as if I need to redo the whole thing. The journal I'm writing in has super thin pages and it's messing up my groove. So this weekend I'll catch up and I'm starting brand new in my new Moleskine!!

Here's my first page for the journal challenge :)

Me and my mom have been working on a few journal pages of our own. Here are 2 of them I thought I would share. We each come up with a prompt and the other assigns 3 materials we have to incorporate into the page..

This page we had to use paint (painted my heart), washi tape and patterned paper (my xoxo)

This page my mom came up with the materials and we had to use ribbon, a doodle, and graph paper

Yea my BlackBerry doodle pretty much rules.. you know it!

I took the kids to the zoo on Wednesday, we got in free since it was Military Appreciation day. I'm not going to bore you with the million pics I took, I'll just share a few :)

One of the first animal we saw was the bear, it walked right up to us (I think this had something to do with Kaylee sneaking in her McDonald's french fries) and then just stared... When we walked away it made this sad cry bear noise.. awwwww! I think he really wanted those fries!

Then we came across this little guy, how sad does he look???

Then the cute giraffes

Photo Op!!!! Isn't he a cutie???

And of course we stopped by the gift shop and the kids each posed with my favorite animal ever!!! The Panda!! LOVE!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Those zoo pics are awesome! Makes me want to hop in the car and go visit the Dallas Zoo. Too bad it's so freaking hot. :) Have a great day!!!

  2. Love your pages, love your photos! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! Love you!

  3. love your pages! Oh the zoo what fun its been years since we have been to the zoo! Have a great weekend


  4. Aw that bear makes me want to cry!! And your little girl looks IDENTICAL to you!! I love yours and your moms journal... Such a creative way to keep in touch!

  5. I love the journal pages! My pages are kinda thin too, I placed a cardboard behind each page when I'm drawing so it doesn't gets onto the next one and uses every other page!

    I love zoos! Your kids are so adorable!;)

  6. Love your pages and love what you & your mom are doing! So fun! HEY, MOM: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO START BLOGGING??? ;)

    Really great pics of the kids at the zoo! Fun!!!
    Love you!!!! xoxo

  7. your pages are too great! the blackberry doodle pretty much rules.

    oh bears! they always look so sad! we went to the zoo in arkansas during the summer and they looked miserable in the heat--but one of them was swimming and looked like the happiest guy in the world.

    good luck with getting everything ready for the shop--i know it's going to turn out wonderful!

  8. Awesome! I love seeing your journal pages!
    I love my blackberry and use it for everything! (if you couldn't tell from the countless texts emails and photos that we've been sending to each other!) Needless to say it is an awsome doodle!

  9. Wow your journal pages look great. My favorite emotion is being in love to especailly since Im in love with you! Your doodles are really good too. Im also glad to see that you got the chance to take the kids to the zoo. I know they had a blast. Keep putting pics up I love to see what your up to. Love you babe.

    -Your Hubby

  10. I know I have told you this before but goodness! your kids are too cute! Glad you had fun at the zoo! It's been years since I have gone. I think it's about time for a visit to the zoo!

  11. OMG Lindsay ur guy's so sweet! my fav pix r the 1 ones w/ the kids holdin the panda awww!

  12. I loved seeing your zoo trip pics!Sage loved the bears when I showed him.. he was

    I know both Hayden & KayKay had a blast at the zoo. And posing w/Panda's ???I didn't know you liked panda'

    That's cool you are showing our Journal pics on your blog.. I really luv this time we spend together making each other think and have deep thoughts.. don't worry I have some fun pages for us to do too!!

    Jamie: momma doesn't know how to blog..just commenting is about as far as I go.. I love looking at everyone else's blogs and yes.. I look at yours too!! luv ya.. one day I may join Happy Mail again..Just so busy right now..

    luv ya...

  13. awww poor bear :(

    I'm stopping by from Friendly Friday & am your newest follower.

    If you have a chance, I'd love for you to stop by my blog, follow back and take a moment to enter any of the current 4 giveaways {low entries}.

    Have a great weekend

  14. I love the pictures! I'm visiting from Blog Hop Friday. I signed up to be a new follower.

  15. I have taken up Janel's journal challenge too! I am a bit behind. I have done 4 pages. I haven't had a chance to load any of them up to flickr or my blog yet cause our internet at home is being gay. They aren't that great cause I'm not much of a drawer but I am having fun!

  16. Found your blog through New Friend Friday, and I love the journal challenge idea! I love journals so much, but haven't kept one in years!

  17. I'm a new follower of friendly Friday follow, please follow me back.
    Thanks, Mr. Monkey

  18. Love your mum and yours journal pages! They are really good!
    I want to try and do a journal like that one day :D
    I love the zoo, looks like you had a blast!

  19. you are a journaling master! the kiddies look soo cute. <3

  20. Cute journal! I should really work on mine....ha! And cutie kiddos :)

  21. you're kids are adorable! and I loce that your and your mom do journaling together! One question, where can I find some of that really pretty washi tape?


  22. Hello there,

    First off, I LOVE your blog! It's so colorful and fun!

    Second, I think this journal thing is a great idea. I wanna make one very soon!

    Third, I hope to see you stop by my blog very soon! I think you may like it...

    -Raven :)~

  23. hey girl,

    just want to let you know that i got your letter, really love love the cute stationery:). thanks..

    And your childeren looking so sweet with there bears:)

    talk to you soon

  24. LOVE your pages girl!!! You have such talent!!! I love this 30 day journal challenge! So fun! And how freaking cute are your kiddos?!?!? Love seeing pics of them! Have a great weekend girl!!! -Katie

  25. I need to do the last two pages of Janel's challenge. I love your pages! yes, your blackberry is the bomb diggty!!! :D

    Love seeing the photos of the panda.
    love you!

  26. Awesome pages!!!
    Adorable children!!!


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